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100 thoughts on “GTA Liberty City Stories Mobile – Intro & Mission #1 – Home Sweet Home

  1. Really wished they made San Andreas Stories. Would be set before the main game where you play through the death of Brian, CJ's mom and officer Pendillberry and how it all went down etc.

  2. Remastered graphics, what else can you complain for? This game is great although they screwed up on the weapon icons in the mobile version

  3. My favorite gta's in order are

    1: Gta 4
    2: Gta liberty city stories
    3: gta 5
    4:Gta San Andreas
    5: gta Chinatown (I think that's what it's called)

  4. I swear GTA LCS and VCS have the weirdest fanbase, by looking at the comments I can tell they're not from the United States. Why do they always point out the obvious or leave a poorly worded sentence?

    "Wat is cheat code for helikopter"
    "Why lance dancing x'D"
    "Why u kill tha pedestrian plz no violence"
    "Shut fuck the up"
    "That was fast 0_0"
    "GTA Liberty City Stories is the favorite best game by Toni come to Brazil"
    "Open bob and vegene"

  5. the lcs is awesome so cool omg i am lucky i have it on phone does someone want to see a guide to the missions in my video? if u want then say yes note every knows to say yes to this kind of questions capiche ?

  6. Wait wut? 2015?! I played this 2013(I think so anyway cos im just a kid back then) and only post this 2015?!!!!! Wut!

    Note:my brother said 2010 so ya😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. I remeber back in 2nd grade this kid always brought his psp I was so jealous.then a few months later i got one and this was one of the first games i played. Memories

  8. "Jesus tony you drive like a bitch"

    "Watch the god damn car"

    Only real players will understand those wise words of vincenzo.

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