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You’re on the trail of a werewolf that’s been terrorizing your town. After months of detective work, you’ve narrowed your suspects to
one of five people: the mayor, the tailor, the baker, the grocer, or the carpenter. You’ve invited them to dinner
with a simple plan: you’ll slip a square of
a rare werewolf antidote into each of their dinners. Unfortunately, your pet goat
just ate four of the squares, and you only have one left. Luckily, the remaining square is 50 grams, and the minimum effective dose
is 10 grams. If you can precisely divide the
square into fifths you’ll have just enough
antidote for everyone. You’ll have to use a laser-cutting tool
to cut up the square; every other means available to you
isn’t precise enough. There are 8 points that can act
as starting or ending points for each cut. To use the device, you’ll
have to input pairs of points that tell the laser where to begin
and end each cut, and then the laser executes
all the cuts simultaneously. It’s okay to cut the square
into as many pieces as you want, as long as you can group them
into 10 gram portions. But you can’t fold the square
or alter it otherwise, and you only get one shot
at using the laser cutter. The full moon is rising, and in a moment someone
will transform and tear you all apart unless you can cure them first. How can you divide the antidote
into perfect fifths, cure the secret werewolf,
and save everyone? Pause the video now if you want
to figure it out for yourself. Answer in 3 Answer in 2 Answer in 1 When it comes to puzzles that
involve cutting and rearranging, it’s often helpful to actually
take a piece of paper and try cutting it up to see what
you can get. If we cut BF and DH we’d get fourths,
but we need fifths. Maybe there’s a way to shave a bit off
of a quarter to get exactly one fifth. Cutting BE looks good at first,
but that last cut takes a off a quarter of a quarter, leaving us with a portion of 3/16:
just smaller than a fifth, and not enough to cure a werewolf. What if we started with BE instead? That would also give us a quarter. And is there a way to shave
just a bit more off? Both DG and CH look promising. If we make one more cut, from A to F, we may start to notice something. With these four cuts—from B to E,
D to G, F to A, and H to C—we’ve got four triangles and a square in the middle. But the pieces that make
each triangle can also be rearranged to make a square
identical to the middle one. This means that we’ve split
the antidote into perfect fifths! What’s interesting about this
sort of problem is that while it’s possible to solve
it by starting from the geometry, it’s actually easier to start
experimenting and see where that gets you. That wouldn’t be as viable if the square
had, say, 24 cut points, but with just 8 there
are only so many reasonable options. You secretly dose each of the townspeople as the full moon emerges in the sky. And just as you do,
a terrible transformation begins. Then, just as suddenly, it reverses. Your measurements were perfect, and the people and animals of the
town can rest a little easier.

100 thoughts on “Can you solve the secret werewolf riddle? – Dan Finkel

  1. Get the solution to the bonus riddle here:! Also, the first 833 of you who sign up for a PREMIUM subscription will get 20% off the annual fee. Riddle on, riddlers!

  2. That's not how laser cutting works.
    That's not how biologiy works (every person weighs differently so for every person there's a different effective dose).

  3. How you do it get some cheese wait for the werewolf to come out and eat the cheese for energy and wrestle the werewolf

  4. time to put my werewolves of millers hollow knowledge to the test.

    it's the mayor, it always is the mayor in that game. If it's not, it's the nervous and suspicious one. Duh

  5. Bonus riddle answer: Everyone is werewolf. As there is at least one werewolf, so when he said 'at least one of us is human' it has to be a lie.

  6. Or i would cut it into 1/4 and give it to 4 of them, and then the last one i will get a knife and say, "if you transform i will kill you".

    You never said they had to survive

  7. What would happen in the bonus riddle if instead of them all saying “At least one of us is human”, they all said “I am not a human.”
    If all the humans tell the truth, and all the werewolves lie, then;
    The humans would be telling the truth, and would all be werewolves. But then that would mean that they are actually lying, and are not werewolves.
    The same for the werewolves. They would be lying, and thus be humans. But would them be telling the truth, and not be human.
    Can some smart people in the replies tell me what the outcome would be, or would it just be infinitely fluctuating back and forth?

