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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

hey guys welcome to my youtube channel
please do subscribe to my youtube
channel to catch the live stream of my
gameplay. Lots of people are asking me
that they are unable to find the avatar and change it like you have changed
basically, Pubgmobile update 12.02 have got interfaced changed
what you need to do is, click on profile pic
search for the icon as shown in this video
Information icon has been moved to new place as shown in this video
click on edit and you can change avatar , profile pic as did in prior version of pubgmobile
to Africa I convinced but click connect
with other people’s options earlier Lou
thank you for annually
they say key title change Karnak often
suggest I want to change my entitled
uber light so opting click your birthday
Vittorio’s cookie I use with no reactive
or super head or rather up L say he our
party it’s gonna chop it off perfectly
kind of Oregon or you know say off of
that juice cocktail I just give me a
Facebook profile and so other aqwal you
have the Facebook up co-op me cooking
profile pic planning it Facebook just
ID say flow in girth in Oaxaca approval
bit change cutting the top you
automatically have a change ID they get
a bit like a be presently man change
furniture Tom who you re of the rodent
did you get up top suspect lift any
buttons cause I thinking of cup could
penny just say he stuck with
functionally how big something you seen
Joe Joe Panik allah kiya plank change
correctly setup flickered long time I
don’t know but you will not be a new
door like Carnegie now that I have
puppies it’s go penny he Jesse change
corrupting him licking his hardened but
will change because of their supreme
cavalry frontline of color of that
change span of the French each panel
above a cigarette liquor Kim because of
pain he can you to have complete the new
abatement of a star

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