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This deck is of cards..
but when this video will end it will be converted into cash..
because I have just discovered a new way to earn money
Online Poker
Today the current value of poker industry is 700 crore..
and people are becoming millionaire by just playing poker
You can also become millionaire, but how?
That you will find after the end of this video..
because today Abhishek is with me, who is a pro in poker
Guys I’ll talk about something which will be beneficial,
so watch this video carefully till the end
Only on “RECHARGE”
You know what Abhishek
whenever I hear about online poker game..
the Pradyuman inside me is awaken
Just tell me what is the hype about this online poker..
It’s nothing, it just this game depends on skills..
the better your skills are, the better will be your game..
and on basis of that you will earn profit
Just play it with patience and don’t get afraid that it is online
I was also scared first but there is nothing to worry about
Ok, then tell me how much you have earned till now
Never ask age of a women and salary of a men
But, yes have earned a lot
Just tell me one this that, is it safe to play online poker
because I don’t mind if I am carrying iPhone 11 in my hand
iPhone 11
Look I’ll tell you what actually happens..
This poker game is booming in India, it’s growing
Where as outside India people are earning a lot of money from it..
there are so many platforms in India, where you can earn money..
but for me it’s poker only
because I trust it completely and it has been really beneficial for me
It is quite easy and safe
Yes, I have also heard so much about PokerBaaji
Let me just install it and create a account on it
you guys can also learn, how it is played
Let me do this good work
It is a simple process, with easy steps
Create account
We will click on create account
This is for new users, ok
We will enter name and password
I have added you email and phone number
After adding you phone number, you will get a OTP
Add that OTP and register yourself
Now this is the reward section..
this is the rewards page
As you will start playing, you will start getting rewards
This is casher
Here you get to know about how you should purchase chips..
and how you can it withdraw after winning
well, you are a fresher so, why don’t you start with free tournament
You know what, in that you will not spend money
but will improve you skill..
and you will get to learn how it is played
Guess what is the prize score of this month..
How much?
40 lakhs
40 lakhs!!
I can already see a BMW parked outside my home
Just think, even if you will get 10% of it then too You are getting benefit
In case, if I’ll win..
than how will I get my money?
If you’ll take this much of stress then I don’t think so you are getting a BMW
Actually, when you create your account, you are asked to do KYC..
so, whatever money you’ll win it will directly go to your account
You can purchase BMW, helicopter, house or whatever you want
Well, I have also read on the PokerBaaji’s website..
that as you go forward in game you earn rewards
and you can purchase cool gadgets from these rewards points
Very well said
and do you know winner of last year November was Prashant Shekhar
Just guess, how much he earned?
33 lakhs
You knew about this?
Yes, I have researched about it
Should I tell you something
because of this only I wanted to discuss this topic today
Imagine if I’ll invest in this and then play?
You will surely get 40% cashback, because I got that
If you play nicely on a platform like PokerBaaji where there are rule & regulation
where you can play and become a millionaire
what else do you need?
This is so good
Well, till now you must have learned how to play online poker safely..
and how to win cash
Now, I’ll just sit with him and try to win some cash
Will you play it or not?
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Come let’s play poker together
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Please teach me how to play because I want to buy iPhone 11
Also guys you can download the PokerBaazi app now
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