Caller ID Spoofing Scams Putting Consumers At Identity Theft Risk

Caller ID Spoofing

Chances are it has happened to you. You get a call from it number you do not recognize, but because it is your area code, you answer. Then you realize it is a scammer. Scammers are still moving caller id, see are more likely to pick up. This is more than just an annoyance, this complete your risk for and identity theft. It is easy to be fooled when a number looks familiar. It is frustrating, very frustrating. If i see an out-of-town area code, I will most likely ignore the call so that at that they’re using local area codes and then them usually.

These kinds of scammers will try to trick you into thinking that there with a legitimate business or agency in your area, something that you know or trust. If it is a phone number that you do not 100% recognize, it is best not to even answer the phone. If it is important, someone will leave a message and you can choose with there were not to call them back. The bbb says that a red flag should go up every time someone reaches out to you wanting to verify your personal and financial information. It varies, but the endgame is usually the same.

Stealing Identity

Some type of personal or financial information that can be used to steal your identity or hard-earned money. The bbb says that before you give anyone information over the phone, hang up and check for yourself that they are who they say they are. By law, telemarketers must display the number that they are calling from or the number of the business that they are calling on behalf of. It feels like it is harassment. It happens all the time. There is no reason for. There really is not. I am leery of the fact that they are trying to scam me.

The caller id act says is beefing spoofing is illegal if it is done with the intent to defraud or cause harm. If someone is not intent to defraud you, it is okay for them to spoof into Friday. According to the bbb, say to register your number at the do not call registry as well as the Pennsylvania do not call us. If it has happened to you, you should report it to the fcc in the bbb scam tracker.


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