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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

There is a lot of stuff in Ghost Recon Breakpoint
that has me scratching my big bleeding head.
Like why I can regain stamina by drinking
swimming pools?
Or why do I spend so much time doing my best
impression of a cheese rolling competition?
And why is my helicopter better at getting
down slopes than me?
And why does the Erewhon loading screen always
hang on 69% What’s it trying to tell me?
And why is this loading screen a picture of
some giant teeth?
Smaller head scratchers make way for bigger
You are the lone survivor of a chopper crash.
But no sooner has the syrup dripped down your
plastic Ken doll face, you are visiting a
cave that acts as a social hub, full of…
other lone survivors.
We’re the only two left in our chalk says
this guy.
Well, apart from Monkey Punk and Tuppaware
Ninja over here.
If I’m the only ghost who survived, are
they actual g-g-g-ghosts?
It would explain how we clip through each
Then there’s the loot system that’s not
a real loot system – yes, you have a gear
score that grows with each new weapon, but
every human in the game can be killed with
a bullet from a level one gun – as long as
the bullet goes in the head.
What the gear score actually refers to is
your ability to fight drones – and there’s
only one mission in the whole campaign where
you are forced to take down one of those big
So, what’s the point of it?
As for high level areas waiting to be plundered
by a high level drone killer?
One of the classes has a magic spray that
turns you invisible to robot eyes, letting
them just run in and rob the late game content
in the opening hour.
Not to mention gear scores leading to bizarre
moments when a helmet has a lower armour score
than a baseball cap.
I mean, it’s a baseball cap!
This bit gives enemy snipers the exact gap
to put a bullet in your brain.
Yes, there are lots of weird things about
Things that hurt immersion.
Things that feel too arcade-y for a Ghost
Recon game.
Things that make me wonder how much the designers
played their own game – like forcing us to
dismantle or sell weapons one by one.
Or the fact that when you start getting high
level loot, it becomes really difficult to
get the low level materials needed to actually
upgrade your guns.
It’s kinda baffling.
But for all that, I haven’t had a terrible
time in Breakpoint – certainly nothing to
match some one star reviews doing the rounds.
I wonder if it’s maybe Stockholm Syndrome.
Play a game long enough and get suckered into
the loot drop cycle and you begin to feel
invested in your glorified mannequin, whether
you like it or not.
So I want to explain what did and didn’t
work for me.
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Which is handy, as Breakpoint has a lot of
cosmetic microtransactions.
Who can resist a seven quid kilt?
Now, onwards.
The one thing Breakpoint does well is giving
you big enemy compounds and the freedom to
approach them as you see fit.
I mean, really, it’s all the game is – a
giant island dotted with patches of red for
your drone to turn into little icons which
you then shoot in the head.
It’s repetitive, but the act of cleaning
out enemies, ideally unseen, is compelling
I play as a sniper, because when you do it
basically turns Breakpoint into a fresh batch
of Hitman Sniper Assassin levels.
It really is similar: having spotted the enemies
you work out the safest order to perforate
those skulls.
Pick off snipers in their towers, and single
enemies lurking out of sight lines.
Maybe you risk an aerial drone, before picking
between minigunners – a gamble as they require
two head hits – or guards wondering on patrol.
Trying to clean house without soldiers spotting
a body, or silencing them before they raise
the alarm makes it a fun target gallery.
Sniping is the best way to play solo too – with
sync shot drones replacing the AI companions
(who are being added at a later date), but
coming with limited numbers to prevent you
from spamming synchronised hits as you could
in Wildlands.
Annoyingly, as playable as Breakpoint is alone,
you always have to have an online connection.
I’ve had fun going in close, too – in an
early video I said this was the closest thing
I’d played to Metal Gear Solid V since Metal
Gear Solid V, in terms of sneaking behind
