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This is Kaelos here to walk you through some puzzle solutions, and we’ll start out with The Basics the first one is Flying. In this puzzle we’re going to use a little trick I call “reading the card text”… it is a trick I frequently fail to use in my own matches. But, we’re gonna have an Eager Owlet on board here that says +3 strength when you have another unit with Flying. So we need to get another unit up in the air. And, for them to get through–as we can’t we can’t get through on the ground, there are too many blockers–for them to get through we need the air to be clear. So, we’re gonna go ahead and Violent Gust this Towertop Patrol. And, then our owlet doesn’t care which of these units is flying as long as something is. But, we care because we want to deal lethal and we need an additional 3 on top of the 3 strength from the owlet. So, we’ll slap this on the Stranger. Then, we will swing through for lethal. And we will enjoy… cheerleader crocodile who… roars lightning. Alright, up next is Killer. This one is a little counterintuitive. I don’t know about you, but I’m used to thinking of units frequently in terms of their battle skills and special abilities rather than just as a body. So, I look at this puzzle. I see Cabal Rogue, who’s Unblockable. I think “oh, look, we can avoid the blocker.” But there is no way with the power you have to buff her big enough to deal 8 damage. So, you know that’s not the solution. And, you know if you just run with both of these guys probably the Terrazon’s gonna get blocked and you only get through for 5. So, the only viable solution here is–and, you can’t teleport it back in their hand because it’s got Aegis–is to give your Cabal Rogue Killer with Xenan Initiation. She’s already got enough strength to kill this thing, so you don’t need the buff, but you do want the Killer. You have no idea how upset I am that they didn’t use Bandit Queen for this puzzle. “Killer Queen”. C’mon, guys. C’mon. Alright, so we’re gonna go ahead and kill that thing. I think. I guess we’re not gonna kill that thing? There we go. And then we’re gonna swing through with Ancient Terrazon for lethal. Alright, Aegis is up next. And, this is a good demonstration of how you can use a lot of the combat tricks in the game. A lot of them will buff your own units, but you should be thinking of them as dual purpose as long as they don’t specify can only be used on an enemy or can only be used on your units. Frequently, for instance, Protect is actually used to break Aegis as well as giving it. And, you might want to do something like using Finest Hour or Rapid Shot on a unit to Vanquish it. or Levitating it to use Violent Gust on it, or anything like that. Frequently, it’s not really a good trade to use two combat tricks to get rid of one thing but it’s possible and sometimes necessary. So what we’re gonna do here… There is no way for us to get through this Aegis and swing around for enough damage with the power we have. So, instead, we’re going to use Finest Hour. We could, I guess, run with both of these and then throw the Finest Hour on whichever unit was not blocked… except that the False Prince here would just turn into a 1/1 Frog immediately. So that’s not… as helpful if this guy got blocked which is probably what they do to avoid the most damage. So, we’re gonna Finest Hour to pop this Aegis. And, we’re gonna slap a Permafrost on it. And, then both of our units can swing. No problem. No problem, no frogs. … is what I like to say … this one time. Alright, Activate. Activate is a word that I have been trying to get through my head. I have almost succeeded I’ve played too many games that have like WoW or PoE where you’re punching something and then a big fancy skill or something goes off and the fancy stuff is a “proc” because it happens randomly. But, it’s not random here, so it’s an activation. Even when it’s not a player discretion, which it usually is, it’s always predictable So, I will use that word and screw it up but activating is the right one. So here, the only way to solve this puzzle… we can narrow it down. If we were to put the Khopesh on Ijin we can swing for 6. But, only 6. Ijin, incidentally, her text… once again, fancy trick, reading the text. This by the way is only making fun of myself because you guys have ever watched me stream… dear god. Anyway… She can’t put in on herself, it says another one of your units. She can put it on another Ijin, but never the same. So, the most we can get here is 6. If we use Shogun of the Wastes, we plonk it down, double damage. Great. She still only deals 6. And, if we deal 3 combat damage with her and then use Runic Revolver –both for its on-summon ability and for just smacking them in the face– that’s only 7 cumulative damage. So, you know that you’ve got to use the Hellhound. And, it’s got Charge, so you know it can attack straight out of the gate. So, we’re gonna put down the Hellhound. And, we have enough power left that we can just activate Ijin and… put a set of armor? on this… fire dog… I guess? And then swing for lethal. So triumphant. Yeah, take that computer. Alright, next is Influence, which… You’re up against Nictotraxian so someone at Direwolf clearly has a sense of humor. If understated. But there are a couple puzzles like this where you’re like they clearly… they clearly just wanted to make it thematically appropriate or else mess with players. So, the problem with this puzzle is you have to solve it before you do anything at