The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

prison of despair Here…? What is it?? What the fuck!?
Sure, the girls came to the bar and then… …Oh, shit, I can’t remember!
What’s going on?..!? What?..The new guy from yesterday? That voice…Yesterday!? Watch out for the cracked stone!
If you stand on them a few times, it will collapse. Are you serious? “Cracked stone” and “stone that can not move”, etc.、
There are types of stones that have a special effect. Watch out for the stones you see for the first time! You can hang on a rock, right?
This is fine, and it should be useful. When you can’t find a route to walk
drop down to find one! When you pull the stone, you may lose your foothold
if so you will begin a dangling state. If it is hanging, it is also in a place where you can not go on foot
It’ll be easy to get there! You’re still alive, aren’t you? When you can’t see the path,
Look around you!? Even if you don’t draw the stone, if you jump in the direction where there is no foothold
you will enter a hanging state! “Hanging / moving” is a very important technique!
Take this opportunity to keep you moving! Get a “pillow” and until you reach the goal、
The upper limit of”UNDO ” is temporarily increased. If you find one, get it as often as you can! You’ve been able to climb a lot.
Good luck! Head towards the bell above.
everybody out there! Everyone…Who are you?? Hey!!
Wait!! If you go through the checkpoint
It is possible to”try from there.” If you find it, it will let you pass as much as possible! 。 …Apparently, he survived. Who are you?? Sheep…!? Does it look like it? You look like a sheep to me.
Everyone else is. That voice…That was before…!?
Who the hell are you?!? Where the hell is this place?!? I don’t know…I want to hear it.
But one thing is certain… We … ・・
If you don’t run, you’ll be killed. They’re gonna kill me…!? I’ve seen this one before.、
I will come like every night. Well, every night…!? No…!? Everyone here has the same fate.
If you don’t want to die, you have no choice but to climb. Climb up and you’ll be saved? There’s no proof…
But look over there. There’s a bell.It’s like a basilica. …The temple? If we get to the top, we’ll live.
There may be a way to escape. You’ll be saved!? So there’s no proof!! You have to believe that…Are you insane?
We’re going to die from a guy who lost his composure. But I don’t want you to die…
I’ll do what you tell me, help me! Look, I’m not going anywhere.、
Aim for the top and run away by yourself. I’m going. Wait! Hurry up, too! Hey!! Oh, shit… In the dance floor, you can”record ” in the bookkeeping table、
You can talk to other sheep. Let’s talk to the sheep positively! When the Icon Is Pink, I hear a new story.、
When it’s gray, it’s a sign that there’s nothing more to talk about. 77, 7777.. Ha ha ha! …Are you okay?
Stay firm, just go back to sanity… Even in a place like this, the worry of others.
You’re looking up. Gold shiny sheep human ” yeah, I’ll do an oil field to such Kimi. …The oil field? Whoa…The usual habit.
Forget it. Anyway…
All right, guys…Die… Then the sooner the better.
It’s easy… what is this place!?
Why did they bring me here?!? I don’t know… What is this place?!
Why are there sheep!! Enough!
Get Me Out Of Here! Fuck…No matter who I kick.、
I’ll survive! If you want to interrupt me
I’m gonna knock you down!! We’re considering the technique.
It’s the key to survival. We’re considering the technique.
It’s the key to survival. I’ll tell you what I have found. Oh, come on, please. The sheep of Zent?? Let’s talk about the pyramids! higher and higher you want to climb、
Pull the same number of stones! Scaffolding like a pyramid、
Learn the basic action first! What do you say, great? Excuse me…I think it’s tough.
I have to learn this technique… Let me explain the slide! If you pull the Stones side by side、
Next, you’ll have to lay down the stone below! Using the features of the “edge”、
Learn a series of basic actions! If you use a mechanism that sticks together on the sides and sides、
Even with a narrow foothold, you can make stairs in a hurry! Oh, you’re amazing! You didn’t know that, did you? No, I know. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is … ..
If you let go, it’s over. I know…
[I mean, it’s all about a magazine reporter…]
[]- kanji made this hard to translate This stone climbing is dangerous……
Probably, it seems that it takes considerable skill. There’s quite a few tricks…What is it?
What is the key to finding it? There’s quite a few tricks…What is it?
What is the key to finding it? All right, let me know as soon as you find them!? This is an order! 。 Noo!