enemy lines and popping people with silent
pistol headshots.
I mostly stand by that comparison, although
Breakpoint is the dumber game – you don’t
move with anything like the precision of Big
Boss and your drone, an all seeing eye in
the sky, makes it too easy to get the full
lay of the land.
Phantom Pain has a tension that you’d missed
a guard with your binoculars; intel is just
too good in Breakpoint.
I celebrate sniping and stealth as Breakpoint
is less interesting once the action kicks
Breakpoint’s AI is a mix of supernatural
and super dumb – the way a single overheard
shot causes everyone in a mile radius to enter
an alert state always annoys me in these kind
of games.
But once they are alert, they do a bad job
of finding you, ambling around the bodies
of their murdered comrades, making it a long
and boring wait for patrols to return to normal.
The elite Wolves are more proactive – they’ll
investigate areas of disturbance and force
you on the move or to cosplay as some grass,
like that mad cake decorating kid in The Hunger
But even these guys follow predictable routes.
Lots was said by Ubiosft about us being hunted,
but it loses the buzz of excitement when the
hunter in question is basically Elmer Fudd.
Even the game’s lazy trick of spotting you
with aerial drones and spawning Wolves on
your location is easy to dismiss once you
realise going prone stops the search.
It’s very hard to see the soul of the older
Ghost Recon games in these sluggish face-offs
– those were games where when it kicked off,
the sheer lethality of gunplay was a jolt
of adrenaline.
I’m not blaming Breakpoint for this – I
think Ghost Recon arguably stopped being classic
Ghost Recon back with Future Soldier, if not
earlier – but it does continue the trend.
There’s no way the old ghosts would have
backed into a corner and plugged heads as
they poked around the doorframe.
I won’t show it here, but this even works
in the final boss!
It’s symptomatic of generally clumsy mission
There’s some rotten checkpointing – at one
point I had to clear out a base to reach an
NPC, to escort her out her lab.
But dying spawns you outside the base and
asks you to break back in, with all those
guards revived.
But this was nothing compared to an on rails
section where success hinged entirely on the
AI driver – never a good sign – most times
he would drive so slowly that long distance
snipers would just shoot me in the head, an
instant fail.
I dialled down the difficulty to take more
hits and the driver began to crash the car
over and over.
In an act of desperation, I flew over to the
area we kept dying, killed everyone there
so they couldn’t ambush us and flew back
to trigger the mission… it failed me after
we drove five meters.
I did it so many times, I actually hit the
level cap just shooting down helicopters.
I still don’t know what eventually triggered
success, but I love the irony that something
on the rails sent me firmly off the rails.
The most disappointing element of the missions
is how the game looks like a sandbox, but
refuses to let you experiment like the best
sandboxes do.
For example, knowing that I was about to face
a siege of enemies, I parked an armoured car
across one of the entrances, ready to take
on my attackers.
But the game decided this was too far from
the siege area, telling me off the whole fight
with this obnoxious warning sign.
You can’t make a game that is all about
the ingenuity of special forces soldiers and
then shake your head at player ingenuity.
You are either about survival at any cost,
or you aren’t.
You have to make your mind up.
But for every stupid mission like this, there
are plenty more where I happily do my sniping
I think a lot of it is down to the setting,
which I prefer to Wildlands – and yes, I know
this puts me in the minority.
The Island of Auroa is a nonsense tech paradise
– an archipelago that holds about a hundred
buildings that could be James Bond villain
After clearing out all those shanty towns
and warehouses of Wildlands, I loved getting
to sneak around facilities that wouldn’t
be out of place in the Google campus or creeping
through trendy neighbourhoods.
It’s just fun to visit a non-traditional
warzone – a happy place that is only just
in the grip of a menace, before it becomes
another drab hellhole.
Some settings are massive, too, which – for
a self confessed sniper such as myself – is
