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Hey just want to let you know I added
another link here a crosswords page to The web page
and I just wanted to have some games here to make a little bit more fun going
through the Memorizing Pharmacology book The first two I put up I just want to really
get some feedback first before I start making a bunch of puzzles but this is
brand/generic from GI and then generic brand so just for fun we’re at the
30-second mark here and I just wanted to see how fast I can do them so this is
brand to generic Zofran becomes ondansetron Pepcid becomes famotidine
Remicade becomes infliximab Phenergan becomes promethazine Tums becomes
calcium carbonate Imodium becomes loperamide Zantac is ranitidine
Pepto-bismol is bismuth subsalicylate yes so oops I need a “T” there and
then Prilosec is omeprazole Nexium is esomeprazole MiraLax is Polyethylene
glycol and Milk of Magnesia is magnesium hydroxide oh we got one left here
Colace is docusate sodium so cool complete I get the fireworks there and
then you can also do generic to brand which i think is a little bit quicker
just because it’s easier to type amounts of polyethylene glycol as MiraLax
famotidine as Pepcid Remicade for infliximab then down was
Prilosec is brand [“generic”/error on my part] omeprazole Phenergan is brand for promethazine Pepto-bismol it’s brand for bismuth
subsalicylate docusate sodium is Colace magnesium hydroxide is Milk of Magnesia
esomeprazole is Nexium loperamide is Imodium ondansetron is Zofran
ranitidine is Zantac oops the Z-a-n-t-a-c and calcium carbonate is Tums
so fireworks again so took me about a minute and a half to do both of them so just a
quick way to refresh and update your memories and just let me know in the
comments feedback that you have so again from the homepage you just go to
crosswords and you have to come down here just to this blue thing until it
turns silver and then you can take each either of these two quizzes let me know
what you think

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