No, I don’t want to die! 1. Calm down a little. 2.Shut up.、 Calm down. Tell me so
Are you going to give up … …? You wont help me.
Everyone wants to save their own lives! I was pushed by someone!
Next time, if I don’t push, I’ll die!! Where is it??
What is this dirty sheep!? Listen to me…
Hey, you know what? Go upstairs… Well, what’s up there??
Do it for me !! It’s been a long time.
Welcome to the confessional room. Who are you?? Let’s say I’m an administrator.
This new world of nightmares. But the sign of change is stronger…
What did you do in the other world? Well, anyway, you guys … 、
Doomed to die here. Ha!? Fuck you!! But before you die…I want to confirm the value of life.
That’s why I need you to answer my questions. [First question]. What do you want from your lover? Of those who think they are close to their own feelings.
Try pulling the rope. Yeah…You choose that place. Each one is different. Who are you?
Is it all your business !? I told you, I’m the manager. The one who dropped you here is different. By the way… You know this person. …!? [Everyone, in the belly]
I don’t know what you’re thinking.
-[] kangi translation error maybe. If you want to know the truth, you should survive and think.
What’s going on around you. Well, let’s head to the next trial. Oh, you’re still going on!? Have you gotten used to it? Get used to it! Don’t go ahead.、
Help me!! I’m sorry, but I’m desperate too. Yeah…On the way up、
There are times when”mysterious tools ” are available. Tools…?
I don’t know what it is, but I’ll remember it! You can only have one item.
Depending on how you use it, it can be very useful. Even if you make a mistake, you can rewind by“UNDO”
Let’s use it aggressively! With white stones, at the feet
3×3 white stones appear. Even in a small place where you can not draw a stone
You can make a scaffold. I can see the others.
From here, the conflict will also intensify. This world is full of the weak.
There’s no way we can afford to help each other. Anyway, no matter what comes out、
Don’t rush, be careful to climb. What is it, here!!
Where Are you going?!? …I don’t know.
I want to hear it. You…You seem to have survived. You!?
You were safe too! ……Somehow. But while we’re here
How many people lost their lives… How many?.. I told you before…Why is it here?、
Other than myself, everyone else looks like “sheep”. The sheep here…
The truth is everyone is ”human”. Perhaps for some reason.、
They’re bringing you here… Reason…? What’s the reason??
What?..! I don’t know…
…I just have no idea. My heart …? Let’s stop talk about speculation.
It’s just confusing. Now you should think about the next thing. It’s about time for the big one to come.
Some people are talking…Be careful. It’s big…? You seem to have gotten used to it.
There’s nothing I can teach you. That’s not true!
Tell me more!? If you’re lucky, we’ll meet again somewhere else! Wait!! In the “landing”, you can get information about the technique of climbing the stone. Even if you move the stone blindly, escape is impossible.
Let’s learn how to climb here! the sheep Flashed techniques,
You are taking notes on the posting board. …Huh? What do you want? No…Good luck next time! Even you are encouraging the sheep… Well, yeah.
[Better than a cook.]
[] – not sure on this sentance huh? I can not hear well.
…Lock? …Huh?? I didn’t say anything!
I got it! – Don’t skip ear cleaning! Huh?? I’m sorry…? … …?
[i am soooo confused with this conversation] …What is it? Hey, you’re the same!?
Somebody set me up!?! What’s the reason you’re chosen?
You know him? Hey!? What are you doing?!?
I can’t climb that! I’m the same!
You know that much, don’t you?? Look, if you want to live, climb.
Other than that. Yeah…
Calm down…Easy, Me… The one who pushed me earlier …
Oh!? I’m cheeky at the sheep’s side!!
Next time I drop you ~ Teme!! Hey, all the sheep here are humans!? I don’t care.!
the most important thing is to save yourself!! 1. I know, man… 2. It’s not good! Oh, my God! It’s not bad!?
Live or die!! Or you will die of compassion.、
Who praised you?!? Ah!
It’s a monster! Mojamoja’s hair
It’s coming! Wake up!
Nowhere… Well …
Moja, told me! …Huh?
[im with vincnent, im confused lol] The sheep that were in front of me fell… That end-of-life will never leave your ears……
I’m not leaving… …So, next time you’re gonna end up?
Even if you’re here, you’ll crumble and die. What is that?..
