The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Woah woah woah No no no no no no! Please! Please don’t shoot me! Please Okay..? I just need to fill up this car one more time to get the ‘filling up vehicles’ achievement Please don’t shoot me Whats in it for me? Um… Uh… If you let me fill up the car I’ll let you kill me I swear Okay no funny business? No funny business I’ll let you kill me Okay we have an agreement I’m going to get back in the car now Don’t just drive off I swear I won’t drive off Okay? Swear I’m gonna stop Okay I just need to fill it one more time Okay I’m a man of my word so You can kill me I swear Okay well if its all the same for you do you mind if I burn you alive? I’ve got a molotov achievement that I need to get Oh I mean That’s absolutely fine Achievement for achievement right? Yeah great! Thank you so much man That’s absolutely fine dude! Thank you! There it is! Oh I just realised! I’ve got the ‘dance until you die’ achievement! Yes!! Perfect! Oh wait I need to get the same achievement! Oh no come on in! Yeah! Hey! Oh my god thats perfect Thanks dude! Thank you! Oh it doesn’t count if you do it yourself… Oh doesn’t it..?? Oh I’m sorry man Oh that’s okay Oh well thanks anyway Great to meet you man Have a nice day
– You too

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