a dream come true.
I only played a couple of levels with a full
spread of four player co-op, but shooting
across these vast plazas, while friends darted
between benches below, sees the game at its
If – and it’s a big if – you’re just happy
clearing out bases with your pals, this world
will keep you happy.
And look at the natural beauty of the place.
In many ways I think Auroa is wasted on Breakpoint,
as the action is so clustered around built-up
locations that it never finds anything to
do with its stunning natural environments.
I love these rolling hills and the wind blown
grass – some of the best wind swept foliage
since The Witcher 3.
And you can stick that quote on the box.
Hell, it’s nicer than what users are saying
on metacritic.
Of course, I realize that Ghost Recon’s
target audience don’t buy the game to look
at turf, but I feel like Ubisoft’s world
builders should know that their work was seen
and appreciated.
The dark cloud that hangs over all of this
is microtransactions – in this case a store
selling cosmetic items that are purchased
with a separate Ghost Coin currency.
I say cosmetic, as the weapons and attachments
can be found in-game – and found quite easily,
as the map is open about what is found at
each site (once you’ve scoped them out with
a drone).
Find the blueprints to a gun and you can build
it whenever you want using Skell Credits dropped
by enemies or found in crates.
I don’t buy the idea that this is to pay
to win – the things that make a difference
are in the game.
It gets shadier with cosmetics.
Now, I’ll admit, I personally don’t really
care about this side of the game – I’m not
into military fashion.
But plenty of people are and for them, it
is rotten to hide the more colourful helmets
and such behind a paid for currency.
It still only makes up a fraction of the items
available in the wider game – the customisation
menu is honest about where things can be found
– but it’s still manipulative.
As many people have said before me, just because
I can ignore this stuff, doesn’t mean there’s
not someone more vulnerable who can’t.
And that person shouldn’t be exploited.
I do think the idea that Breakpoint’s microtransactions
are especially aggressive is exaggerated – all
the paid elements live in the customization
menu and the store menu.
If you don’t click on those two tabs, which
I didn’t until making this video, you wouldn’t
know this layer of purchases exists.
But it does and should be flagged up for people
who want nothing to do with it.
The important distinction, for me, is that
the campaign doesn’t feel manipulated to
force you into buying extra stuff – in fact,
for a ‘looter shooter’ this is the quickest
I’ve climbed through the gear ranks, and
I didn’t struggle to find the equipment
I wanted because the game told me where to
find the blueprints.
In an ideal world breakpoint wouldn’t have
these microtransactions, but as they are,
it is at least open about what you’re getting.
By simply including them the damage is done.
As it was by shoehorning in a gear system.
It doesn’t seem to matter that the gear
score has little impact on the action itself;
it makes the game look like something it isn’t,
and the blame can only rest with Ubisoft for
To my mind, the rhythm and pace of the campaign
is really no different to Wildlands.
I only played that campaign once, so appreciate
that differences might seem more glaring to
people with 500 hours on their record, but
to my fingers, Breakpoint feels like Wildlands,
but with a slightly more colourful setting
and bigger levels that are more satisfying
to clear out.
I don’t think either game has much similarity
to Ghost Recon of old – a series I’d love
to see properly revisited – and it’s shambolic
and rough around the edges in a way a 60 quid
game simply shouldn’t be.
I had enough fun in my 30 hours not to regret
it, but it’s a shame you have to go through
so much nonsense and mess to get to the simple
heart of the game.
I hope that explains that while I think breakpoint
is a bit of a mess, it’s not a total disaster.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game
– especially from people who’ve actually
played it – which would be refreshing – and
I’m happy to answer any questions raised
by this review.
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Hopefully we will see you again soon.
Bye for now!

