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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Möwe [Seagull] Möwe [Seagull] Möwe [Seagull] Möwe [Seagull] Joe: Why do we have to fly with this crappy plane? Fredi: uumm… Fredi: Herobrine said he feels really weak beacause of our last fight… …so he can’t take us. Joe: But couldn’t we find something a little more…. …safe to travel with? Like mabye an ender-dragon? Joe: I mean…something that can actually fly… Jinx: Hahaha Jinx: If the royal majesty doesn’t like my plane you are free to leave any time. Jinx: Oooops. That…. …was coincidence. Fredi: What matters most now is that we find Sam if he has any hints of where to search next… that will be very helpful. Jinx: We are in position! Jinx: Ready to board enemy aircraft? We are on our journey to solve the mystery of the legendary Griefer We will never back down never back down ’cause this is our destiny My heart fills with sorrow and pain from the day you left us yet my convictionary mate for the sake of the griefer’s sane we will search and discover unvail and uncover the secrets he left us will show us the way Herobrine: Let me open this Sam: What..what are you guys doing here? Fredi: Sam! We need your help! Sam: Wait! I am the one who could need some help right now! I got taken hostage by the police! Joe: Have you heard about Einshine? Sam: What happend to him? Sam: Wait… Sam: Why do you guys have his glasses? Sam: Are you trying to say he is… Fredi: We went looking for him when we found him… ….it was to late… i am so sorry. Joe: Fantastic! We have to hurry or soon there will be a lot more people in this tiny toom Fredi: Oh…yes Sam, do you know anything about this map here? Sam: Well, this is interesting. I have never seen this before! Joe: Okay nevermind… Fredi we have to go… NOW! Sam: WAIT! I think I recognize this island. I am pretty sure I have heard Shine talk talk about the mountain people once before… …they live on the mountain island. Police: Open the door right now! Sam: He also mentioned some so called “Legendary Griefers” Joe: That sounds more like a myth to me… Fredi: That is our only hint for now… I guess we have no choice but to follow it. Police: Open the door NOW! Fredi: Oh, hi everyone! Fredi: We don’t want to make any troubles… We just wanted to talk to a friend. Joe: Jup! You can keep him… …we are gone! Fredi: JOEEE Joe: Oh..Oh Fredi: Oh no! He is still weak from last weeks fight JINX! Fredi: We need your help! Möwe [Seagull] Fredi: Puh…That was close Jinx: You are welcome! Jinx: Bye Bye HAHAHHAHAA Officer 1: Should we tell the pilot to follow them? Officer 2: I don’t think so, the prisoner is still here. Sam: Surprise! Officer 2: AHHHHHHH Sam: Thank you Fredi! Möwe [Seagull] Möwe [Seagull] Möwe [Seagull] Jinx: …So then I started to ask him about his garden. And while he was enthusiastically telling me all about it I was packing my bags full of his fruits and vegetables. HAHAHAH he was so distracted showing me his garden that he didn’t even notice that I was stealing his garden INFRONT OF HIS NOSE. Hahaha I had free food for literally a month. Joe: Uhm not exactly my humor… Fredi: To be honest I’m not really about the Griefer lifestyle either. Shine was my best friend but I never understood his passion for stealing other people’s things. To me it just seems…kind of…well…mean. I mean…not that I’ve never done it but whenever I have It made me feel quite uncomfortable… Jinx: That sounds very negative… You should really consider you attitude. That leads me to question tho: You guys disagree so much with this way of living then why do you even bother to search for answers? Seems like I am the one who really understands him after all. But not even I care about his damn secret. Fredi: Because he was our friend don’t you get it? He wanted to tell us something, it had to be really important to him. Besides, I don’t think you really understand him. You just happened to have a common interest. Herobrine: well I don’t care if he liked to grief or not. And I wouldn’t be interested in his map either if I wasn’t hoping that it can help me find out more about me and where I came from. Something just tells me that his secret has something to do with my origins. I feel it. Fredi: I understand. And Joe, what about you? Joe: I just don’t want to go back to Atlantis… Our last fight took a little too much energy from the Nexus. That caused some damage to the city. Besides, it seems like thanks to this I’ve lost my powers. My brother Cody must have cut my access to the Nexus. Jinx: I get where you are coming from, you just wanna have fun. Fredi: So maybe shine had