I don’t know what you mean!! What should I do?..?
Help me!! Anyway, using various climbs / tricks
We have to get through this… What is upmanship??
Whatever. tell me! Yeah…
If so, does this not help? Let’s talk about tornado! Even if there is a complex stone, calm down、
Let’s pull them out one by one! Sometimes they move from side to side、
Like a tornado! If you make a staircase, I will climb it at a stretch! Wooooow!?
You can climb that way!? Seriously?!
I might be able to go a little more! Oh, you’ve seen her before? I want to find it.、
You survived, didn’t you? I want to find it.、
You survived, didn’t you? Tell me a lot. I will teach you the great technique again. Let’s talk about the hookah! This can be used when spreading scaffolding、
One of the ways to push out the stone!。 There’s nothing right down there.
Let’s push the stone to the place! If you hook the stone and the stone by the side,
I can make scaffolding! What do you think?I’m a nice technician, right? Excuse me…I think it’s tough.
I have to learn techniques… Let’s talk about the bottom of the drawer! When I climbed up and got stuck on top、
Let’s draw a stone and go down! If you go down the stairs、
I can climb up to the top at once! What’s that?.. You knew!? 1 Did you know that? Two. I didn’t notice… Yeah, I know. Okay, you know what I learned, right now?
This is the director’s order! The technique you want to find>is on the bookkeeping table
I’ll give you a memo. When you’re in trouble, why don’t you take a look? …Come on, lost lamb. Now the next question.
Show me what you’re worth. Hey, fuck you! One time! Just one question.、
You can’t measure the value of life, can you? What’s more, your future
Not one… [Second question]. Is marriage a new beginning in life?
Or is it a graveyard? Is that the one you chose? …I knew it. This is a huge shrine.
There are“8 levels”in all. Wait!
I knew it……there is a goal?!? But lately, the world has changed so much…
I can’t guarantee what will happen in the future. I thought it was obvious.
What is it? I have a feeling.Since the beginning of this world.
I wonder if something outrageous will happen. …? Even if you care too much about the future, can’t you help it?
Right there…I can hear the terrible voice. Now, are you ready? Oh, well…!
What the hell are you talking about?..! It… does…not…matter … …What?? This voice…Somewhere… It… does…not…matter … No…What is this?? Catherine…? With the bells, you can see all the surrounding stones
It can be turned into ordinary stone. You can’t get in the way of“cracked stone ” or ” motionless stone.”
You can erase it. Huh, huh… …What is it? Don’t run away. oooo what is it? Shut up!? Oh, no! Wow!! I will never let you go… Seriously, come on!! Is this it?。。No.。。!! Wait a second, wait! Sayaka. aaaaaa I don’t know… Oh, my God!! Disappeared? Thank you…That’s right. hurray!! As promised yesterday.
I’ll show you something interesting. This was a long time ago… You called me happy.
It reminds me of when I was feeling. Sorry for today. It was burnt, bacon, and it was bitter. That’s how bacon tastes better. You’re busy with work, aren’t you? Are you okay? [Hiraki] – could not translate You got big stomach.
Eat some vegetables. If it’s ketchup、
It’s all over. Well, it’s not a vegetable. Then… Hey. If I exercise again, I’m going to lose weight, right? Are you feeling a little off to beautiful memories? I don’t know what I’m going to let go of.、
Think about it. The rest is tomorrow.
It’s about when you’re alive. Is it necessary to get married?
I don’t want to be tied up. It’s okay if we’re together.
Humans, freedom should be the best, right? What is it? No, girls, when you grow up、
I’m thinking about marriage. But I heard that there are children like you. It is not enough if there is a feeling.
It is not necessary to bind with “custom”. That’s right. Good.We’re together. What? Oh, no. Are you okay? Yeah, thanks.
You’re so kind. And this is… I’m sorry. Oh, uh.
I’ll be there tomorrow…I have to go home soon. It was fun today. Hey!? Where Are you looking? I didn’t see it. Liar. The taste of tobacco. But I don’t dislike it.

