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What is going on everyone?
This is Badger and I hope you’ll enjoy this
new video today.
Some time ago, Rockstar Games announced their
brand new Rockstar Games Launcher for the
PC platform.
In this new launcher, you can buy old GTA
games like GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.
Turns out these are completely new versions
and people are asking me if these RGL versions
are worth a purchase or not.
Considering the fact that you can even choose
these titles for free it is indeed a good
question, so let’s dive into the video right
The truth is, they had a chance to make it
right, but they didn’t use the opportunity to do so.
The biggest problem with the GTA RGL versions
is that currently they are not mod friendly.
As soon as you change something in the game
files and exit the launcher, upon the next
launch it will redownload these files.
It’ll happen even if you disable the auto
update option for these games.
I hope that this restriction will be lifted
in the future.
If they already did it, then you won’t see
this place blurred anymore meaning that you
don’t have to be afraid anymore.
If not, then, nothing was changed.
On the other hand, the Rockstar Games Launcher
offers us the ability to store our savegames
on their “cloud” servers.
This is a cool feature, because it means that
our progress will be always backed up and
if the launcher sees a conflict with our saves,
we are free to decide what to keep and what
to delete.
However, there is something that will never
change, and that is censorship.
If any of these games see that your Windows
locale is set to Germany, France, or Australia
then be prepared to deal with the pesky censorship
in these games once again.
You can read more about it by pausing the
But the biggest problem that we’re dealing
here is that Rockstar Games didn’t really
bother to polish these games yet again.
Right now, no matter what game you buy and
play, you won’t get 100% satisfaction.
All of these versions are basically outdated
and poorly optimized for modern PCs and current
versions of Windows.
And to prove my point of view, let’s take,
for instance, the RGL version of Grand Theft Auto 3.
When you browse the Rockstar Games Launcher
Store, they say that the player “may experience
mouse control incompatibilities with Windows
Vista and Windows 7”
So, the question is, why not to fix these
so called mouse incompatibilities?
And now I’m wondering, who still uses Windows
The truth is, they are selling version 1.1
in this store, which was released more than
17 years ago.
No wonder it might have these incompatibilities.
Thanks to the outdated executable, you can
get, for instance, a transparent menu.
How am I supposed to navigate here and why
does my PC makes weird noises when I navigate
through this bugged thing?
And what about this weird warning screen when
I launch a new game for the first time?
In newer versions, they always shipped pre-packed
converted textures and since then we never
had an issue here.
Thankfully, launching the game with admin
rights solves the problem.
For the most part, this isn’t a bad version
at all.
But like I said, the problem here is that
it’s just outdated and Rockstar Games don’t
even bother to fix a few simple things here
and there so you could enjoy this game even today.
Even the Steam version has more fixes than
this old version.
If you are planning to get it, I would strongly
suggest that you install Silentpatch with
the DDraw component and Widescreen Fix.
This will fix most of the pesky issues and
your game experience will be highly improved.
The links can be found in the description
below, and the tutorial on how to install
them is on the screen.
Now let’s take a look at the GTA Vice City
RGL version.
They say that this version is not compatible
with “Windows 95 or Windows NT”, but when
was the last time you heard of anyone using
Windows 95 or Windows NT?
Interestingly enough, they don’t mention
mouse incompatibilities anymore,
which isn’t right, because there are problems with the
mouse in this version like I am having right now.
Ah, fixed it.
But anyways, at this time, the GTA Vice City
RGL version was based on the Steam version.
As we know from my previous “Why Steam is
NOT a bad version” video, it isn’t so bad,
so let’s talk about it briefly.
The RGL version is the Hatitian-UNfriendly
version or let’s call it the developer’s
original vision with Cubans and Haitians.
It means that they are not called gangsters
or mobs in this version, which is nice.
Moreover, this version also has 1.1 patch
fixes as well as Steam exclusive fixes.
We talked about them in-depth in the video
I previously mentioned.
On the other hand, your original retail saves
won’t work with this RGL version because
as in the Steam version, the developers decided
to use new save algorithm,
which still makes no sense.
But hey, at least you can use your Steam saves
in this version with no troubles.
Luckily for you, there is a simple tool which
easily converts a retail save to this new
save format and vice versa.
The link can be found in the description below.
Sadly, the RGL version lost 8 unique music
tracks on the radio due to the well known
music licensing issues.
These are the same tracks which are missing
in the 10th anniversary version.
And that’s very interesting, because the
Steam version still has these songs.
I wonder why…
But anyways, I made a playlist for you in
case if you want to listen to the songs that
you’re going to miss in this version.
To sum things up, this isn’t a bad version
at all, either.
The problem here is that it is just outdated
and, like I said, the developers don’t bother
to fix a few simple things here and there
so you could enjoy this game today.
If you are planning to get it, I would strongly
suggest that you install Silentpatch with
the DDraw component and Widescreen Fix.
This will fix most of the pesky issues and
your game experience will be highly improved.
The links can be found in the description
below, and the tutorial on how to install
them is on the screen.
And lastly, let’s talk about the GTA San
Andreas RGL version.
The biggest problem with this version is that
it was based on the current Steam version
and that sums everything up.
It means that this version has lots of issues
and fatal flaws.
I talked about them my previous “Why Steam
is the worst version” video.
I would strongly recommend you to watch it,
I don’t see a point to repeat myself over and over again.
Instead, I will just tell you one interesting
Rockstar actually tried to fix the mouse issue
in this release, because there are some distinct
differences in the code in the mouse section,
which were noticed by the talented creator
of SilentPatch.
I bet you all experienced this annoying bug,
when the game doesn’t track your mouse movement
and you have to press ESC multiple times to
make it work.
Yep, it happens in every single version and
this is what Rockstar Games tried to finally fix.
The funny thing is, by making this fix, they
made this bug worse.
Some people have reported some new spinning
camera bug, which they can’t avoid.
Instead of enjoying the game they are looking
for a fix on the Internet or just delete the
game, and it isn’t right, Rocktar!
I would strongly recommend you to avoid San
Andreas RGL version, but well, who am I to judge?
If you are planning to get it, I would strongly
suggest you to install Silentpatch, but this
time without Widescreen fix, because it isn’t
compatible with this executable.
The Silent Patch will fix most of the annoying issues
and your game experience will be highly improved.
The link can be found in the description below,
and the tutorial on how to install it is on the screen.
To sum things up, you have to decide by yourself
if you need to buy these new and fresh RGL
versions or not.
In my opinion, right now it isn’t worth
it at all.
First of all, these versions in general don’t
provide anything new.
I have a strange feeling that they were made
just from whatever version they had laying around.
Secondly, they didn’t really care while
developing these versions so you could enjoy
to play them even today on a modern PC and
that is a shame.
Thirdly, you can still get these games somewhere
else for cheaper.
10 Euros or whatever your country’s equivalent
currency is for each of them is not a good
bargain in their shop, in my opinion.
And lastly, a lot of popular mods still require
1.0 versions
meaning you have to forget about them.
Fortunately, you can always downgrade these
versions and fill your game with mods, patches
and other cool stuff you enjoy without worrying
about the incompatibilities.
The link to the downgraders can be found in
the description below.

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  7. I found out a fix for the spiny camera issue in SA.
    1. Back up your Save files.
    2. Delete the User files.
    3. Launch it.
    4. Restore your save files
    5. Launch the game again.
    6. Turn off Fly with mouse, invert mouse, and drive with mouse.

    This is what worked for me.

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