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Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Minecraft and our let’s build a town in survival mode series. We are right
back where we left off over at the plot which is soon to become 2bitTowers
and you can see that Christmas has descended upon our town. We’ve got a nice
Christmas texture pack on which makes the armor into a snowman for some reason. Huh we’ll go with it and it’s going to be Christmas here for probably a month
probably till the end of December then we’ll go back to our normal texture pack
but I just thought it’d be quite cool to go on the Christmas theme Wow things
look really different and it might take me a while to get used to what’s what
actually which is weird cuz look rotten flesh looks like some sort of Brussels
sprout yeah things look strange a bucket is a stocking it’s going to take me a
little while to get used to it but that’s okay there’s also different music
on this pack as well weirdly I quite like the way that stone bricks look and
in this one we’re gonna carry on with this basement area for two-bit gaming
we’re gonna get this going nicely it’s already getting tonight and we’re going
to hopefully crack on with this build I’ve been talking to the guys at two-bit
gaming we’ve got a load of stone there and I’ve got some ideas after speaking
some the things that they would like so hopefully we’ll be able to make that
happen let’s make a whole bunch of stone bricks well the music’s quite cool isn’t it I
look at this guy is in like a hoodie of some muscle
it’s very snowy it’s a completely different look isn’t it look a knees
they look like candy canes or something the sugar canes the door looks all
Christmasy Wow look the chest suppressants we’ve got nice bedding that
has some really cool Christmas trees on it isn’t that nice
I’m feeding the Christmassy atmosphere and getting into the Christmas spirit
guys and the creepers of course have some sort of how long leave me alone Oh skeleton over there it’s got a Christmas
hat on at least he’s getting into the Christmas spirit as well
and some of the blocks look a bit funky on this check the texture pack white I
think that’s the mossy cobble there the mossy bricks I don’t really get that but
whatever we’ll sort of wing it it’ll be fine
and these are gonna have to be stone light beams aren’t they not stone I
think this is dirt yes we’ll have to make sure we don’t use our
diamond pickaxe by mistake I quite look the way the granite looks sorry I quite
like the way they run it looks cobble looks quite interesting as well doesn’t
it I mean some of the things some of the
textures look really cool others I’m not overly keen on but in the interests of
making it Christmassy we’ll go with it I love the music though it’s very
Christmasy feel it but it still sounds like the Minecraft music which is pretty
cool so let’s get all this stain bricks in
here as I said I’ve been speaking to the guys into you bit gaming we’ve got a
little bit more of an idea of what they want from their build so we’re gonna
make that happen I like how they’re like Christmas puddings as well to show how
hungry you are hopefully the music isn’t too loud I’ve
noticed it does seem louder on this texture pack so I don’t know if I
okay that could be an issue I’m not sure if war is going to come in
if we do that nice no okay that’s fine where’s the
dirt I spoke blanks
we just fill this in with dirt for now oh it’s a little border around the UM to
call a little border around the inventory slots that’s nice I like that
a lot of thought has gone into this texture pack actually hasn’t it
really impressed in it oops well I should have known that was gonna
happen shouldn’t I we’ll put that back don’t worry I think sand looks pretty
normal oh no kiss like scissors for the shears
haha that’s cool yeah as we’ve discussed in previous episodes I’m a big Christmas
person so naturally I thought we’d go you know the whole hog for this you know
go for Christmas mode for this series as you do I think go Halloween mode did I
that might be something we have to do next year when it gets a Halloween
because I am planning on having this series around still by the time that
happens so you know we’ll get to that at some point so it’s slowly coming
together down here we’re gonna mostly be doing what the hell did it go we also
started our sugar cane farm didn’t we we need to start a wheat farm – I mean
that’s mildly annoying that’s where we’ve just put the dirt so I’m guessing
the grass blocks have got snow on them I mean this is turned out to be more of a
texture pack review video at the moment isn’t here what’s this that sandstone
and Desai it wow it’s really different on this impressed what is that thing it’s that sandstone don’t even see it I was gravel nice I don’t know how many songs they’ve gotten
this how’s that on this texture pack but it’s pretty cool
not sure this one’s sound an overly Christmasy at this point that will go
with it I wonder what like the different tiers
of armor alike them all we should have put some more cobble in here shim we’ve
let’s do that now because if iron armor is snowman maybe the others are
something else it’s possible so while that’s all smelling up I think I did
some in the house as well didn’t I if I remember right from the last episode whack these bad boys in here I’ll just
check what that is the hell was that was it dirt I’m guessing it was just dirt what’s the
cooked mutton supposed to be won’t even tell looks difference of dirt they
always clay it’s interesting right let’s go back to the house I’m gonna put in
one of the parts of tube it’s designed straightaway that they’ve asked me to do
hold it little gingerbread men oops that’s annoying it will make a little
way out of there maybe we’ll block that back in because
we don’t want bad guys coming out of there do we my um path looks a bit weird
on this texture pack dozen here you’ll have to get used to some of this but you
know it will happen we’ll get used to it and then we’ll switch back yes look at
our a whole stack a new I’ve done some planning ahead see turian always plans
ahead quite like the way the would
I just this standard trunks and stuff look like this it was quite nice so we
