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100 thoughts on “GTA 3 – Walkthrough – Mission #10 – Cipriani’s Chauffeur (HD)

  1. Atleast in this game they pay you decent money per mission.. When I saw +Respect in San Andreas I was like WTF?! LOL!!

  2. @SoulWeapon27 5% actually fans of grand theft auto series
    95% poor people who doesnt know anything about gaming, rockstar or grand theft auto

  3. I think it's good to go screw around and endlessly kill people or do whatever for a bit in between missions. Means you can enjoy the environment of the city and what you can do atm in terms of where you can go and what you have access to. But if you do it for too long without the missions it becomes really dull fast.

  4. in time order it goes like this
    GTA London-1961-1969,GTAVice City Stories- 1984,GTA Vice city-1986,GTA San andreas-1992 GTA-1997 GTA Liberty City Stories-1998 GTA3-2001 GTA Advanced-2005 GTA IV&EFLC-2008 Chinatown Wars-2009 but release date is diffrent rockstar did it like star wars and mixed it up in release but in the end it all comes together

  5. lol love this quotes

    Joey: This is pops capo Tony Cipriani
    Tony: Hey i'm Tony Cipriani

    😀 love dumb people in gta

  6. Toni probably smoked crack off his ass and ate huge meals every day from the money he got in LCS. That would be a fitting explanation to why he's so fat and old looking.

  7. Well If I can mention this fact that not really anyone knows and I can answer almost any question about Rockstar Games (but that doesn't mean you can start investigate me), im kinda part of the 5%. but if you just felt this need to respond to my comment, means you got hurt, because my comment was offensive to you somehow, because I was talking about poor gta "fans" and if you did, it can only mean one thing. that you are the 95%, why else would you respond unless I offended your kind of people?

  8. I thought I new the order that the GTA's(these ones) came out were in the order of VC, SA, and then III, but looking at the handling and motion animations on San Andreas and III makes me think San Andreas came out last in the three. Can someone help?

  9. It is in that order chronologically story wise. But it goes GTA 3, Vice City, and then San Andreas is last out of the three.

  10. Shit, i don't wanna believe this is Toni(((( In LCS he looked MORE better. There he is old fat prick((((

  11. Toni does not like Triads they killed him pop and torched his apartment time for some revenge

  12. Toni when he enters the laundromat: Hey wheres my damn….ohh yea sorry about that! Triads: Wow lets shoot him!!

  13. Toni needs a ride little does he know the Triads set up a trap for him 

  14. Can't believe in 1998 Toni could do nearly everything himself and in 2001 he is too lazy  because he's a fatass.

  15. you guys should checkout the cast for this game. its fucking amazing really.


    salvatore leone – frank vincent
    luigi – joe pantoliano
    toni cipriani – michael madsen
    joey leone – michael rapaport
    maria – debi mazar
    donald love – kyle mclachlan
    ray machowski – robert loggia

    goddamn you can litterally make a movie and become an instant millionair, just because the cast is so good. this is also why gta games are great, the voice acting was always great, gta 5 not so good though but fuck that game. every other game had great voice acting. catalina is such a bitch, and she also sounds like a typical bitch. great voice acting over here. unreal

  16. Everybody talkin' about how fat I got and how old I got. Minchia! I lived with my MA!!!!! what the fuck you expect???? Momma's cookin' + stress of the mob, you do the fuckin' math!

  17. Toni: " Joey just repaired this thing, so no fancy crap ok? "

    3 years earlier


  18. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is where we meet Toni Cipriani for the first time after 1998 wonders.

  19. Triad #1: have you eat Fried Fish before.
    Triad #2: Nah!
    Triad #1: Me neither.
    Toni: hey punks I have payment for your laundryshop.
    (They both draw their pistol and start firing)
    Triad #1: get lost mafia!!!
    Triad#2: get'em!!!

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