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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

teammate: i send many times

teammate: i think is redundant
where is the people?
where is the people?
teammate: maybe people will land later
over the houses
one team
teammate: i saw it

teammate: seems like 2 teams

teammate: where they go to the houses
don’t know
they dare not to come

teammate: poor container cause there is no one
teammate: so poor

teammate: do u want scar?

teammate: i can go to fight
i still lack of some equipments
teammate: pick it
teammate: M416

teammate: there is no one shot the gun
no others. only one team
lets go
i want to pick the M416
teammate: do u want 98k?
i don’t play that sniper
teammate: don’t u like to play it?
they said is good to play sniper in desert map
but i think is difficult to play it
i’m different with them..
teammate: maybe sometimes
teammate: too far away…desert map is big
desert map is hard to play
another sniper is fine
like the island map…
can play sniper well..

teammate: i go to have a look

teammate: what’s the situation here

teammate: seems like two team fighting to each other

teammate: there is a guy on the roof top
teammate: don’t move
teammate: 2 teams were fighting
i killed one player

teammate: me too

teammate: no one in this building?

help to me block them…i wanna to jump over

i get upstairs
help me to block them

teammate: he throw something

u throw the grenade?

okay. i jump
there is one guy upstairs. wait for me
one second
all dead
teammate: the roof top beside
be careful the grenade
there are someone in the building they we went just now
teammate: down
teammate: all dead
okay. nice

teammate: there are 2 teams

oh. u are powerful…cheater

he was inside the room just now…

teammate: he shot at me when i jump over…
i turn back wanna to shot him but i didn’t press the shot button
teammate: there is someone inside the room
teammate: he didn’t appear his footsteps

teammate: finished
Buqiuren amazing
girl weak
teammate: what are u saying?
u are so powerful

i have finish throwing my grenade

teammate: i only have 4 smoke

lets go
teammate: after the original singer listen to u, he will get angry
something wrong with the comment today…
they ask do u on your live broadcast?
they say no….
this girl know Wong Wong
weak than Wong Wong
teammate: yes. i’m weak

what’s your name?
teammate: if i’m not weak, how can expose the powerful of anchor
teammate: what is my name?
teammate: my name Bixin assault player
what’s your name?

u call assault player?
teammate: PUBG Bixin number 1 assault player
okay. then i call u Wei
teammate: what?

no name…Wei

teammate: my name is not Wei

teammate: the drama call “Watch the meteor shower”..
teammate: their first lines is my name is not Wei

so kidding

teammate: slight over

more emotional

there is no one
teammate: lets have a look to P city
teammate: this wild area have been searched
how u gonna to fight if meet 4 person in a team?
if use car for bunker
u have to sit no 3 seat
not seat in no 2 places
teammate: okay
there is a car in front

u can shot the gun
act like a robot
teammate: behind the garage
behind the garage?
teammate: yes..they are not behind
teammate: they come back
are u sure u wanna to stand over there?

teammate: they stopped the car, in front of me
teammate: more than 3 person
i think is 4 person in a team
there is a guy go to right side

a guy go to the left

teammate: two players down, still got 2 person
teammate: they drive the car
teammate: still got one more person
teammate: seems like he go
all dead
teammate: so nice

teammate: do u want 6 scope?
i have
they are so rich
teammate: 3 level vest
teammate: just 2 of us no need too much smoke..pick 3 is enough

how can u shot on him?
teammate: only one person drive the car
and one guy near by me..
i go ahead to shot him
inform me next time if u go over..i scared u knock down by them
i can’t save u
teammate: there is a ramp over my side..that’s fine
teammate: okay. i will inform u next time
inform me, in case u down

teammate: u kill one robot right?
no…impossible i kill robot. that’s powerful guy
teammate: i don’t believe u

why they have 3 level helmet?
teammate: their car has no more oil
we got the car

few people then drive jeep car
more people then drive 4 wheels car
can be the bunker

teammate: u are experienced
cause i play 1V4 many times of

teammate: suddenly grow up
teammate: a robot
grow up????

