The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

… I have to do something
about these animations- Hm, oh! Hey! Hi Epic! My name is Mads Ever and I’m the main character of Choose For ME oh YES! you got it!!
You’re a smart guy! ok I believe that…
I will follow the light! like that famous writer …what was his name? W-what?! Oh shit, tell me it’s not true.
Please… please… This is my house, though… was that the texture of the wall? Yes, well… you know… I have some memory problems And yes! I’m a little depressed. Just a little bit! But how do I always say… The sky changes color Doesn’t it? Uh oh! At least there’s
someone cheerful around here! Oh. I appreciate the attempt… Hey Mads!
Do you like my slippers? I feel like one of those
mentally ill patients. Even the doctor wrote that about me! AHAHAHAHAH!!! There’s nothing to do, it doesn’t work!!! Fuuu… That shit animation. Look there, that sucks! Come on! Oh fuck, MOVE IDIOT! Come on, come on, come on! It’s over there, go!!! Ok, ok. Fuck I know, I know, it’s not over yet, I know. Oh yes right! I also have super powers! In fact,
since “I” am the developer I can do this! This! And this-AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! Aah!!! Oh God… I’m about to vomit. Shit… I think I broke something… And even tonight I will debug. So? What’s up? The thing with the
balls is ahead. I was thinking… this story of keeping everything
inside me doesn’t work. Maybe I should have some
kind of safety valve. A weapon,
that somehow frees me that is, in short… I had dreams, hopes, big plans and NOW I’m just AFRAID AND THIS REALLY PISSES ME OFF! Ah, yes. That’s better. So…? Tell me what should I do now. Thanks. Shit…
I’d be lost without you… So…?
Do you like my game? Did you know how many
nights I put in on it? Because, you know,
we were two at the beginning, then- W-what? What the hell? No, noooo! AAAAAAAAAHHHH-

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