can make loads of stone bricks here CF topic of discussion for today because
we’ve talked a lot about Christmas secondly Christmas movies all those
types of things so we’re going to stick with the Christmas theme when do you
guys tend to put your decorations up because I’m uh sort of 1st of December
guy as soon as the 1st of December comes around I say the Christmas decorations
have got grow up go up I know some people don’t like doing that
Scrooge’s and that so yet we broke our shovel didn’t we so we’re
just going to use this clay also have to take this out yet that one as well okay that’s cool
looks all right doesn’t it it’s coming together nicely apparently a
lot of people build this way as well like as in they start with the
foundations something I’ve never done before right I’m going to put down here
in the basement right over here what was that noise so like a cave or
something down here write that and I’ll show you I’m gonna do that because I’m
gonna make something new in a second something that I haven’t made on this
yet where is it looking for just a normal trap door not an iron one that’s
a waste of iron not an oak door I’ll do it there we go oak trapdoor
it made us too but we only need one so let’s put our trap door in like sight
so we can hit them or do that I’m gonna put something there as well do we have a
sign we do not have a sign so I’m gonna make a sign over here where
were signs again this could be problematic on this texture pack
couldn’t it were they over here
night signs over here was it asked glass God where were signs well no you can make carpet ah exciting
there we go we need to clear are in Venice very
clogged up isn’t it okay let’s get our new sign or one of them at least and
we’ll put that here and we’re going to put on this Josh is what we call it
Josh’s prison let’s do a capital P prison trap door and the reason for this
I’ll explain this is that will from t bit gaming requested a place where Josh
could be locked away if he got annoying or when he got annoying so you can just
knock him down there and close that and you’ll be stuck at under basically oh
god I’m sorry I’m not condoning locking people in basements before anyone says
anything there yeah that’s where josh is gonna get locked when he gets annoying
wasn’t my request wasn’t my idea it says don’t ever go at me alright let’s go to
sleep yes it turns out there’s not that many
songs on this texture pack is there okay let’s see a bit of food whatever that is
supposed to be I can tell you what I use to be honest bit of Turkey maybe we need
to get rid of some of this crap that we’ve got in here
we don’t need that we don’t need that the seeds can go away
trapdoor can go away as can the signs and the clay probably don’t need the
shears sticks can stay granite can go away sand can probably go away and the
site can go away that’s a bit bare isn’t it I’ve got some room now so let’s go
downstairs and we’ll finish which we use for floor in the basement
you could go for stain bricks there as well let’s have a look
and then we can start building some of this stuff actually first things first
I’m gonna need a bunch of locks our knife
so let’s chop down some trees what we’re talking about Christmas decorations yeah
let me know when you guys put your Christmas decorations up if you’re like
me you’ve got to put it up straight away soon as the first two December rolls
around it’s a zombie over there that’s another thing I don’t know what I was
weird I don’t know what a lot of the mobs look like on this texture pack
either oh it’s a dog he’s wearing a coat is a zombie isn’t it sorry if he comes
out here he’s gonna get burned by the Sun unless that doesn’t happen in the
winter here he comes huh doesn’t like it does happen yeah
there man pick up the brussel sprouts I love that
they’ve given the wrong flesh so the Brussels sprouts texture it’s quite
funny actually I like Brussels sprouts I won’t lie no
not everyone does but I quite like them these logs are falling very strangely
aren’t they we’ve got some bone suddently we can try taming one of these
wolves don’t know if we have enough to even have them on us we don’t that’s
alright they’ll be plenty more what are these what the hell are these were these
things lily of the valley I’m guessing that’s
something which is always there and we should have enough logs now anyway I’ve
got this one faster please there we go right the reason I wanted
those is so I could replace these corner bits with the logs so do that and then
this will start to look a bit more health there we go that was bad I could
have left that really intrigued adekunle but we don’t do things like that on this
playthrough we do it properly yeah yeah nice I like it first I look quite
cool and then we just got to sort the floor out which again as I said it’s
probably just gonna be stone bricks because I’ve got loads of them but also
I don’t know it just feels right for this but you can potentially use smooth
stone actually maybe I’ll use smooth stone
number one because I’m lazy number two it were already actually already kind of
looks right doesn’t it oops didn’t wanna put it that way I like the
flute on this one it’s very Christmasy flute getting fully into the Christmas
spirit already got several presents bought in real life which is unlike me
as I’ve said before cool I think that looks quite cool if we dig out this crap
and put down some smooth stone so it’s a smooth stone floor I think we might be
pretty much done with the sort of basics of the basement treat awesome good
progress for the episode if so I don’t know if that sort of wintry wind
sound is on the music or if there’s a cave nearby and they’ve changed the
sound for that that’s the thing with this texture pack a lot of stuff I need
to get used to I definitely feel like it’s a good idea
to make your winter either by a Christmas wintry texture pack gives there a whole different field
isn’t it another thing is we don’t have a name
I realized the other day we do not have a name for our town so if any of you
guys have got some ideas for names of what we can call our town let me know in
the comments below and more we’ll probably do a bit of a vote or something
see whose choice gets the most votes and we’ll go through most popular one at the
