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90 thoughts on “Finding the ENCHANTED GOLDEN APPLE Minecraft Hardcore — DanTDM Live Stream

  1. Streamed live on Dec 22, 2019.

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    Although it's not DanTDM's channel.

  2. Dan this is important… I know your full name and your twin brother.. He has a YouTube channel Bijuu Mike FULL NAME: Daniel Robert Middleton

  3. I fell Asleep during the stream then when he found the apple 🍏 I had a heart attack because I forgot I was watching Le stream

  4. Is this dantdms channel or someone else recording his livestreams because dantdm hasn't mentioned another channel

  5. I like this. Channel you see…im not old enough to have twitch so….this channel is helpful for the ones that dont have it. Thank you for creating this channel!!!!

    And i once though this was the real dan. Lol. Cuz it says in the channels that the other channels are moretdm and dantdm (it didnt say other channels on the top so :/)

  6. Lol i was mining a diamond right when you said “ everyone if you’re playing minecraft sacrafice a diamond right now “ and it fell in the lava

  7. I advise you to be careful because Dan took down another channel doing the same thing you are claiming copyright. I understand your doing a lot of good to people who don’t know how to get Twitch but I’m warning you to be careful. Thanks for your help though👍

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