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Good morning, today I bring you a very video
fast, and surely many of you will know how to do it, and it’s like improving Windows performance
turning off visual effects, or also if we simply want to customize these
options to our liking. The way to reach these options is very
simple, and a way that works both in Windows 7 as in Windows 10 is to write the
word “Control Panel” in search engine Windows down to the left, to enter
In that option. This window opens and we click where
says “System and security” And then we enter the option that
puts “System.” We arrive at this window, and if you look at
on the left we get the option “Configuration Advanced system ”, and that’s where
We have to click. This smaller window opens now,
and here, in this tab, we click on to the first button that says Settings,
in the performance part. And finally we are in the window where we can
Adjust the visual performance of Windows. In case you have Windows 7, the method
It’s the same, we write Control Panel, we enter System and security, then
let’s go to “System”, and finally where says “Advanced System Configuration” There is also a much faster method
which is what I usually use, and just right click on the button
of “This Team” that we usually have in the desktop, and we select the option
“Properties”, as you can see, takes us directly to the System window. If you don’t know how to put the “East” icon
Team ”on the desk, I remind you that I have a video on the channel about “How
put and customize desktop icons in Windows ”so I leave the link in
the description. Once we are in the window to which
we had arrived before, in it we have of four options, the first is “Leave
Windows choose the most appropriate configuration for the team ”marking the system itself
the boxes you consider, and possibly is the one you have marked by default, although
That is not why it is usually the most recommended. The second option says “Adjust to get
the best appearance ”, and as you can see, what It does is tick all the boxes. The third option says “Adjust to obtain
the best performance ”, and if we mark it all the boxes below are unchecked,
that is, all visual effects are eliminated Windows, this option being the most recommended
if you have a team of few resources and about all with little RAM, to get
so Windows consume somewhat less memory. Since if I select this option what we are
removing are all visual effects of Windows Finally, the fourth option is the one that says
“Customize, and it’s the one I usually use, since there are boxes that I like to have marked,
and others that I see as unnecessary, so if it serves as a reference this is the way
that I have it right now, although as I said, it’s a matter of personal taste,
also taking into account that in the team that I have, performance is good even
leaving all marked, so uncheck These boxes are mostly indicated
for those who don’t have a team of many resources, and you want Windows to consume what
less possible, but in a mid-range team or high, and especially with enough memory
RAM, you will not notice a big difference. So here the video, I hope that
the information has been useful to you, if it is so you can give Like or if you have any
doubt leave it in the comments, and do not forget subscribe

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