moment is just called the town isn’t it which is a very creative so let me know
any ideas we’ll put them all to the vote we’ll do it democratically that’s how we
do things it that’s obviously gravel or something think it was gravel wasn’t it when you don’t really have like
elaborate floors in a basement do you it’s normally just like concrete or
something this is not really much point I don’t think of making it bricks how
did we miss that one there we go lovely we’ve annoyingly got two today
I’m gonna leave that as dirt because it kind of draws attention to the little
trap door area doesn’t it so now we’ve just got to get these bits on the wall
turn those into stone bricks and put the torches back and then the basement has
taken shape very nicely obviously we will add decoration and stuff to a lot
of this but we’re getting the shell of the build done first
yeah the basements been done and what an episode and a half which is less time
than I was expecting so that’s good cool that’s one more and then what we’ve got
also do it’s make away of getting into here haven’t we cuz at the moment she’s
got this stupid thing and that’s not how I want it to be in the actual build
probably one like a little staircase which go down into so let’s look at
doing something about that take a bit of full damage it’s alright will block this in we’ve got some planks like so very nice so if we make a
staircase which we could probably make out these actually you can we so we’ll
come down this way won’t we so we want if we’re coming down the stairs from
here we probably one trying to visualize this in did we want it like that
I’m sure if we did that’s not how I wanted it is for sure right um that might work I’m not sure if
actually we wanted it one one down from there also hollowing
mister was saying that apparently there might be a creeper spawner below the
base I don’t know if anyone else has noticed anything about that I haven’t
really seen anything which would suggest that there was I heard anything but
maybe I don’t know why I’m looking for let’s get rid of that put that there and
then we’ll put the torch on there we should probably fill this in should
we elope here because it looks a bit weird if you can walk underneath it so
we divide that up a bit like that yeah what I wanted to do was have that
slightly differently never mind yes a bit place isn’t it and probably
want to get to start a bit differently that’s fine you know like that’s fine
that’ll work for now so there’s the staircase into it next thing we want to
do then is build up a bit with these put the beams in place because the beams are
obviously one of the most important parts they provide a lot of the support
for the build so if we if we get these going up maybe four or five see what
four looks like one two three four yeah I think that would be okay because the
door will be too high yeah I think they’ll be good so if we do that on
every corner let’s go back and sleep and we’ll do that on every single corner and
I think they look quite cool and then we’ll have the beams going across as
well and I think that’ll be a good height for the rooms again I know about
Enderman but you know if that happens that happens there’s not a lot we can do
I’m willing to risk it Hey look on the windows there’s cool lights and stuff as
well no that’s nice really starting to actually get you this texture pack and
quite like it now so and let’s make all these towers four blocks high and then we also put where the door is
gonna be I mean we could just do it is can we force look let me give us too
much full damage I mean it’s given us a bit to be fair so
right we can afford to lose a couple of hearts Hey how dare you
let’s eat this last bit we need to make a farm badly for food and stuff don’t we
oh there’s an Enderman man don’t look at him he’s dressed us sorry man
he’s dressed as some sort of but deny l for some think man come on
I’m trying to build go away you’re not really not being helpful here let’s
build this across them and connect this up I know at the level things a candy
cane is what may don’t stand there like that making me uncomfortable you can
need more logs but definitely gonna need more looks
yeah we’ll get the basic stop teleporting right there man geez what’s
wrong with you is he gone he’s gone I bet he’s gone down there let’s have a
look now he’s gone all together fine good go away I think we will leave it
there guys with a half constructed you know what we’re not I know the episodes
going on a little bit and we’re getting short on time but I can’t leave it half
completed like that so I’m gonna chop down a couple more trees and finish the
beams off before I go and I’ll do it on camera don’t worry so you guys can see
and what do we reckon we need 20 might take long I just don’t I leaving things
are that half-finished it’s just gonna have to be done at the beginning of the
next episode all its lights I’ll call the vines are
actually lights that’s wicked I really like that Arthur that’s really
cool hope for the Enderman didn’t do any damage to our so I’ll build over here or
I won’t be very happy right let’s put these beams in place we’re just getting
the basic structure and we’re not going to do any sort of design with it just
yet but there will be a bit of a design eventually
and there we go so that is the very basics of a structure and where is the
middle one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve so the very
middle is here isn’t it so what we’ll also do is go up there and down there
and the door will go in here so that would be the entrance and that’s not
even is it hahaha we have to make it a bit wider one block wider so that is
perfectly even because we got one two three four five best for isn’t it
one two three four the air courses will extend the house by a one block this way
and do all that stuff we’ll do that in the next one because we’re out of time
so as always guys thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed the video
click that like button you really felt the channel to grow so I do appreciate
it make sure you hit that subscribe button and a notification belly for you
or just haven’t already done so and I’ll see you all next time

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