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save guys, how are you? everything is great with me and in today’s video I will teach you how to how to download minecraft for free on android and if you are new here welcome and so no one doesn’t know my channel I explain I post every Saturday or once in a while be saturdays yes, saturdays no and I make tutorial videos, and from time to time gameplays and if you want to stay on top of my videos and don’t want to miss any videos I invite you to subscribe to my channel and turn on the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my videos I’m posting and most importantly, to like your video because youtube will find you like my videos and he can send it to everyone and the last thing to start with the tutorial is to share this video with everyone I need to reach 1000 subscribers so let’s get to this goal that’s all right and let’s go to this tutorial I will teach you how to install minecraft for free on android go on google and search minecraft and then put the aptoide together Beauty, Now go to the site (aptoide) (FIX: It’s not really short)
just remembering that this video is short so the tutorial is very simple to do click download and then press OK A, I forgot something before you go download the game you have to install aptoide first, when aptoide is installed he will ask if you will lower the minecraft now just hit open like i said the app will ask you to download minecraft now just hit install and then just wait for the installation GOOD, now just hit install as you can see, it appeared that the game gave license error there is a way there is we will need the lucky patcher app I will leave the app link in the video description press in game application and press menu patcher go into creating modified APK file and goes on APK without license check then hit restore the app when you are doing the process in the game, I will pause the video because this game processing may take a while ready now just hit go to file now you have to uninstall the app, and install the other game without the license error ready, now open and enjoy the game See, there is no more that license error you can play the game at will all links will all be in the video description and you, did you manage to download the game straight on android ? leave your vote on the card up here if you succeeded or failed to lower the game so that’s it guys, this was another tutorial video If you liked the video leave your like in the video and subscribe to my channel, and turn on the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my videos that I’m posting every Saturday or week share for everyone if they can’t download the game so that’s it and until the next video said


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