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what’s up people my name is AnBru and
Welcome back to Pan-Pan this game is finally out in the steam it’s a game in
which we need to do an adventure i have seen that really are so beautiful man i
cannot believe this thing they are all garden characters but the game hope so
fantastic from the cradle and we are going to play today the gameís has just
came out yesterday and finally we are going to plate let’s stop oh the music is so beautiful I think we need to do something should i
get this oh that’s cool anything else we can do oh shit i
crashed that class . shit I’m sorry man I didn’t really want to do that i just
turned your flight I hope your dreams feel bad about it so
I think we are going to play as this character are the games look so
fantastic yeah yeah oh ok so if this thing going to give us
some tutorial or something like that that helped me complete maybe something
I can wall and we are going to complete our adventure if I there’s something
when our wow wow wow what is that let’s go on it going let’s go and see
what is that alright so this is the same option we can be able to find you that’s been you are beautiful journey
all right we’re doing a little i need to open this
door somehow and put it away there you go that was our first easy
button and a beautiful journey let’s get going guys all right there so many parts oil that
is good yeah yeah the things are looking very good at the
moment and so is the music alright alright alright there’s something or do
what is that right light I think that you’re standing me to follow it may be
something else what do i need to do gonna do something
I do let’s pick it up pick that thing up
right away oh and especially my needle oil nothing or maybe I need to go there alright so it is another state . for
turning on my goal of saving someone thank you pick that thing up and come
with me all right let’s go come on let’s go I need for some more inside Frank back
so that means that I can’t go inside that thing let’s keep going that maybe something no alright alright maybe ok ok guys I
got something maybe to do is ok I think that video to go from behind pan pan gameplay pan pan gameplay let’s put it over 200 and going to me
please get me ok so we can go on the top please let me
go on the cartoon let’s take this thing to do but it is please leave it on you
and go on the ground ok so beyond a doubt and now i can’t you
do something I can’t go inside why already with us to
do this people so beautiful at the way before something bad happens to us let’s see login and now we are going to
continue their school another puzzle Oh Oh alright i think this thing might help us
and something or maybe not put it over there so we can go inside
this is now backing up put it away i think that is the way we need to play
this thing don’t you think they’re all right next taking and putting oil give
it s not that door opens yeah I finally garden I started to get the hang of this
thing a way to put it away i don’t want the
store also open yeah but is that something going to
maybe nothing nothing special oh so i need to bring that thing inside
also know yes but how can i bring it is there they
let stand on it and be quick but bring that thing back and I know figure pot
know how going to bring that thing inside maybe that’s going outside for a
while there should be some oil pan pa what is that painful star they don’t matter at all shit that’s far oh man i think i can
bring their small piece over your is that might help us for some night Amy
exported yeah okay okay and maybe i can get you and
put it on that team yes maybe alright okay okay should I am I
understood this thing now I know how i can bring that big stuff inside this
place i’m going to water boil and bring that big one inside it will help us and
keeping that door open pa yes yeah I don’t do I don’t you let’s put it in the place and I’m like
what this thing pan pan gameplay yes go fast go fast man where put it in
a bag first I want to see this thing I don’t
want to lose it you also know I also everybody know that this will do alright that’s gonna do our beautiful journey now what do i need
to do man this thing is maybe I’d use this
thing get audio and sort of giving it or do i need to find things so well that
might help us anything special lawyer let’s see anything good for us maybe not no no this place interesting expression
the movement for us i don’t know how i can bring the thing inside let’s pick it
up and put it back there that might help us ok let’s go outside and check what is
inside this place oh come now down and then going i need
to bring that thing inside you let stand on this thing ok no no no it’s not going
to pop how can i bring that thing inside pan- pan gameplay yeah maybe I should bring that other thing
inside also that might happen so I’m going to put this block on top of that
you bring the rock wall inside this please and put it on audio there you go we finally guarding let’s bring this
other piece or do ya finally I more time over now we can go yes yes yes things are looking good now
