The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Alright, alright.
Guys, you know what time it is?
It’s go-rod – oh, wait, no it isn’t.
(Vanoss laughter)
It’s snow-rod time.
(laughter) Yeah!
That’s right! That’s right, Moo.
Nooo, ow.
Don’t you remember how to pick up snow balls, oh you do!
Haha! Oh.
Snowball fight!
How are you doing that?
Wait, wait. Let’s teach Brian, let’s teach Brian. Okay, everyone, cease fire.
Hey Brian…
Oh, I got you right in the balls.
Wait, wait, don’t hey. Don’t, don’t…
That’s not right…
Step 1 is you got to call… You got to call somebody.
(Hesitant Brian) …Ok…
Who am I calling?
Who was it again?
Was it Merryweather?
I think so.
It was Lester.
Lester? Yeah, ok, Lester. You call Lester.
He died by snowball!
How do I do it… Le- stop!
I’m trying to tell you, it’s in your throwables.
My throwables?
Yes, hold your LB button, or whatever it is to get to your weapon wheel out.
Yeah, but which is the throwables?
You know, like, Grenades there.
Grenades and all that, you know?
All I have is a Jerr- no, you just go suck a dick at this point!
F**k you guys off.
I don’t know, f**k off! “Oh, you have to ring… You have to ring Lester the Child Molester to give you snowballs.”
I’m buying Grenades…
No, you don’t need Grenades!
Shut up, I am buying Grenades!
Hey, where do you keep the f**king snowballs in here?
Oops… Oops… Sorry guys. I got a little distracted.
That’s what happens… When you’re driving one handed
How’s the winter breeze, guys?
Moo is probably… Moo is probably freezing his a** off.
I’m freezing!
He dressed for spring break, in Miami or something.
Where’s Terroriser, come here, come here, come here… Go in the store, buy a Jerry Can–
OH… What?!
Look what I got for Christmas!
That’s so cool!
Best Christmas everrrrrr!
Maybe check your body temperature.
Yeah, you’re probably just melting all over.
My. Body. Temperature.
My body… My bod… Are you asking me to shove a thermometer up me’ arsehole?
Ok, I have my Jerry Can.
Stand, stand away, like, everyone just kind of spread out evenly.
Then drop it and pick it up. Ok, you see it on the floor?
No, you can’t pick it up!
He keeps picking up when I hold LB.
Annnd that’s.
Wa-wait, press left on the D-pad. Press left on the D-pad. Press left on the D-pad. Left on the D-pad. Left on the D-pad. Left on the D-pad. Left on the D-pad.
Press left on the D-pad. Press left on the D-pad.
Left on the D-pad, Brian.
Press left.
Left on the- left on the- left on the D-pad.
(Brian sighs heavily)
Left on the D-pad, try it… He left!!!
He, he “Left” on the D-pad
Oh god damn it
Not THAT left!
F*ckin d*cks.
Moo, where you at?
Tu-turn around.
You wanna play CHICKEN Moo?
Let’s play Chicken, I ain’t givin up!
Alright, we’re gonna go to the Mechanic. Alright?
Alright, I heard that traffic’s bad today with all the snow.
That’s okay.
(Moo chuckle)
Vanoss:Outta the way mother f*ckers!
Whoo-ah! (More Laughter)
‘Scuse me, coming through
Ohh… OOOH! Motorcycle!
See ya bud- (laughter)
He went to the ceiling!
Check this guy out
Moo:Whaaa! (laughter)
Ohhh sh*t
Now what the f*ck do we do?
We could always…
Rob a liquor store with snowballs.
Moo: Just to pass the time, Ya’know?
Vanoss:Ooooh, I like your style
Moo:Just to pass the time
Vanoss: Ow.
Alright Terrorriser, you ready for this?
It was left on the D-pad.
Alright, here we go!
Moo: Whoa!
Vanoss:He ran away!
Vanoss:Wha-Where’d he go?
Moo:He’s in here!
Oooh! Ooooh! (wheeze)
Vanoss:He has a gun?!
Moo:He has a gun! (Laughter)
Ohh boy. (Moo Laughter)
Kay- Whoooah! Help!
He means business!
All this f*ckin time to–
(Mixed Conversation)
Brian:Where is he?
Where is he?
Did you get him?
Oh man, he’s all bloody now!
What was in your snowball Brian?
I don’t know. I think it was a- (Wheeze)
-Heh ah-
(Moo Chuckle)-I had a giant rock inside of it.
Moo:Let’s get out of here-
-and it’ll be a “cold case” for him! Heh, heh, heh, heh!
Hah… Huh…
Get it? Cause it’s snowing-
Brian: Oh, okay.
Moo:And snow is cold!
Vanoss:Watch where you’re going!
Moo:I wasn’t-
I wasn’t watching!
So you can’t tell quity jokes and fly at the same time?
Helicopter fight!
I’m dead
Oh-OH! (laughter)
Yes you are.
Oh boy.
Moo: Uh oh
Vanoss: F*ck, f*ck.
Uh oh!
Moo:Okay, I’m just gonna try to get us as high as possible-
Vanoss: They’re goin down!
Vanoss: They’re going down! Yes!
Moo:Oh, nice!
Oh there’s a new one comin!
We might have to jump.
We’ll g- Let’s go to that mansion behind us.
Okay, yup
Alright, on go. Three, two, one, go!
Oh God
Oh god
Police are here
Police ar- They’re shootin!
Why’d we have pick the rainbow-f*ckin-parachutes?(Moo Chuckle)
Vanoss:Oh f*ck, I am not-
Moo:I’m aiming for the pool!
I am goin everywhere..
You didn’t parachute?
I made it in the pool, but uh…
It was a little rough.
What’re we doin?
Snowball fight on the top of the truck.
I only have three snowballs.

