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85 thoughts on “Discover Minecraft Marketplace and Minecoins

  1. Why don’t you get Microsoft. Update the game so the actual community can make all those builds. For once you did a update and Minecraft is now getting more popular

  2. Why is everyone complaining? The money goes to the marketplace creators, I'm more than fine with that. All these maps, skins and texture packs are completely optional too

  3. ironic that they charge incredibly expensive amounts of money for maps, skins ans resource packs that you could make yourself, as long as you have a computer or a Minecraft world.

  4. Bruh how did i got 900 Minecoins in my acc? I didn't purchase anything (already checked purchase history in Google Play). I'm grateful for it but kinda weird how i got it

  5. Consider this guys.
    You, still, can modify skin/map/etc by doing piracy (or the creator just give it for free) through the internet.
    So, marketplace is just an option if you want to support or appreciate the creator of the skin/map/etc.

  6. Small games easily get ruined by big companies. Minecraft was awesome in 2009/2012. After the 1.8 update, minecraft was getting downhill, and being bought by microsoft has made it sink to bedrock. At least, they still have a java version that is close to the real minecraft game. And if they ever bring it to the java version, modders will continue their own version of minecraft, which minecrafters will happily play over the rock-bottom version of microsoft.

  7. Minute of silence to our comrades in China who have no choice but to play a even stricter micro-transactions version of minecraft.

  8. Not sure if Mojang should be entirely blamed for this, because its more likely that Microsoft made the call to add this to minecraft.

  9. Really? Buying texture packs, skins, custom additions, and maps? I've seen better and I can just download all of those for free. That is why the Java is far supreme than the Bedrock.

  10. so what your saying is you see the mods and texture packs java has and your making console players pay from them…..

  11. #askmojang
    How do you add maps to the marketplace and can you do that via Xbox One?
    I am making a theme park and when it’s finished, I’d love to add it to the marketplace, will that be possible?

  12. Everyone is acting like buying worlds, texture packs and skins is new for the non-java edition but you have always had to buy them on the xbox and playstation version. They just refined the way you buy them

  13. This is great but would be a bit better if there was a bit larger amount of free stuff considering they don't have much money but still want stuff added to there minecraft game

  14. Could you maybe make the amount of minecoins in bundles match the prices of things in the store so i dont have to spend extra money? They should call this company Microtransactionssoft

  15. @Minecraft why do you want us to buy mine coins, this is Minecraft, hey remember this video were it says the only limit is your imagination? a few years later and we get mine coins i know why you're delaying mod support you want as many people to buy these mine coin packs
    until people realise that they got scammed because everything in those mine coin packs are now on the FREE mod section, i'm writing this comment for your benefit these people will stop playing your game because they realise that you're scamming them and now you're making people use mine coins just to create their own skins. Minecraft the game i grew up with, Scamming their players, please remove mine coins and make everything free

  16. I was fine with Minecoins for a while, because I don't like blowing up my own creations, I like blowing up other people's, but recently I had this malfunction that took away all the stuff I bought with Minecoins, so Java men, may I join your army?

  17. How do we EARN mine Coins? I already bought the game, I’m not buying something else that’s in that game. I have already spent my money on it

  18. at first this seemed like roblox, purchase = fun
    now it is roblox, just more fun. so i dont know if this is a win, but it is a hecka better bang for ur buck

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