all. Because you need to use this Diplomatic Seal for some color of influence. And, you’re not gonna know what until you work all of this out. There are already 2 Influence here and diplomatic seal only works with 2 or fewer. So as soon as you place any of these Strangers down you can no longer use this card, effectively. So, we want to get this guy fully activated, if possible. And, we want to get these guys fully or partially activated for some… some value that is cumulatively 12 damage. So, if we get this guy to all five influences, he becomes a 5/5. That’s 5 damage. We get another 5 damage from these two, so that we’re up to 10. So if we can find another 2 damage somewhere, we’re home free. And, you can half-activate each of these. They share Fire influence needed for activation. So, if we just get 3 Fire influence we can half-activate each of these and that will give us just enough extra strength –1 and 1–that we’ll be able to deal lethal. I just… I think it’s really great that you have to get all five and you’re smashing Nicto. The irony is not lost on me. Okay–if anything we should be playing her– so, we know that we’re going to get as much Fire influence as possible. Now, that kind of rules out the Feln Stranger. Which means here we’re getting Praxis–Fire and Time. And here we’re getting Skycrag–Fire and Primal. The only thing that will be missing once we play these two is Justice. So, we need to play the Diplomatic Seal for Justice before we do anything else. And then we can play these two. And we can swing for lethal. Alright, this one is Transform. So, the problem here is that you do have the cards in hand to be able to solve the puzzle two ways. But, you only have enough power to be able to solve it one way. So you could hypothetically, looking at this puzzle… I am entertained. I’m so entertained. You know you’re gonna need to deal some amount of damage with the cards in hand. And, if you can’t kill both of them–which is the case–you’re gonna have to swing around with one unit. So, get rid of one thing. Piercing Shot says we’re gonna do 2 damage to Maiden. so we only need to find another two somewhere And if we swing you around with one unit that’s it So you might look at this and think okay if I use? gun down on This sucker then I Can use piercing shot finish it off and bam swing around except. You don’t actually have enough parity to do these things so It turns out you need two polymorph crowd favorite here Is when you’re assessing this You could probably work this, but it’s it’s wearing a shield so It’s not actually gonna. Be small enough to kill even if you turn it into a 1/1 But the problem with this is that you have to assess what the unit can be rather than what the unit is to figure out how to do lethal through in So now we can piercing shot still to damage And then sweep these guys Let’s play around for another two That’s definitely something I need to get better on Thinking about what the unit could be rather than what the unit please He secures deadly Although somebody might disagree so he might dig I look at the potential too much So I really like this one It shows the interaction Well it demonstrates how overwhelm damage works How deadly damage works and how they work together and white champion of chaos is like one of the best units in the game So Overwhelmed damage works like any damage. That is not soaked in killing a creature or in removing a creature It goes through the face so if and I think this happens in another console later if for example You swing with an over-limit It’s and your opponent blocks, but then see if returns the thing into their hand so there’s no longer a blocker in the field even though they declared that block None of the damage is being observed by the unit so all of it will just go straight to their face like they never blocked So this is This is good except. We can’t actually Get through with overwhelm damage because both of these are enormous And there’s kind of a red herring here because there is a deadly unit on the field and you might think oh I’m supposed to use this know The way deadly and overwhelm work together is that you only ever need one point of deadly damage to kill a thing so if I give this thing deadly and we swing with it and Either one of these blocks only one point of damage is gonna Be needed to kill it and the other four points of damage are gonna. Go through and hit the player And if we swing it before we turn this deadly they’re not going to know that they need to Double block to save themselves I’m not sure it would in this case it definitely wouldn’t So this is gonna work either way, but the reason this puzzle works is because of how deadly damage didn’t overwhelm work So we’ll just attack with everything And then we are gonna play force bytes are over this Way that actually matters, I’ll be good to get in the habit of being sneaky, I guess Okay, here’s relics I Think a lot of People who have played or Cano or just to say 100 percent of the players in the game are going to have the correct? impulse here Which is to torch the? incoming sort of account but If you mouse over your opponent you can see that. There is a Zenon obelisk on so Hey, you don’t want your instigator to die because then it’ll pay you and you lie be You know when your instigator to die from combat damage from the other guys cuz it’ll be new and you’ll die see You need to kill their units and then swing through and also you’d prefer to get rid of this armor because it’s Really more damage than you, can you