The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

what do you want Michael I don’t know
I want something that isn’t this
I want to be a good dad love my family
only lives a dream
why do I have to hold your hand through
this whole midlife crisis bullshit
but at the same time I really want the
other stuff too
and you’re plainly addicted to chaos
well I’m not sure that’s true
a rich AM Israel completely average for
this town
I think you need a new therapist so you
giving me a lecture if I’m not being a
good enough gangbanger that’s all we got
that’s how it is I thought we was trying
to get out of this bullshit I’m sounding
more and more like a snitch every day
celebration bitch I sound like somebody
trying to make some paper now get key oh
my bad mr. gold card
ah guy still shit we got no respect
raagh I respect what we have
enjoy the polls oh man yeah whatever
I ever tell you about Trevor major drug
real hillbilly type sim bring me my
coffee I’m gonna cut your arm oh please
just go and ruin somebody else’s home
furnishings don’t suit new in town I’m
making friends all right
friends I mean things could just keep
them away from me and the children is
wrong with you Bandon mini shoes I see a
shrink once a week
shot amigo
massage anamarie little you get my dick
out this way

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