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Hey Guys Welcome Back To Streaming Nerds,
and I’m back with another video tutorial and in this video I’m gonna show you a
simple fix if your Google Play Store is not opening on your Android device, well
this issue has been reported by a lot of users online that when they try to click
on Google Play Store it does not open or it tries to open but then it goes back
to the main Android home screen, so that means the Google Play Store application
is crashing on their Android device and guys for this issue I have a very simple
fix for you so here is the fix. So as you can see right now I’m on the home screen
of my Android device and I’m gonna go into my Android settings and you can see
I have the Android Settings icon on my home screen but if you don’t have the
Android settings on your home screen go into your apps and you will find your
Android settings there, so let me click on my Android settings and then in here
you need to go on to more settings let me click on it, and then in here you need
to go on to apps and in here you need to find Google Play store, you can see
right now we’re on the downloaded section and then you can see to the
right side here there is the running section so I’m gonna click on the
running section and now we can see it is displaying the apps that are running
currently and then to the right side here you can see there is all so I’m
gonna click on all and now it is displaying all the applications on your
Android device, so let me go down a little bit and let me try to find Google
Play Store in here and here you can see there is Google Play Store so let me
click on it and now we can see it has opened up all the info inside the Google
Play Store application and you can see it has a lot of options in here but in
here you need to go on to the uninstall updates option so you need to click on
it and now it gives us this pop-up window uninstall updates and you are
gonna click on OK on this window, so let me click on OK and now it is saying do
you want to replace this app with the factory version click on OK and now it
is uninstalling the updates on your Google Play Store so once you uninstall
the updates you can see we have only four stop and disable here
and you can see all the options have gone gray and now we can go back to the
main home screen. So let me click on the home button on my remote and now we’re
back at the main Android home screen we have uninstalled updates on our Google
Play Store and guys this is gonna fix the issue that if your Google Play Store
is not opening you will see that once you uninstall the updates on Google Play
Store, it will start working normally, it will start opening up normally so if I
click on Google Play Store now and now it’s giving me this pop-up window I’m
gonna click on accept here and there you go Google Play Store has opened with all
the options. So if you’re facing an issue that your Google Play Store is not
opening follow this video and I am sure that it will start working once you
follow this video and guys that’s it for this video please make sure that you
share this video with your friends so that they can also benefit from this
video and guys I’ll be back with more awesome videos so stay tuned to my
channel and I love you all bye bye.


  1. By doing this does it delete any data on your phone that you might need or is it just your play store data. Someone pls answer 😊

  2. Hey, can you make a video about how to fix this issue about Google Play that I'm having? I open it and it's just a white screen. I might try a system update if that works.

  3. my play store icon disappears from the home screen and also from the apps …how we restore it? i have Huawei P8 lite

  4. I downloaded the Zee5 appilcation on my MiBox but it doesnt open… I just get a message that says update google play services… How do I fix this?

  5. Awesome tutorial, this worked on my box! However, I have another issue that is apps I download from the Play Store mostly keep crashing and I still have to download apk from other sources such as apktovi or apkXL to install apps. Any ideas on how to fix that? Thanks a lot 😀

  6. THIS WORKED LIKE A CHARM ON MY LG X POWER!!! I kept trying to open google play store to update some of my apps and it would just sit at a white blanks screen and do nothing. But this fixed it within a few minutes! Thank youuuu!


  8. C:Users[user].androidavd[your virtual device folder] … edit the "config" file and it should be the second line, change "PlayStore.enabled=false" to "PlayStore.enabled=true"

  9. My problem is is that I got a new phone that's a Samsung and basically when I try to look something up it says "item not found" but I already tried multiple things that would work on my type of phone 🙁

  10. Thank you very much. When I tried to open the Play Store, it gave me a message that Google Play store can't work without permissions. I have changed the permissions but it still won't work. Please help me.

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