00:31:27,916 –>00:31:29,916
Re…Really? Yes. Seriously? What’s wrong? So that… We just meet. What are you talking about? Oh? What? Is there a problem? This is cheating, right? This is bad. I must have been pushed into this. I don’t know. I don’t remember anything. No. You know, when you see so much
I’m ashamed. Oh, fuck! Let me tell you something.、
You came here because you liked it? I don’t care who you are. Don’t get me wrong, okay? No, not at all… Hey, you liked me, too, didn’t you? Huh?? You know what? I mean, what about that?、
I wonder. What? This is the first time. I can’t believe it. No, no, no, no.、
My head is spinning right now. Is it love at first sight? I’m sorry! Actually, I….. You said work today, right? Work? Well, well. I’m sorry, I’m going back! I have to go to the dentist, too. Dentist doctor? Even a dentist can get mad if you’re late. I really wanted to be with you a little longer. What is it?
See you later! Wait a minute!
I’m dating her! This is…It was an accident…
It was an accident…It’s an accident… That’s … Come three times in a lifetime “phase period”
but people usually grow out of it. phase? Is that what happened to me? When I was a kid, you were the most popular. I don’t remember. The second time is the reunion five years ago.
It’s a long time since then, too, Katherine. Well, that would be the end if they found out. Oh, I’m scared.Maybe they’ll kill me. I’m scared. But they don’t need to know?
If you don’t mind. I don’t think about it like you. Well, how about switching over?
You don’t want to get married, do you? I can’t believe that the same two can always love each other.、
It’s a fantasy. Marriage is the graveyard of life.
You know what I mean. I said, im not like you.
I just want to stay as it is! What are you doing?
I didn’t mean anything like this. If you’re worried、
In the first place, it’s just a story. I know! Geez.
It’s okay, you’re comfortable. Stupid, I do not have a choice. To take care of a woman,
Because I do not know when to betray. Anyway, if you want to break up, introduce me.
She is super cute, isn’t she? What about pictures? Is that it?
That’s not it! How do you know? Because she is my type! Hey. Im in trouble… Hey, do you know this story?
You know, “falling dreams”. Huh? No, I don’t know. If you fell in a dream you died.、
He said he’ll die. My friend’s boyfriend said it was time!
I’m scared!? Huh? You only know him, don’t you? Hey, you okay?
You don’t look good, do you? Huh? Oh.
I’m not sleeping. Hey. But, well, it’s only one night.、
You’re too serious. Hey, are you listening? Listen. I don’t know. Oh, yeah?
I was wondering if you guys made a call. But if she stood out like that
I think I’ll definitely notice. I guess…
Let me tell you something. Because there are people like you.、
I won’t come around to myself. I like this place every night.
I don’t drink with you guys. That’s right, is it because Toby likes older woman? While being abused by my older sister.
It’s a longing to be stepped on by heels!
[i am a little concerned i translated this wrong] You’re a pervert… This is a horror movie.
Only one person will survive in the end, right? No, your wrong! Just me, my sister
Want to have fun!
[]not 100% on the kanji Yeah.Then, shall I play? Erica! What is it?、
I think it’s going to be a habit. Hey, Erica. Did you hear that?
The story of a woman’s curse. Playing with a cheating man
Like Curse killing or not killing. Hey. What? Huh?
What’s that, a woman’s curse? You have nothing to do with it.
It’s been a long time. What are you talking about?This guy, too. Cheating are the lowest things. Oh.It’s totally bad. Don’t say the least, Tobey!
I’ll put it in your nose! No! What?? Are you having an affair?
What’s wrong? Idiot, voice it! You guys, don’t say that in a big voice!
You don’t know who she is, do you? Oh, my God. Motto hokikui.
[] could not find a translation for this Don’t say it’s the lowest! I know, so leave me alone. So? What kind of Girl Are you dealing with? Oh, God. Whatever, it’s a fateful cute girl. Don’t be silly! It is fate!
I Envy you. Just do it!
You guys are not allowed to talk about this at all! You know that. No, you know what? That store manager also a player long ago
He made a lot of grudges against various women. Come on, man.
Are you okay? So now, with sunglasses
He’s hiding his face. Ha ha…You’re lying. You too are jealous?
Would you like to use them? I don’t want it!
Besides, the affair is already over. Oh, yeah! The child you found.
From today, I decided to peer/play. Please help me! I am being chased by a strange man… …What? Hey!! Excuse me… Hey, are you okay? Where’s your house? Where’s your name? … … Rin? Rin? What do you mean? …Who are you? That’s it…What is it? It was devastating. I won’t say that.