100 thoughts on “Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is A Mess (But Not A Total Disaster) | Ghost Recon Breakpoint Review

  1. well – for me its two points
    first: this division / borderlands style of shooter looter doesn't fit the ghost recon universe
    second: it's designed to be played as 4-member squad
    sure – one can try to solo it – same as in wildlands – but when the overall concept just is two play as at least two player co-op it isn't what it could had been when play it solo

  2. Anyone else getting the bug where your player will sometimes seem to forget how to function after attempting to use a gadget? I’m getting it quite frequently, mostly during combat situations, which can be a bit of an inconvenience.

    I’ve figured out that if I let my player slightly stumble off of a rock / small ledge / anything of that nature, it will fix the issue and I’ll regain controls. Not sure why, but it works for me. Hope this helps if anyone is having the same issue.

  3. I'm super confused by this game and I've tried being fair with reviews I love Wildlands and still have it installed. I miss being able to kit my team out to role play. I want an ai team so I can play alone. I feel the story was better in wildlands with the bosses of different areas with weird backstories. l am still figuring out the weapons tiers, the RPGs aspect is a direct copy of AC odyssey which I didn't care for (loved origins). The game is trying to do to much, doesnt do things well, and doesnt feel finished. Not even halfway finished.

  4. Thanks for what seems an unbiased review.
    Funny thing is, glancing at the comments, most people here agree with your points. Looking at comments on vids giving a hard time to the game, well most people there agrees with the game being trash for all reasons (existing and non existent ones).
    But then again, that's how the YouTube algorithm works, not much different from many microtransactions systems on games, just with a different the shit out of vulnerable users…
    Oh and even tho never touched the betas, I'm lvl29 w/ 50+hours played, and as you said, being derailed by mind boggling bad designed main missions. Yet, I'm having fun… hopefully they will patch the rough bits…

  5. I’m kinda sick of getting half way through clearing half of a Wolf camp and have the game glitch to where I can’t aim, shoot, change or use consumables. Making me either need to die or just quit. Fix the game breaking glitches

  6. I’m having some fun and some elements seem like a step forward; but I feel there are more steps backwards then forwards.
    The things I like are the animations physics and graphics. I wouldn’t mind the loot system if it didn’t have the rpg elements. The fact that chest shots don’t kill doesn’t feel right I. Ghost Recon . In Wildlands a single shot to a Santa Blanca would be a kill which was very satisfying. Breakpoint has more bullet sponge elements.
    I haaaaaaate the drones . I don’t want to fight tank drones in Ghost Recon. The silent drone that brings in the wolves is super spammy. I never feel like my deaths were my own fault and more like the game is just broken with bullets being homing devices coming from all directions and the wolves knowing where you are even if you hide after getting out of sight a ways.
    Here I do play on a harder difficulty without HUD. I just wish my deaths felt more like my fault lots of times the intelligence of the A.I doesn’t feel right either.( I die a lot but the AI also feels dumb, trying to fight a tank bullet sponge doesn’t give a stealth option and with a million laser focused guys with some bullet sponge elements bum rush you you don’t stand a chance)
    Even though I do t want Ghost Recon to be the division I always feel like I got Fairly out flanked or something from that a.i and it’s more tactical then the new Ghost Recon.
    Ghost Recon needs a more realistic version of that A.I with the bullet lethality of a Ghost Recon game.
    The fact that you can’t customize your look is very disappointing as well. I loved all the free options in Wildlands . Breakpoint you have to wear whatever boring outfit has division numbers attached…
    There are plenty of other annoying things as well but I guess I’ll stop. Wildlands was basically my favorite ps4 game… this one I’m already almost bored with or to annoyed to play for long periods of time..
    It’s a shame they put more time into the store then the game on this… that’s the issue…

  7. As someone who was a huge wildlands player, and who is also thoroughly enjoying breakpoint besides the downsides, I'm very happy to find someone who gave breakpoint a fair review. So many people are calling it "pay to win" with incredibly predatory microtransactions, which in my 50 hours of play I can't agree with at all, because ive never even been told once to go to the store to buy things, nor have i really cared about it because I've gotten so many customization options from playing normally. Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for giving the game a fair shake.

  8. It’s wild lands but with a slightly changed backend. I mean I get pushing games with already created assets and just tweak them, but seriously change it enough so I’m not looking at Tom Clancy’s wild lands

  9. As the game has only been out for a couple of weeks, we cant say that the gear score is pointless. It may have to do with the later content to be added, or a different type of game play or raid, we just do not know, or the gear score is there to make the player feel more powerful, I mean I know I was quite surprised when I picked up my first level 200 gear. I think all these negative videos are just to early, to even be released. It's like everyone is jumping on the micro transactions and the supposedly pay to win band wagon for views and likes. Pay to win is not at this moment a thing in Breakpoint, as for other cosmetic micro transactions, NO one is forcing you to buy these things. There is NO way I'm putting real money into a costume especially in a game. I have been playing this game since early access and never purchased any weapons or attachments, I have simply gone into the world, found campsites scanned the surrounding area with my drone , then looked on the map to decide which missions I want to do for a certain weapon or attachment. Good Video 😊

  10. Before you watch any game review, ask yourself one question. Are you having fun? I’m having a lot of damn fun with this game but I can see it needs a lot of improvements but I think Ubisoft with come through.

  11. Poorly made game and not at all what I expected. The trailers made it seem like you were the ONLY ghost surviving every second from the Wolves, and later finding your fellow teammates and taking on the Wolves with some help.

    Come to find out it’s just a multiplayer game with a dead map and a whole bunch of money spending. This game needed another year or 2 of development.


  12. Having a lot of fun playing this in co-op on Extreme. And yes, it does have bugs that need to be fixed, no doubt about it. Still very enjoyable though.

  13. Thanks for being the only video I’ve seen that doesn’t just trash this game. I’m actually loving it even with some of the arcade ness. I knew while this game was being hyped it was gonna be a 7/10 game but I’ll say it is better than that. I suppose the things the get right in this game outweighs the things the get wrong to me

  14. If you are playing the game with the hud on you are not experiencing the game properly. Turn those enemy clouds and 3D marks off and the game is a whole different animal.