contact with some of these mountain people We need to find out! Maybe they know some more. Heck, I can’t even understand anything of these writings. We need to give it a try! Let’s head to the village tomorrow! Jinx: The doe in the bank goes in my pouch in my pouch in my pouch! in my pouch in my pouch! The doe in the bank goes in my pouch and I buy lots of thiiiiings. The doe in the bank gets griefed away, griefed away griefed away! The doe in the bank gets griefed away and I get rich real quiiiick. Herobrine: Don’t you think it’s enough Jinx? You have sang this song since you woke up today… Jinx: …in my pouch The doe in my bank goes in my pouch! and I buy lot’s of things! Fredi: Finally. Jinx: OH. MY. GRIEF. Let’s stop here for a sec. There’s something I need. Fredi: WHAT? what could you possibly need from a farm ?! Joe: Maybe she wants to play with the animals. Girls love animals. Fredi: Ahh… Jinx: Those are for my airplane. I’ll need this to get my plane back in the air. Yesterdays landing was a little rough. Girl: You just stole these parts! Girl: Give them back immediately or you will have to deal with the consequences! Jinx: Oh what a pretty little detective we have here.. Well, well, well. Your damn right indeed! I stole them! So what are you gonna do about it? Girl: You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into… But I can tell you this: If you don’t stop acting this way and give the parts back you will be in serious trouble! Jinx: Oh yea? HAHAHA and you are? Patron: I’m a patron. We are an alliance of people. We fight all thiefs and griefers and their allies of course. And you dont want to have us as enemies. Jinx: HAHHAHA so you basically are like the police. Just more… stupid. Joe: Was that really necessary? Jinx: She is the one who started it! And if she does so she can handle whatever happens next. Joe: but you don’t have to be that hard on her either… Fredi: Have you ever tried being nice for a change? Jinx: I am nice. I flew you here, remember? That’s the only reason I need those parts in the first place. And what do I get in exchange? A bunch of unthankful sissies that turn against (me). Great. Fredi: Nobody is turning against you and we are very thankful! But now you’re just being rude. Jinx: Okay then! If you don’t like my methods, then I can as well just leave. I never had a close relationship to your friend anyway we just liked to grief together, that’s all. Jinx: Good luck finding another ride! HAHAHAHA Herobrine: Come on guys let’s stop losing any more time. I really need to find out who I am. Unknown: Well that comes in handy. AHAHHAHA HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA Crystal: My dear… What happened ? There’s a foreign group, I think they’re Griefers They destroyed a farmers tractor and then stole parts from it and when I tried to intervene, they wouldn’t listen… … then they attacked me DarkuleFox, CreativeMystic! Prepare the troops! Yes Ma’m! We’ve got some bad guys to hunt Hey Kiddies! Did you enjoy the video and the beautiful Island? You can actually get Sparkle Island, you saw in this Animation, and explore it yourself! It is up now on the official Minecraft Marketplace AND there is MORE You can find 3 hidden easter eggs on the map which will give you some hints to future episodes of Griefer Legends! Also you’ll get some exclusive Skins when you purchase the map aaand the first 20 people who buy the map and tweet proof to Fredi can get their Skins featured in Griefer Legends Furthermore, if you don’t wanna miss the next episode check if you have already subscribed and hit the bell! See you soon! I’ll be back!

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  1. Woooow! almost 300k views in less than 3 days :OOO My dear, I am blown away! I was hoping to reach 250k views in the first 2-3 months, and that would have made me happy… My expectations got terminated! Reaching that goal in 3 days, you can imagine how mindblowing that feels like 😀 EPISODE 2 IS SO TOTALLY CONFIRMED! Thank you soo much I am su glad you enjoy this Series already <3
    Here's the future plan:
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    2) However, next upload after that will be a MUSIC VIDEO. Yes. thought its time to do that again, however, this music video will be part of the Griefer Legends Story! (Sort of a Prequel).
    3) Then (hopefully around end of summer) EP2 should find its way out!
    4) Followed by EP3 still this year, and that all is if it goes according to plan!
    Thank's for supporting this Project and my channel, you make my dream come true <3

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