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what’s up guys welcome back to your
channel lets start on FPS drop Fix how to fix FPS drop Fix while
playing games and for in your other situation firstly could start my new
click here to open it then type regedit so right click on it and click on run as
administrator it will open registry editor ok now
click on H key current user to expand it double click on it or you can click here then from the list again expand the
system now click on game config store so on right side you will get game DVR
enabled now right click on that click on modify here you can edit the hello right
here in the value data select this value and press backspace on the keypad to
delete it and then time 0 in that then click on OK to do next step firstly
restart your system again you have to open registry editor so click on search
type regedit clicking on to open registry editor now expand H key local machine then
expand software folder again from the given list search for Microsoft okay now
you have research for Policy Manager expanded now expand default folder click here to expand application
management finally click on allow gamer DVR on right side you can see the new
features right here at the bottom of list now right click on it they click on
modify in the vendor data select this value and press backspace on heap and to
deleted the type 0 in that then click on OK now close all windows restart your
computer that’s it guys your problems will be solved you good to go
thank you for watching this FPS drop Fix

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