  15. A review with micro transactions! Haha, love it! But this is a first, a review of Breakpoint that I actually enjoyed. I may not agree with all of it but that's fine. You summed up the micro transactions well, they're just not 'a thing' in this game, they're just cosmetics or time savers. But far too many people who haven't even played the game are rejecting it based on wrong information. I'm having a lot of fun with this game and find it quite addictive. 

    But I don't understand how you can beat this in 30 hours. I've just passed 30 hours and I'm no where near the end of the story (as far as I can tell) and I've uncovered less than a quarter of the map. I'm not rushing for review of course but I'm not exactly dawdling either. And you're on of the only reviewers who have said IT IS like Wildlands, but it's much better in my opinion.

    One of the small annoyances for me is the timed faction missions. I've had areas where there's a main or side mission in a base and a faction mission, so I think, great, I can kill two birds… I rest, prepare gear etc. When I return, the faction mission has disappeared! Timed out, and I'd scoured the map building up to that mission. I don't know if there's a way you can tell how long a mission has left on the timer, but I don't know why you would make content timed.

    So, anyway, my one-line review of Breakpoint is – If you liked Wildlands you'll (probably) love this.

  16. Im massively disappointed with the game, i only play offline and having bought wildlands at a bargain £15 long after it came out on a whim, i absolutely loved it. Breakpoint seems slow and desolate, i spend 70% of my time wondering vihicleless from arera to area. I am still playing it but its not a patch on the fact you had a team at your disposal in the previous game which was i think one of the main reasons i loved it. I will persevere with it but not money well spent this time around.

  17. Another annoying thing is not being able to pick guns from fallen enemies. Also not having an option for realistic reload where you lose the bullets unused in the dropped mag. Nice that can disable the cross aim and enemies tags. Agree with the bit: if this is a spec ops game, give freedom. My last criticism is that the sound is identical to wildlands and I find that a bit of a bummer.

  18. Listening to some of the enemies when I have been spotted at a base and they are on alert has me cracking up at times.For some reason they can’t seem to climb ladders.i play as a sniper so climb the tallest buildings and even when I have been spotted and the building has ladders they never come up after me.

  19. Appreciate an honest review of the game. I’ve enjoyed the game, there is fun to be had. But Ubisoft made some major mistakes with this one. Releasing it in the current buggy state is unacceptable. I refuse to even play anymore right now until a patch is released.

    The time saver microtransactions are ridiculous. I can deal with all the other microtransactions but not those. They don’t belong in a game like this. You’re essentially telling people, hey don’t play a majority of this game. In an mmorpg where you have 5 or more expansions to slog through, time savers make sense. In a game where you can easily get level cap, gets guns, perks and so forth they make zero sense and are exploitative. They are going to target the time savers toward new players who join later as a way to “catch up quickly” to your friends or current content when it’s not actually necessary since the game can be beaten quickly. But they won’t sell it to them that way. They will try to manipulate new players into purchasing them and that’s disgusting.

  20. Get Uplay plus, and get the game for 14.99 euro, cancel the subscription before the end of the month and you have a month to finish it.

    If it's your cup of tea then buy the game..or keep the subscription and play a bunch of other games.

  21. Rock Paper Shotgun is the BEST Gamer for games like Ghost Recon BREAKPOINT! Because of him, I actually created my own channel called (WAAO Gaming) to show even more Ghost Recon BREAKPOINT highlights. Come check it out and I'll always show Love and Follow Back!

  22. Okay good I'm not the only one disappointed in this game, wasn't ready to be released in my opinion 🤷‍♂️

  23. As a guy whose first military shooter was Akari Warriors on Atari I'm just stokef at how far games have come & all the cool shit you can do . When I read some the complaints I think "yeah they could've done better but they also could've done way worse." How spoiled are these guys acting like microtransactions are the end of the world. Don't use them. I haven't used them once & my progression is just fine. It''s got some bugs & hopefully they will be worked out but I'm having a blast playing this game.

  24. Finally someone who understands that "it's just cosmetics" doesn't apply to everyone. The lazy character creator and pay-walled cosmetics were the main reasons I didn't buy this game.

  25. Hint for the on the rails section though, you shouldn't always shoot triggering enemy ahead early. You can simply drive past a lot of check points without triggering a shot.

