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Hello and Welcome to the show, today I will
be talking about data collection.
That you need to do for GPRO.
But first Follow me on Twitter the link is
in the description and subscribe on Youtube
So if you have done, let get going!
Yeah so data collection, is an important part
of the game after a race or driver training
or things you did.
Collect the data from it and it can be anything
you want to collect.
Tyre wear, car damage from testing, from the
race or fuel usage in the race.
Or sponsor progression.
If you wanna save that.
Yeah the more you save, it can help.
to get a better understanding about the game
and their is ofcourse a tool.
The GPRO Organiser or GO it’s a tool created
by GPRO players and it’s free to use.
You can download it at the link.
Then you get this page. and you can download
it here.
Click on the latest versions, then you need
to instal it.
You should be able to do it, I hope.
And then you can run and start collecting
here you can see what they have fixed in the
tool, or updated the program with.
So Now let’s go to GO the GPRO Organiser.
And I will show it off a little bit.
Yeah as you can see I use GPRO Organiser myself
This here is my data from last season that
I have collected.
And here you can see all tracks, current season
historic tyre wear, if you click it will open
a screen I believe.
Yes here it is.
yeah you can select the track.
Where are we racing, Bucharest Ring, B where
is it.
Yeah you can see the tyre wear fuel what ever
you need to know.
from your own data.
this is usefull when you haven’t a team or
you want to play alone.

Yeah you can see many things.
Now I need to update the GPRO Organiser for
the new season, I need to check are their
any new races this season.
then is’t going to be different.
I don’t think that their are any new races.
Their aren’t any new races this season.
If their are new races, then you need to Tools
and select update tracks.
It will update the file or something that
I don’t know.
So now I have to is press F5 and it will update.
Hopefully it should work.
now it’s loading as you see.
Now it’s loaded mine data for Season 62.
Which I have now before I do practice or Qualifying.
You need to use GO everything, before go to
practice and qualify you need to update it
with the correct data.
And after you are done, you need to update
it aswell, to get your data into the tool
before the race!
So basicly you need to update it before you
do anything and after have finished.
So keep that in mind.
Let’s go to races, as you can see I have been
using it for a long time.
So lot’s of data, not that I’m using it.
to be honest.
Here you can see, their was a small issue
with the program because GPRO changed something
and it took some time to update it.
I have just qualified myself, with my normal
So now I’m ready to update mine data in GO.
So I will just press F5. and it should be
yes lovely.
So now after the race.
before you do any practice for Race 2 you
need to update it.
So that the driver data doesn’t get corrupted.
if you train him before you have updated GO.
Yeah Also you have two options to save it.
You have Save and Save as..
You should use Save as. because it’s saves
the file on the harddrive. and if you use
save, it saves in the program.
If you have a computer crash or a sudden problem
with something I don’t know what.
If you have a friend or a close friend on
GPRO, that plays the game aswell, you could
share your file with him/her so he will have
a backup of your old data, so you won’t use
all of it.
Or save it on an USB stick.
or something else.
Or print it if you want to.
if you wanna waste some paper.
I hope this video was usefull for you, and
you learned a little bit about GPRO Organiser.
And their is a link in the description to
the forum about GO.
And a download link of GO.
Yeah uhm, have I said everything?
Yes, I believe so, subscribe for more!, and
see you soon.

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