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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

teammate: if u can bring me victory in this match, i will give a chance teammate: to play with me in the next match, okay? okay teammate: give u one more chance teammate: he gives u a chance to play with him no one jump over here teammate: i really can’t come on, bro. i hope that u still can bring me in the next match teammate: okay, bro. switch off your live broadcast teammate: the network is too slow, i can’t play with it [ teammate speaking ] teammate: from Huya teammate: i think i have been watching on his live broadcast teammate: victory mode there is one team opposite of me teammate: have a look teammate: someone here teammate: there is someone over the houses run off? do there have anyone in the houses? i can’t see them teammate: yes. someone there teammate: i heard the footsteps many of them, i think 4 of them in a team be careful. someone come from the houses teammate: someone in front of me down no more? strange? people at the houses help to shot that guys have a guess. what have i pick? teammate: anchor, why teammate: i can’t saw your logo? u hide it? u didn’t look at me just now teammate: got footsteps i’m only a teammate: don’t make noise teammate: someone in front of us real people? u kill a robot? teammate: he squat over here teammate: like a robot bro, i’m a humble anchor. my name is my name is prosperous teammate: i remember your voice teammate: i have been watching on your live broadcast teammate: do u know what is the words that the anchor like to say? teammate: i know who is he. i have been watching on his live broadcast teammate: act it teammate: he likes to say teammate: sorry sorry someone steal the car and run off someone steal the car and run off someone steal the car teammate: who? that guy shot the gun shot the gun even though he steal the car teammate: my right and left probe has been delay i will say sorry later if i kill someone are u Nanyan… teammate: anchor is powerful doesn’t means that u are powerful too teammate: bro, i don’t have any medicine teammate: my conqueror is different with u guys teammate: we hide our-self, u fight with others teammate: can it be the same? almost the same. i also hide myself teammate: real people? let’s go i think they will block the bridge cause they drive off the car block the bridge teammate: when my network is stable,,, normal is 40 teammate: can u give me one first aid kid? i don’t have anything bro, i only have 2 bandage. don’t worry, let’s go teammate: he is on live broadcast, be careful on your words never mind. except u praise me, then others don’t speak victory first assume victory is the goal teammate: don’t worry, i will victory teammate: no,no,no i have change my target thank you xxx happy get in the gear Xiaokan is block the bridge we go through other side teammate: go over the bridge at other side clever i can’t guess it no 1 said if i’m play good in this match he wanna call me father no 1, is it? really have? teammate: bro, u go Huya search teammate: Nanyan…u can find him Nanyan? teammate: u go to search Nanyan teammate: i always watch Nanyan’s live broadcast teammate: Nanyan is not on the live broadcast teammate: 21 hours before teammate: Yanshi Company yes teammate: then u say…. teammate: Buqiuren teammate: and also teammate: Wanyu haha…i know that teammate: have u play with them? teammate: bro, u go to search Baozi teammate: see whether u can find her or not teammate: bro, remember to subscribe ya ps: ( he congrats to the people who win the prize ) teammate: u guys can have a search over here teammate: okay. not all of people say no teammate: although they are in a team, that are not in the same skills what ? teammate: he said is a liar player teammate: so powerful teammate: let’s go, i heard the sound of the gun come on bro, there are someone at the grange teammate: no. i onl have aim assist got ticycle teammate: do u have drinks? no more come here, get inside quickly come up one teammate: in the garage? i just run over there u drive wrong direction. the blue point teammate: can u bring us play in next match? teammate: i wanna go to pick the airdrop bro, fighting over here just now in the warehouse teammate: throw a smoke for them teammate: someone behind the rock teammate: maybe only one of them don’t throw grenade anymore teammate: u have do the mistake that last w teammate: u eat the grenade..u still remember? i don’t know teammate: can’t consider as a mistake teammate: they still got one car come on teammate: Baozi, do u have drink? give