  26. Although the games hate is everywhere I'm enjoying my purchase of this game. In fact I waited months to play considering I pre-ordered the game. Idc About the micro transactions because it's 2019 literally every game has them by now or most have by now I mean at least Ubisoft doesn't slam it down constantly asking Would you like to buy this shirt! .

    Basically the game in my opinion the game is fun and enjoyable because this is what I wanted a good game that I can enjoy.

    Now if i get hate in replies like "Oh your a fanboi" or "You like playing that Garbage game" I'm just saying I payed for it and I enjoy it. Simple as that. The game is my game I bought it.

    Overall the game itself is enjoyably fun (for me)

  27. I totally agree with others, I was sick of listening constant complaints about the game like its the only one that is crap. I am having fun from the first minute and playing with a friend is actually quite fun.

  28. They changed the game to a gear score system just for the slight chance players will pay for micro transactions… I thought the game was sopost to be hyper realistic spec ops not bullet sponge unless headshot.

  29. That title says it all and states it perfectly. It's a mess but definitely not a disaster. These games nowadays release in a beta state and are finished as time goes on with patches. There's a lot to like about this game but it's simply not finished or optimized.

  30. They need to fix few things specially reactions… when they spot you for example around 12:55–13:00min mark they saw you my guy WENT TO CLOSE THE DOOR 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ before taking aim 🤷🏾‍♂️

  31. Honestly ghost recon breakpoint is a good game and has lots of cool features, but it is a ghost recon game and should have added ai teammates from the start. Maybe have a system where you can recruit people to the ghost team from the world or just have a couple missions on how you find midas and help holt get better, and maybe have the teammates on almost every loading screen join the ghosts.

  32. Hi great review, i did play the 3 day open beta and then got the uplay+ cause me and my freinds were having a blast with Breakpoint, so i have already like 60 hours not counting the 3 day beta that we played non-stop, so if you want to try it i suggest getting Uplay+ and play this and some of the other that become available like Farcry5 or Newdawn, all the Assassin Creed and probably Watchdogs2, as for the Ghost Recon Breakpoint i'm still enjoying it and besides the bugs i still haven't got a broken quest, we still haven't played the PVP for now we are on the Co-Op and we do have a blast and loving the game, graphics wise probably one of the best games of 2019.

  33. So does this game perform at least half way decent on the regular PS4? I would like to try it because I really enjoyed wildlands but I don’t want it to be just full of so many bugs that it won’t be enjoyable.

  34. If you walk across the ENTIRE MAP from the North to the South, it will take 5 and a half hours. I know it because I did it.

  35. The game has lots of flaws and glitches, but it is kinda fun still especially when screwing around with friends. I could do without the new looting system but it makes it fun for me also. I would give this game a 6.5/10

  36. Alot of respect to you man, I've been seeing a bunch of bias regarding this game recently, having played both the closed and open betas and being nearly max gear score already with every blueprint and attachment unlocked, it's sad to see how mis-represented this game is, selling itself as a Division copycat, it's basically setting itself up for hate whether warranted or not ~ Let's hope the devs who're actually passionate about their work pull this around and fix it post-launch, it'll never make it 100%, but I'll settle for 90% 🙂

    For now though I'll keep enjoying the game for what it is, disappointing but still fun as all hell

    <3 you RPS

  37. By far the best review out there. Thank you for this. Perfectly describes the current state of the game and talks about the microtransactions with more nuance.

  38. Good to see someone not hate everything. I like that if you're on a slope you can move across it and not fall, sort of like in real life.

  39. I absolutely love the game. Regardless of the micro transactions. The only thing that bothers me is the fact there’s a lot of over site on the game like. Why make a camo (cough cough multicam) locked to a island that isn’t accessible til the 15th 😑. That is irritating and 90% of the camos alone are ugly or the lame solid colors. Though my opinion on the camos in the game may be different from others. I’m a fan of the Ext desert and woodland camos (through pay wall) those Camos are the USMC MARPAT Pattern (alittle confused on why they didn’t name it MARPAT) and the AOR 1 (naval desert digi, worn by navy seals) and the Woodland camouflage. But anyway. Point is why hide and store famously used camos behind a island you can’t access and a paywall. It’s a bit ridiculous to me but that’s been ubisoft with all of its looter shooters (division and division 2) to be honest the game feels tooooo much like division, yes both are made by Ubisoft but wouldn’t they want those two to be separated even though they are apart of the same Tom Clancy franchise?. Regardless. If you get pass the paywall for cosmetics, the locked items that are locked behind something that’s not in the game yet (golem island raid), and the buggy, non intelligent AI that remind me of ArmA3 AI. The game is loads of fun.