where are the people?
not interesting in this Crown match
teammate: a bit…

is not injured 1V4. is another come after we fight with others
that’s fun
teammate: basically

cooperate well
there is a few chance in Crown match
this match is strange
u will feel relax..
there is few situation that many teams shot u in a time

teammate: i don’t like to play alone…scary
teammate: some people…
teammate: they didn’t move at all…
u can’t meet this situation in 1V4
team drive the car around
u are not playing 1V4..there is a guy at the roof top
right side
let me throw a grenade

teammate: left side. i have throw the grenade
on the roof top
teammate: my grenade is late

ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift )
teammate: experienced
generous, bro
teammate: 24 people left
teammate: airdrop….
have a look
M762 is powerful

there is a guy behind the rock in front
i don’t whether is a robot or…

there is a car down there

teammate: maybe is his car

over the hosues
3 person
wow. amazing

one person here
go ahead
okay. opposite
teammate: he is injured. go ahead
lets go
teammate: i don’t know how can i kill the first person…
teammate: there is car coming
he stopped at G town.. i have broken their car

teammate: then lets go to fight

seems like there is someone appear his head on the roof top
teammate: so fast…
second floor
he jumped down
teammate: outside
teammate: still got one footstep
teammate: he get inside the house
what happen? i can’t shot the gun

teammate: finished…

teammate: there are many of them.. i thought only one person
me too
just one footstep appear
teammate: i want to get some 7.62 ammo..

they didn’t use that gun
teammate: let me pick some ammo
is easy to play in the morning
two of us can play ace match in the morning
there is a car in front
shot them

he stopped the car
i drive to right side
i know..we just go to the houses
teammate: their car has broken
actually u can get down at here
hide behind the tree…
i go to the houses to attract them
shot them when they appear
teammate: seems like they hide in the grass
teammate: not over the car there

all dead

i come to fetch u
quickly use medicine
teammate: how many of them? 3 ?
2 person
oh,ya. 3 person. i bomb 2 person down. i don’t know
teammate: i kill one person

teammate: lets go
u are 4 fingers operation with gyroscope or no?
teammate: i didn’t use gyroscope
no sue at all?
teammate: no
teammate: didn’t use gyroscope
will be control
teammate: there is a sneaky
use first-person

teammate: i seldom use first-person
don’t u can’t shot that person just now

teammate: the car is too high can hold the gun down…
use first-person

teammate: shot on his helmet…
teammate: can’t hold the gun down
use first-person then can hold the gun down 360 degree
teammate: gyroscope is too shake
teammate: i’m not used too

there is a drawback if didn’t use gyroscope
is not really good for u to shot the car…
i can’t live without gyroscope
i use full gyroscope
i think i become more powerful
look at me
teammate: how can i look at u? i haven’t die
come here

look properly
i can turn around
can u?
teammate: maybe will be more tired
180 degree..look

teammate: look at me
i’m angry…u have to ensure that u can shot on someone

teammate: there is someone shot the gun
over the airdrop there
teammate: let me drive the car

teammate: must shot on someone right?
otherwise? show acrobatics?
no use

i can shot on someone
i can follow up when shot the car
teammate: normally when i shot the car..i move a bit in front
teammate: move the screen

u can only shot for a moment then stop
i set gyroscope low in the previous
teammate: there is someone in the houses
left or right houses?
teammate: both
i wanna to have a look over here first
teammate: okay
have a look

2 players down
there is one player down at the right side wild area
all dead?
teammate: there is one more guy behind the wall
teammate: yes
teammate: i help u to block him

all dead
teammate: excellent. 4 person left
teammate: i go to the houses first
teammate: there is one guy on the roof top

teammate: he shot me…

teammate: seems like there is someone go to the mountain
teammate: where is the person that shot on me?
2 person left

teammate: let me point for u

have u see them?
teammate: yes
2 person in the house. i can’t help u
teammate: one player down
teammate: outside?
teammate: there is a guy outside the house
teammate: injured
teammate: nice



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