can deal? so What we’re gonna do is torch them to get rid of Sorry And then if we were to block like I said right now We would take a ping from our instigator cuz it were dying and blocking us and also this guy would swing around So we need to prevent that so we’re gonna use ruin to knock off the obvious This guy can no longer attack at all or not effectively and then we can block this to get our extra point of damage Without taking any ourselves kind of important and now we can swing through for Don’t crack it out Right it’s double damage, so this is actually kind of an exercise and And learning how Battle skills apply to old damage at the point of origin Which is to say any battle skills that I have and you know skills for L equip, and I have equipped Will apply to any damage I do whether that is from the weapon or from spells it doesn’t matter and one of the reasons I solved this one so quickly it was because my favorite things to do is use last word and Use the first favorite or something so Being a sandstorm tightening for one and killing because it’s now we’ve got these spell so here You’re going to want to equip twin barrel on to you’re taking granite in And it’s it’s exactly the same for units as it is for you any Any of their metal skills are going to apply to all of their damage As far as it matters like obviously you’re not gonna be able to quick draw a mortar but with uh limits So here now that we’ve done this our opponent We just will there is nothing they can do if they block when we swing if they block this one then we swing through for two and Annihilate our own unit and that Entomb will then deal double damage, so that’ll be an additional six damage, and they’re dead if they block this one and then they do our work for us because she’ll swing around for three and They’re killing the ticking granite in for us, and it will still feel an additional six damage So once you’ve equipped the twin barrel you win so attack with Lois Let it go through And then uh Niall ate your own unit Sorry it might drag some of you. That’s how much whey? Cursor war wobbles around my hands shaking a lot from medication, so what you gonna do Frequently accidentally past your turn as it transpires is what you’re gonna do so Here’s the puzzle It’s a bad habit of hovering over the intern button even though cuz it’s also the like move to the next step Yes, I want to attack yes I want to block it doesn’t make sense to move off of it except that I spontaneously click it frequently who won my hand Tetris quits Does it always end well? Okay, so Here you can solve the puzzle one of two ways You were going to equip magma javelin for starters because Your unit needs to get through or rather you need to get damaged through somehow And you’re not gonna be able to kill both of these things with what’s in hand So well what’s in hand and on the field? So there’s nothing that you can really do Nicely, can you smell me boy whoo? Let’s find out? Are they gonna let us Uh. That’s why Cuz you still have to smash units before you can smash your opponent, okay, so you can only solve it – it’s not sorry Okay, I just wanted to find out so you don’t have to sit through it except. You could time stamps so whatever Okay, so you can only solve it two ways um, which is to say you’re going to equip that you have one And then Because you can’t kill both units you Can you have to disable one of them you can’t get through with your relic weapons? We just saw so your unit has to do the work, so we have to get rid of both of these somehow So we’re gonna use our real equipment to kill one of them, and then we’re going to stun the other one And it doesn’t matter this way you can solve it two ways You can survive hitting either of these units with the amount of armor that you’re about to get from shield – so It doesn’t matter Stun and water the other You will get enough our word that you can survive an attack Kill the remaining one and then your unit can swing through Okay, here’s endurance It actually kind of sucks to get the puzzle right the first time because then sometimes you miss the other ways it can be solved no, I Just wanted wanted to make sure Because I missed for a while that you Could do that right at me But now we know Okay, so here, you’ve got a lot of incoming damage The only way you’re going to be able to survive This is by blocking some and also likes you I’ll combat damage assesses Simultaneously so if they’re getting you and taking you negative at the same time that you’re getting life seal when combat resolves You can still live as long as you’ve got enough life steel to put me back up when the final tally was taken so This is also meant to show you why it’s a good idea to mentor endurance units and It’s really convenient because there are so many endurance units in these colors The same colors just went to her so we’re gonna put up karmic accordion Because we’re gonna mentor her butt and she’s gonna. Be ready at the beginning of their turn So we’re gonna exhaust her always mental respite But on their turn to race, so we still use her as a blocker Which is good because we need it It does not matter which two of these II black black one lose this unit Like another you don’t lose her and you get just enough lifesteal to allow us to live Wonderful Okay now we can swing and deal we fill with alchemical blast Marry that makes this ambush And this is meant to show you that Not only is it was useful, but also It’s just kind of like with the unblockable thing. It’s important to dissociate