  8. Here’s a bonus bonus riddle!
    You’ve just received word that there is another town with more werewolves! What is it with all these werewolves?
    Anyway, you’ve separated the people into 2 groups, (group A and group B) and one group, and only one, is all werewolves, but you don’t know which. Again, all the werewolves lie, and all the humans tell the truth. But for some reason, they’ve all decided they’ll only answer one question per group. What do you ask each group?

  9. Answer: Get more antidote.
    Edit: I listened to it again and it said the antidote was “rare.” However, I think that’s bs because the dude had way more than he needed, making me believe it ain’t that rare.

  10. They are either all human or ww. If one or more were humans, the statement would be true. If they were all human it would also be true.

    We know that none of them are wws now, because we got the info from a ww and therefore it's a lie that there is at least 1 ww.

  11. My solution for the bonus question:
    Step 1:Conclude that all of them are werewolves because they are all lying that the village has at least one human.
    Step 2: Get some antidote.
    Step 3: CURE THEM

  12. or you can cut the square into 4, since the minimum effective dose is 10 but it never said you couldn’t go over, give the antidote to 4 people, and if none of them turn you know the last one is a werewolf

  13. Plot twist: You’re in a hospital bed and you are in a coma imagining all of these riddles, so it doesn’t matter what you do

  14. Just cut it in four. You don't need five of them. If after you did it it didn't work you know the only person that didn't get any is the werewolf.

    Then you use you goddam brain and shot him with a silver bullet

  15. My answer to the bonus riddle!
    All of them or none of them. If they are correct, since they said the same thing, they are all humans, if they are all lying, then they’re werewolves. Nothing in between.
    I think all of them are because since he got infected from that village, there is likely still a wolf there, and since I said there was nothing in between, they are all werewolves. Unless they also had the antidote. But it’s likely that all of them are werewolves.

  16. Wait… they cut it and then cut it again, when you could only cut once… I will show you if you don't see how they used 2 turns. No, they used more than 2 turns with the laser cutter.

  17. You could tell it was the carpenter he had those middle eastern arms ya know the kind that looks like they are already part werewolf, my dad has them and it was a dead giveaway (:

  18. if the were wolf is really 1 of the 5 then you can randomly give the 1/4th to 4 of them ………even if then no one shows signs then the 5th one is the werewolf ,,.. this can be done as its stated that the suspects are narrowed down to those 5

  19. “But you can’t fold the square or alter it otherwise” first, why not, and second, isn’t slicing it with a laser cutter “altering it otherwise”?

  20. Simply
    1. cut it in to 4 pieces (B to F and H to D)
    2.give those to everyone except the carpenter
    3. then give the carpenter the goat to eat since the carpenter looks the most like a werewolf and werewolves are more likely to eat goats.
    4. Figure out why you have a laser cutter when people dress like that

  21. I technically solved it but my solution is a little different. A cut those 4 small triangles out (the ones that add up to 1/5) like the ones mentioned in the video and then I cut the rest of it into quarters (I cut a horizontal line and a vertical line through the center). After I removed those 4 small triangles that are 1/5 of the whole thing, the rest is 4/5 of the square and cutting it into quarters results in each of those pieces being 1/5.
    To answer the bonus riddle, all of them are werewolves. You said that at least one of them is a werewolf. So, a werewolf said “at least one of us is human”, which is a lie. So, none of them are human.

  22. Answer of the bonus riddle:ask people in the village that if you can solve this riddle, and if answer is “no” they are human

  23. Answer to the question should be that they are all werewolves.
    There is at least 1 werewolf. Hence let Villager 1 be the werewolf.
    Since werewolves lie, hence there cannot be at least 1 human, i.e. all are werewolves.

    The statement that there is at least 1 werewolf is important or there would be 2 solutions: all werewolves or all humans

  24. My thought answer of the bonus riddle: Werewolves in that village always lie and there is at least one werewolf. Well if all citizens say, there is at least one human than the werewolf says that too, but since he always lies, everyone is a werewolf.

  25. Answer to the bonus riddle: how about you ask a question that is always factually correct like which direction does the sun rise. If the werewolf always lies catch the liar

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