Equifax Hack Putting Millions For Identity Theft

Equifax Hack

it’s a massive data breach that potentially could put more than 140 million Americans at risk for fraud. Massachusetts attorney general is launching an investigation into that cyber attack and the tricky part is that you could be affected by this hack and not even knows it. Credit reporting company credit card companies banks and retailers of the without notifying customers. If you’re worried about your information Paul explains what to do now.

They are trying to steal your identity. Your good credit reporter: Summerville consumer advocate Edgar Gorki is the creator of consumer world.org. This is really an enormous breach. that’s because Equifax has names, addresses, social security numbers and credit card numbers and that means the hackers can potentially use that information and get credit in your name. They are crooks and they wanted to purchase merchandise and send the bill to you.

Equifax Website

The first thing to do is to go to the Equifax website and find out if you are affected. You have to give them your last name and a last six digits of your social security number. Some people are concerned about getting more data to the company that lost in the first place. But right now it’s the only way to know if you’re among the millions with stolen data. If you are consider putting a freeze on your credit reports. That will mean no one can apply for credit in your name including yourself but you will have to remove the freeze if you want to apply for credit.

Check Your Credit Card Bills

The next thing is to check your credit card bills like a hawk. I like to say go online every week to check the recent charges that are been added to your account to make sure they are reviewers be vigilant will be your best protection. But here’s the deal. Equifax is offering everybody free credit monitoring for a year but if you did not lose data. But be aware the fine print says if you sign up for that protection you give up your right to be part of a class action lawsuit against the company. Because of the outcry over that idea Equifax will allow you to opt out of that detail.


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