the body from the skill Because they can each be useful He’s beautiful differently So ordinarily, we would die right now except that we have you have machine That’s so we can put the one the field during our opponent’s turn But also we need to dissociate desert marshals on someone effect from the body itself because if you look The only thing we have the dust damage at all Is desert marshal so he has to live until our turn Or we can’t kill her on him so the most important thing to silence here We definitely can’t get there two five five blockers, so we’re gonna silence the diet would be scholar Then we’re not going to block with this guy frequently if you’re playing on letter or something you will block with this guy because will be a soul fire three or something and it’s It’s a great way to silence it and remove it at the same time, but not here Just So we still can’t survive the income incoming damage, we’re gonna Ambushing doing phantom and like the biggest damage source So here we gonna take one to four damage, which will allow us to barely live they are going to gain one life what we’re gonna hit for two on our turns, so that’s acceptable and Now we can swing through and Hello hello the screen thank you your silence So for our units to get through here We can see we need to deal seven damage and nothing in our hand as Church for anything so and we need to win this turn you can’t I Can’t and worse this man another one you don’t think I had to try that sometime, but not now But you can see that you’re overwhelmed unit if it could go through this one health thing would deal three to your points and If this had nothing blocking it in the air You could deal another four so We went to Silence and it doesn’t matter which silence – yes the Watch wing such that she’s on the ground And she’s a thing we’ve been swinging through with you overwhelm unit and now the air is clear for this one But as things stand We’re getting it blocked by the big endurance unit they just not going to let any overwhelm through so we need to stop that We can’t stun Units with endurance, but you can’t silence them and then when they don’t have endurance you can stun them So that’s what you want to do, and then you can swing through with both units Three and four Next up we’ve got echo stirring the fabulous operon camel one of the best cards in the game in my opinion No some of you guys, I’ve seen my game was already do like a field of 12 flying work, right? endurance overwhelm camels and in the game with 600 or something health Opponents, but they just keep going they just keep going the tenacity is unreal anyway So I Marin camel If we plunk it down Every time we draw a card somewhere Anywhere is going to ensure a lifeforce activation for our Colt aspirant and? This is actually a really fantastic unit to use not only because it’s hilarious, and it’s got like or crying and overwhelming unblockable and zero strike But because people don’t typically perceive It as a threat and i’ll go after other units first and the sync and keep you alive turn after turn after turn Is your guarantee at least one health a turn as long as it’s on the field? So The way that we’re going to be able to kill her opponent here is to get enough life force activations for this to do five damage So what we’re going to do is play a single copy of final way It doesn’t matter what So that is one lifeforce activation Then we are going to excavate this final way don’t play this one You’re gonna need it in a second But yet I need your power, so we’re gonna excavate we find the way to this happen for a deck And we’re not interested in playing it We just need it drawn for our life force activations because when it dries it’ll echo and we’ll get another two activations The only way to get anything back in your hand Or on your field is to use blank storyteller Which is why we needed to save that to power? So now that we’ve got that back on top of the stack we can exhaust plant storyteller Because I’ve got a really describe And now we get to more activations and can sweeper lethal No one suspects the cannibal All right last one in this set mrs. Summon So this is demonstrating there have been a couple of DEXA d’Urbervilles around and this idea you can just Pick a really good on summon ability and keep bouncing the unit back and forth from your hand or Back and forth under void or really just anywhere as long as you keep bringing it back And then getting rid of it and bring it back and getting rid of it To really exploit a lot of these effects. It’s the same thing with into my vendor obviously always killing it So here we’re going to first Identify the unit that’s gonna get damaged through yeah, that’s gonna be our overwhelm unit here So we’re gonna use crown watch cavalry to buff that cuz that’s to more damage that are Actually gonna get through because it’s no problem and Then while it is on the board so that when we bounce it and play it again. It’s gonna remind even more strengthen health We’re gonna unlock potential so that it gets buffed as well as this So basically basically what this is gonna turn into is Horn before like getting buffed and twice from a lack of potential So then we’re gonna use teleports as you bring this back to our hand just So we can get the on some in effect again again Put it on the over laminate, which is what’s gonna get stuff through and then we can swing with everything All right, and that is the last in the basic puzzle sentence

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