yeah let’s bring this one and put it over there oh yeah nice one again you are doing so
good let’s bring this big one let’s become
this big one also like we’re inside going pan pan yes but it audio back let’s pick it up
pick it out where their bank i need one more from here that gonna get another
one let’s see if this thing maybe I think
then do it let’s see I think those boss oh man I just remember those wasps can
help us maybe that is the key to getting that
please captured let’s put it on put it on top of that
comeback take another one let’s go out now and he brings boy yeah pan pan game play put it back yes now let’s find all the best use this
one yeah i remember was ‘watch my cat just a
second i did notice something no no that’s not going to work or is it
I don’t know let’s pick it up and put it on top of that let’s see if that thing is walking on or
I hope that thing waksman no I thought that was below shit now what should I do let’s find a way I need to find the
other one is it this is it that on the top I think it is that i think it is edwin
let’s pick it up somehow i got like $MONEY on go let’s boil let’s go on the
dog please go on the dog and some are boy get on top of that thing please i
need to put some blocks away that might help me in getting on top of that thing can I get something from me anything i got mine pan pan game play what is that okay IDI you will find something I’ll
know nothing let’s find something a little less keep
running how can i get that tank I don’t know a dementor things a bit confused nothing seems to evolve at the moment let’s see what are you bored and had we
know you aren’t you stupid bitch god help me there should be something away that
might help me man come on let’s get up let’s put it all
you that’s I can’t get over the man come on on step should be something and i’m
missing over hill there should be pan-pan gameplay something i have to fill us with nine .
the tour on all right but there is a third pillow there’s something or hell maybe then the hell’s a popular man i got find
the heart pillow there should be something or that I’m
missing at the moment maybe something pan pan game play although some blogs something know
anything anything that might have is something something something something
something something something something and what got you here for I think this
thing my husband tambien song they are distinct my temper and i’m going to do
with this nobody not do something chill some tank
please anything and it fucking tank i am pan pan gameplay so pissed at the moment there’s go back
from the pik maybe something is all do and I’m missing that place something
should we do let’s see I didn’t notice this place
before cannot go inside this thing somehow no not at the moment I the
current time I gotta go inside that thing but where the floor below maybe it should with some you I wait
wait wait wait wait wait what are you here for you need something from bar by
overriding you need that boss Oh of I founded this deals if i’m not
wrong hold on the steals I founded the
frigging students let’s bring that mass back the money I get it yes that’s done let’s run from
electron-electron by funny i freaking funny pan pan gameplay yes let’s put their class audio and then
nothing you are using this baby shit let’s go on the top now honestly ballgame oil yeah and you just continue how can you help me and you me and you why are you anyways gone to me not
adapting God tell me also the new place i have came to a new
place this might be the place from where I can
or should we can find my forth below what you are do for man ah what is that maybe I should put that thing we talked
with this no let’s bring that thing with us let’s go explore ok so i have fielding
soil anytime you bring that thing up and put it on you pan pan game play thank you let’s bring out the one pick
it up and put it over there thank you last one yeah alright that’s it maybe maybe i can put
them in a tall order maybe bring it to boil and maybe put it over there alright i think i have honored WI gets
all the single triangle one called ordeal and that big enough so i think i
can see those diagrams now and get there for those diagrams i can solve this
puzzle yep that is how it is so this one
Michael do oh yes and this other one what they look
like maybe man this is so confusing should I put this thing will know that
should be put it over there will maybe i don’t know i don’t know i’m so
conflicted at the moment let’s find this place ok so you are perfectly fitting for this
one only so you going to do anything please let me go through this enough no it will not allow me seriously why have I done something wrong there’s
nothing that I can do at the moment so I’m going to leave this episode of
back here on me I know I i got into the program it I’m come on next yeah next thing at the moment episodes like
this yeah all

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  1. What a nice video. Thanks for the effort you put into it! Keep it up 😀 😀

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