  40. Thanks for an honest review. I'm about 50 hours into the game and I'm having fun both in solo and in co-op. That said it doesn't mean the bugs and the rushed overall feel of the game doesn't pisses me off, as do the paywall cosmetics. Wildlands has tons more customisation from the start and I feel like Ubisoft just shoot themselves in the foot for doing that. To put a paywall on weapons and cosmetics is a dick move. Shame on Ubisoft for continuing to do so. That said, I do like the story and I do like the missions. Auroa is breathtaking. The vehicles handle well. The constant feel that you're being hunted adds to the suspense. I like it. But it needs a lot of work.

  41. The comment section proves how low our expectations have become. It will be fixed or can be fixed simply means it was NOT ready for release.

  42. Every single ghost recon was trash. Open world tactical shooters just dont work. This is why rainbow six has always seen success with all of their games. Small building, small team vs team tactical shooting. GR are and always will be boring after a few hours. Clunky movements combined with un realistic armor or weapon attributes. Its like GR and Rainbow are two different lead development teams. Or wait…they are.

  43. The map looks amazing. And the gunplay doesn't look bad either. But I'm still gonna wait for a big sale or buy it used.

  44. Such a shame this turned out to be such a mess. Also why have we gotten to the point where we seem to be ok with MTX in £40-£60 games ffs. Sad times

  45. I believe the breakpoint released mostly broken but this is not the only game to dine this. Other games that have done this have mostly recovered and become great games and I believe breakpoint has the potential to done this and become a great game

  46. Question, would you buy it? because the game seems really good to me (my friend wants to buy it to so i have a buddy to play with then)
    Question, are all those sick helmets via micro transactions or can you find them in the game
    thanks for the proffessional revieuw
    Have a nice day everyone!

  47. Boy the internet fucks a game up
    Starwars battle front for example not a horrible game but according to YouTube it's unplayable… Breakpoint is dope shuttle up… Was it perfect upon release no.. no game is now a days they all need a zillion updates and patches

  48. Tbh I refuse to support online only $60 games anymore that could easily let you play offline. How broken the game is and how bad the microtransactions are make the decision easier

  49. Im honestly enjoying the game. The problem isnt even the microtransactions as i just dont bother with them. Its the constant bugs and glitches that make it near unplayable. Such as the "binocular" glitch where if i use it, my character softlocks and i am unable to do anything but move.

  50. I’m really enjoying the game regardless of the flaws but it’s early days and it will grow and develop over time with patches and content I’m in through the good and bad

  51. Please take away the drones bring back the AI teammates improve the driving take away those stupid dumb hints for unlocking new missions please make breakpoint like Wildlands

  52. i honestly enjoy the game despite its current shortcoming. and i believe that most of the stuff that's 'wrong' with it, can be patched. looking how relatively poor releases from ubisoft in Division 1 and Wildlands turned out after some patches, i have high hopes for Breakpoint.

  53. I am 5 hours into it and i can highlight 2 big annoying things for me:

    1.The game textures look very good up close and very blurry in distance.
    2.The driving of any kind is absolutely terrible.
    There are some bugs here and there but nothing game breaking except one time when i couldn't get out of the bynocular mode and had to restart the game literally.

    Now for the things i like is the fact that you have a lot to do (a lot of content scattered in different type of mission actions), the blueprint feature wich allows you (if you take time to find them) to get elite gear without micro-transactions and the shooting mechanincs wich are pretty decent.

    I am also totally confused of why the lowest tier weapons basically can kill everybody with 1 headshot at any time because it makes the loot grind less rewarding but whatever.

  54. Ghost Recon and Looter Shooter should never have been in the same scentence though. It truly serves nothing more than opening the door for the store

  55. It's crazy that u compared this to MGSV, because when I played the beta I felt the same. I crept, spotted, then quickly took em down. The enemies of course, sadly I got the beta on the last day so I couldn't play more than 4hrs. Would I be a fool to purchase this here game? A simple like would do.

  56. Get reàl it's less ghost recon and more a bug riddled Division rehash & if I wanted to play the Division that's wbat I would have bought at least it's taught me to buy hard copy in future so it can be traded in

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