Do we have teams or what’re we doin?
I think you can still pick them up by pressing the left button, no? or left D-pad?
Vanoss: OH FU-! (Combined Laughter)
Vanoss:Are you f*cking serious?!
Lui:Oh my god!
Vanoss: Jesus!
Moo:You ran into the stop light!
Hey, good job teammate.
Good job teammate.
(Moo laughter) You’re doin a great job

Get’em out there on that field.
(more laughter)

Moo: OH! hohohohoho! (Laughter continues)
That was a little excessive! (laughter)
Hey man-
-F*ckin play-off season, what’re you gonna do?
Who’s ready to fight the ultimate snowball champion?
Who’s goin?
Vanoss:Who’s goin first?
Droid:(background noises?)
(laughter after Lui’s fall)
No, Lui!
Hoah, my god!
Lui, I’m so sorry!
Aaaalright, here we go.
The first one v one of the day, in EXTREME
Vanoss: snowball fights…
Vanoss: Are you ready for this sh*t-oh hey, what’re you doin?
Moo:I’m ready!
My hands are a little cold.
Well your arms should be- pretty f*ckin cold too-(Moo Chuckle)-ALRIGHT!
Here we go!
Three… Two… One… FIGHT!
Vanoss: Oh yeah? That’s not gonna save you!
(laughter) OH-OHhoho!
Get back up, get back up!
Okay, now, taste your death!
Die… YES… Die..!
I came lunging at you! (Moo Chuckle)
I need to pick up.
Vanoss:Oh, you jumped.
Brian:That was amazing!
Alright, here we go
Vanoss:On go.
Droid:I got this!
Vanoss: Shesu-heh-Save your celebrations for the end.
Moo:You’re gonna fall off!
Alright, here we go.
On go. Three… Two… One… GO!
Vanoss:Oh sh*t, Holy sh*t that f*ckin move! That move was pro!
Look at these guys, they’re f*ckin throwing in sync.
Get back up! Get back up onto the stage!
Or you could just do that.
Brian:I don’t care! Winner! Winner!
Vanoss:What a dirty player!
Dirty player!
What are- what are- what are your last words Terrorriser, incase this is your final fight?
I am a beautiful horse. There are my final words
Brian:F*ck you! (Laughter)
Moo:I win!
Are you ready for this sh*t?
Vanoss: Yo, watch-watch out Moo. I heard this guy… Likes to roll off of the edge.
Moo: I heard he likes to play dirty.
Least they gave you a chance man!
Are you two ready for the final round?

D:Yep :T
Here we go.
Epic snowball fight on-go
Oh sh*t
hit him in the knee-
-knee cap!
A cap one shot!
Moo:Oh come on!
Vanoss:Oh sh*t oh sh*t
Oh dodge!
Moo: What? (laughter) What was that?!
Brian:Yes! Yes! Yeees!
Vanoss:Oh! Wait what? What the hell happened?
(Sad Music Cue)
What the f*ck?
I-(breaths)-I guess I got a bloody nose or something, I don’t know!
Terrorriser uses like-
Psychic powers
Mind powers!
Vanoss:What the f*ck, I didn’t even see you throw that snowball!
Moo: No!
Moo merch(left), Featured Video(right),

Outro Music: “Nyan Cat [Bunnymajs 8bit version]” by Bunnymajs
I’m spraying snow all over you, he heh heh heh heh heh!
OH! (laughter)
Keeps hiiiiiiing me!


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  2. need advice my ex is stalking me and my gf we r at londan for a trip to get away from her and she has made three different numbers and she is not leaving me Aline advice plz

  3. it just goes to show if u hav a ramp car u can corspe launch a motorcycale
    and if u mug a sttoe with snowballs ull get shot lol

  4. The puns and that laugh are probably my last two reasons for hanging around youtube hahaha, keep it up Brock, you're the man!!

  5. @mooSnuckel
    a few challenges for you. 😃

    Gta5 challenge : The Hunted

    Time set: 10 minutes
    The hunted: only one can be the hunted.
    Objective for the hunted is to spawn or place in the center of the largest airport and escape. The hunted can only melee or use a bat. No guns or knives.

    The hunters:
    Ten to fifteen people can hunt.
    Your objective is to locate and melee the hunted. No guns or knives.

    Gta5 Challenge: Last Rocket Standing
    Two or more people.
    Take a rocket car in to the desert.
    Have a partner flying a jet.
    The jets must destroy the rocket cars only whilst they remain airborne!
    Under no circumstances can a jet be allowed to engage a vehicle on the ground
    take a bus, have a few people ride in it. then tell the driver that you're calling a mugger.
    this is ideal If done in the desert as there won't be any other vehicles around, the mugger will take the bus and kidnap your passengers. ☺

  6. “Alright alright you know what time it is”
    Me an intellectual: showtime showtime my name’s John Adams in the place to be

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    1. Moo
    2. Delirious
    4. Wildcat
    5. Vannoss
    6. Lui
    7. Bryan
    8. Droid
    9. Panda (Anthony)
    0. Marcel

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