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this historic speech was made 10 years ago today Madame Speaker… my fellow Americans creeper… *amazement and shock* aw, man so we back in the mine got our pickaxe swingin from side to side si-side to side this task a grueling one hope to find some diamonds tonight, night, night diamonds tonight heads up you hear a sound, turn around and look up total shock fills your body oh no, it’s you again I can never forget those eyes, eyes, eyes eyes, eye-eyes ’cause baby tonight the creeper’s gonna steal all our stuff again (all our stuff) ’cause baby tonight you grab your pick, shovel and bolt again bolt again-gain and run, run, until it’s done, done until the sun comes up in the morn ’cause baby tonight the creeper’s gonna steal all our stuff again stuff again, gain *song reverberations throughout the halls of congress* *roaring applause and gamers rising up* God bless you and God bless the United States of America *USA chant, celebration of most decorated gamer* Bob, how do you assess the day? well, it was a very unusual speech, Scott your thoughts on this address from the president? this is not a time for ideological silliness! yeah, just because he’s the first gamer president doesn’t mean Obama has to talk about it he won’t even tell us what his last name is–we deserve the truth!! I’m really scared I’m scared, too–now, I got a bible here and the 4th amendment says: EHHHH, FLAPPA-DOOPA-KRRÚLIO!! *falsetto* OHHHHHHHHH get the track watch more for a happiness attack subscribe, touch the bell, and join the channel to learn Obama’s last name! schmoYOho. G. Bros. song from CaptainSparklez and deepfake magic by OneDuality have a GREAT DAY and a GREAT LIFE, and don’t forget to hug your mom!

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