I’m playing hard. Mr. Vincent.
how was my piano playing? …Yeah, well, that…That’s good. Here…Are you ready? It is felt to be the best…? Thank you! I saw the image and had a feeling.
I thought I could play… Don’t worry about it.
Noone is perfect right from the start. Yeah…That’s right.
I’ll do my best to practice! Before you do, you’re gonna have to crush this bar, aren’t you? ouch! Well, see you later. Oh. Well, humans have all their flaws. Whoo! she look so cute!
It doesn’t matter. Even so, what. your gonna bump into a pretty girl who’s been chased by a weird guy… It’s like a cheap drama.
Isn’t it impossible? It was there, so it can’t be helped. She…Are you sure you don’t remember? Erica took her, didn’t she?
What did the doctor say? No particular abnormalities. I thought it might be a temporary thing. Other than that I want to play/Peer, I do not seem to remember anything. So she became Vincent’s neighbor? Oh.
The neighbor just moved away. it was empty. Please handle it, do not put out. Idiot, you can’t look at me like that.
This is … …I was saved even if I did. You guys helped me. Hey, you know what? She is going to work at the bar.
It was a good idea. There’s me and you.
What are you doing? They were after her…If that’s the case, it’s better to be discreet. Yeah. Feel free to spend time at the bar. You can enjoy sake with the drink Button and have a seat with the X button. The OPTIONS button will open various menus. In the configuration, such as the puzzle type and difficulty
You can change it, so remember. Don’t worry about Rinn.
We’ll take care of it too. You guys better, alright? It seems to be the case of a mysterious death. That’s … ..Paul’s dead? Ah … the cause of death is the Curse of the woman. Stupid… Erika seems to like it. Paul, the guy who came here a few times before, right? Yeah, he was one of our high school classmates…. …The other day, we met by chance here. Really? How did it go? It was just a greeting, but it was normal… Maybe we should have seen more… …It’s not your fault. ah?
Ha ha…Well … Did you say that girl? I brought it to the police, so you know something. Well, when it comes to emergency, you should stay here all the time. Don’t do it. What are you saying? Don’t worry about yourself. Are you serious? A cheating man will be cursed and killed. Curse me…It’s not a child’s rumor, it’s too silly, it’s not funny. Ha ha, timing is too good. But you’re not cheating… …But if such a cute girl is your opponent, is it rather a lucky“accident”? Well, yeah…… Hang in there. Or you’re on your knees. It’s not good to be forgiven… Open the mobile phone with the △button、
Check your email. Inside, you can also”re-view the video”(save). Haa…Shit… I’ve never had an affair before… Cheating… I’m not going to apologize… Because of that peer/play,
I got drunk quickly…… No matter how cute she is,
she is not my target. Come to think of it, Mr. Vincent has been with Katherine a long time, right? How was the first time you got used to it?
“For future reference”, just asking. What? It’s not an event like that. It was an alumni association. While I was on a love consultation, I fell in love, I was persuaded? When Katherine was depressed, he was running around in the middle of the night. Don’t be stupid…! You’re such a nice, gooey guy, aren’t you? Haa…It’s true… It’s a one-time accident… Rin…It was like I was doing it properly. Well, peer/not…That’s it. Senpai, you’re surprisingly delicate. It doesn’t look like that at all. Shut up. Mr. Vincent. Thank you for everything. If I stay here, you can meet everyone every day. Besides … Stray Sheep, I can play piano at such a cute name shop. . Don’t worry about it. I hired Erica…to be your manager. Um, I over heard earlier… Are you going to get married, Mr. Vincent? What do you think?
Sure, it’s been a long time… …is that so. I wonder who chasing after Rin… The person does not seem to care
We must be careful. When things get worse、
You’re gonna protect her, aren’t you? Protect you, too! Anyway… You cheating is kind of news… You dont care about Katherine? Well…to get married… I dont see it in my future… What are you talking about?!
Don’t let me here that. Rumor has it that the cheating man will be cursed.
What if it’s true? No, I’m not、
I won’t do it! Huh?
Are you going home? Huh? Are you going home?
1. yes… 2. I’m not going home. There were various things and I got tired.
Take care of Rin. It will be fine while she is here. She can’t even remember the old days.. Yet, “I want to play the piano” right?
I wonder if it is a child with complex circumstances? Don’t you remember anything?
I’ll see what I can do. See you.

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