me one don’t have i don’t have let’s go i got a signal gun i wanna shot on the a balloon i’m the powerful guy i’m willing to sacrifice myself sacrifice myself wow! m249 do u want? do u guys have drinks? can give me some? teammate: u want? teammate: yes teammate: okay. give u 2 painkiller teammate: am i sincere enough? okay teammate: a lots of sincerity come on, u are so sincerity..give me back 2 of this teammate: Baozi love me drop will it drop on this turret? yes i want Groza teammate: me too teammate: i have met an anchor teammate: so happy teammate: someone at 35 direction 35? teammate: okay teammate: on the roof top? teammate: throw the grenade teammate: why so slow? over my side here aiya. AWM so happy do u guys have 8 scope? teammate: don’t have 666..i got everything teammate: someone behind of us teammate: get in the car down teammate: go over there bro, help us to block behind the tree my god. i wanna get down stop. i wanna get down so painful u will die very soon if u lie behind the car get up a little bit teammate: can u help me to block? the guy in the smoke down feel sad teammate: they are still fighting teammate: so fierce. let’s go do u despise me? still got people? teammate: over here where? there is a car coming teammate: teammates kill me teammate: teammate kill the enemies and also kill me nice shot Baozi, please stay alive teammate: inherit my will u should be die, nice shot teammate: i’m so pity teammate: kill by my teammate teammate: i’m so sad difficult? teammate: i’m so difficult teammate: there is a car in front there shot them see you. get into the safe zone i’m so difficult so difficult teammate: i’m so difficult are u alone? teammate: i’m alone teammate: i’m lonely teammate: someone here bro, wait for a while. i wanna snipe him not interesting. he didn’t appear his head or u guys go over. i help to block them teammate: teammate down teammate: on the roof top teammate: someone hiding in the grass teammate: do u have smoke, throw it no more teammate: throw the grenade to let them get back teammate: right side teammate: someone behind of u bro, shored up teammate: guys, Baozi wanna 1 VS 4 right now teammate: so important in this match, be steady teammate: can get us up? teammate: okay. nice. can save them wait the circle is coming use the first aid kid, lovely teammate: i’m so pity cause i kill by teammates teammate: my god! Baozi can’t use up the medicine bro, can me up so cute teammate: have a look how many seconds teammate: u can only have a drink teammate: luckily teammate: one step to get into the safe zone 0.1 seconds teammate: almost still got a team of people? teammate: maybe teammate: is time to choose a place, victory, okay? go directly to the houses come on teammate: Baozi is so fierce teammate: let us have a look on Baozi’s choice teammate: they wanna go teammate: the garage on north teammate: they are in the same car teammate: okay. no one teammate: stand a good place teammate: Baozi can control the mountain on north after he stay at he garage teammate: have a look on the houses, see got people or not teammate: he use his 8 scope to have a look teammate: he can’t find anyone right now teammate: he wanna to kill someone teammate: but they don’t give him a chance teammate: will be a vegetable bun can’t stop the commentary teammate: Baozi, take off his eyes teammate: no, his spectacular teammate: take on his 8 scope teammate: wait for the safe zone teammate: after preliminary judgment teammate: we can observe that teammate: enemies will at the moutain teammate: and the safe zone is over here teammate: that means [ teammate is explaining the situation right now ] teammate: Baozi wanna use his AWM to end this game teammate: but i think his snipe method teammate: are u on live broadcast now? teammate: he saw someone teammate: that guy cover by the leaves teammate: at the mountain teammate: we wait for the safe zone [ teammate explaining how Baozi operates ] teammate: feel like experienced okay teammate: some behind there teammate: didn’t shot on him [ teammate explaining the situation ] teammate: is okay. still got chance teammate: left 4 person teammate: wait for the safe zone teammate: maybe still got 3 team they wanna come down teammate: left 3 person teammate: i think is 3 VS 2 VS 1 where is my car? teammate: he don’t wanna let his teammates to get the kills [ teammate explaining the current situation ] teammate: left one person 1 VS . battle teammate: he saw someone hiding in the grass teammate: congrats to Baozi teammate: victory see you


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