The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Sup family, I’m Nate, aka Tabasko Sweet,
and you’re watching Disney Channel.
JK my guy, it’s Tuesday, and
you’re watching [BLEEP] Cheap Thrills.
You already know what it is.
>>Cheap Thrills.
>>Thankfully, my tooth is healed and
I’m back with my bullshit.
My CBD levels are restored and
I’m ready to chef up some more fueg
fueg for my cheap thrills fam.
And I’ve been getting hella requests for
the Off White belt.
And I hear you, family.
And what we’re looking at is a basic
nylon belt with a repeating logo and
a metal buckle at the end.
My guy, Virgil Abloh, is playing us again.
210 bones for this thing, trash.
Now I’m trying to get the belt and
stack my wallet, family.
So here’s what you’re gonna need,
a wooden block, a yellow moving strap.
Black ink, a roller and some plexiglass.
A needle and red thread.
A takeout styrofoam box.
And some glue.
Now, the real Off-White belts come
in a few different color waves, but
I’m keeping it classic.
I’m going with the yellow.
As you can see, moving straps already
come with red stitching up the middle.
So all we really have to worry about
is the repeating text for this one.
For our text, we’re gonna be trying out
another broke boy print making technique.
We’re gonna make a styrofoam
printing block my guy.
We’re gonna write our Off-White logo
onto our styrofoam takeout box.
And remember, all caps my fam bambinos.
First, I’m gonna cut out a square.
Now our belt is about two inches wide,
so we want our letters to be
about an inch and a quarter.
Very clean.
Now, time to cut our letters out.
Very clean.
This shit is mcbopping, family.
Now that we’ve got all
our letters cut out,
it’s time to start gluing them to a piece
of wood to make a reusable stamp.
Now remember family,
when we glue our letters down,
they have to go on backwards.
Otherwise, this will have all been for
Remember famaglia,
be careful with your spacing.
Precision is key.
Tight, now that we’ve got
all our letters laid out,
we just have to let it dry a bit.
Luckily, I pre-made one for you, guys.
The Great Fam-Bini is always prepared.
And before we lay out our logo,
we have to measure the length of our belt.
And Off-White says the proper
way to use the industrial belt
is to wrap it around your waist twice and
tie a knot at the end.
Take it from me, you can rock this
thing however you want, family.
Now that we’ve got this guy cut, it’s
time to bring in our black fabric ink.
And if you remember from
the Carly Thick episode,
this shit sounds soothing as hell.
Shout out to all my ASMR freaks.
This one’s for you.
Now we just use our roller to
apply paint onto the stamp.
[SOUND] Remove the metal closure
off of the moving strap.
Press your stamp down on your belt and
carefully remove it.
Very clean.
Leave about eight inches of space
between each application of the stamp.
[SOUND] Fuego alert.
[SOUND] Now that that’s done,
all we have to do is add the text
that says TM Will 5,400 pounds
weight securing system.
We’re gonna add our text
with a permanent marker.
Now you can use reference or
even make a stencil if you need to.
But your boy always
kicks it from the dome.
Whew, well that step should take
you about 16 and a half hours.
Next, we gotta sew on our belt buckle.
Whoo, fuego alert!
This thing goes straight bucky dun gun,
I’m about to have my rig fully slammed.
Thanks for tuning in Cheap Thrills fan.
Keep your clout up, stay shining on them
and until you [BLEEP] up some commas,
the least you can do is
[BLEEP] up some comments.
Gang, gang.
If you thought that was fuego,
wait until you see my freaking app.
>>Come back next Tuesday for
some more heat.
And I wanna see all of
you smash that like.
Make your boy proud in those comments.
Click here for some more serious fueg.
Gang, gang.

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  1. I don't think that belt can hold up Tabasco cause it saids 5,800 eight limit but I'm pretty sure he is more than that

  2. Does he know that one pump of Vape Pen or Hooka is one whole cigarette 🚬.

    I love cheap thrills and your expensive but cheap videos 👍🏻

  3. Plzzz give this to me its hard to find these all stuff u use to find in my country plssssss🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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