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hey guys welcome back to my another
video today in this video we are talking
about video games now on you find video
games subject in my channel anyway as we
know that Call of Duty mobile game has
been released now many people are
comparing PUBG and Call of Duty mobile
game which is better
Call of Duty or PUBG so today in this
video we are comparing these two games
and I have already played these games
and these games are really amazing so I
will compare these games remember this
is my opinion your opinion may be
different so without wasting any time
let’s begin Now at first we will talk
about graphics so I find Call of Duty a
bit realistic and smooth as compared to
PUBG Mobile if you play in full
graphics also it looks like a cartoon
character so I won’t give 8 points to PUBG and 8.5 to Call of Duty both of the games
are very good in graphics but I want to
give point five more to call of duty in
terms of graphics now next is concept
talking about concept both of the games
have amazing concept but I found PUBG
have a unique concepts normally games
are army based if we associate with the
gun that is army based game here is
nothing new but in PUBG Mobile we hang
a new concept in battle if it were him
without army without uniform that is a
new concept I will give 9 to PUBG and
8.5 to call of duty next we’re gonna
compare in gameplay so talking about
game play Call of Duty is restricted in
some cases there is no flexibility in
game but in pUBG there is flexibility in
gameplay in terms of control if you want
to show a skill you must play PUBG
because you need to show more skilled in
pUBG while Playing if we talk about gameplay
I want to give 9.5 to PUBG and 8 to
call of duty next we will talk about
control if we see the control of pubg
again pubg has a better control yes
you can change the control according to
your need but I found better control in
PUBG as compared to call of duty so I
will keep 9 to PUBG and 7 to call of
duty next we will talk about size you
can find 1.1 GB file size in Call of
Duty and 1.8 GB file size in PUBG that
means aprox 2 GB so I want to give it to
PUBG and 8.5 to call of duty now at
last I want to conclude by saying pop G
is a very good game revolutionary game
in the field of gaming community I think
no one can take layers of PUBG because
PUBG is a very unique game and
preliminary game that we cannot find in
other game and taught me about Call of
Duty it is also very nice try to upgrade
army based game I can’t say about to
call a beauty there is slightly
different in PUBG and co-op Jimmy but
it doesn’t matter so if you liked this
video please hit like button and comment
down below which game do you like and
the subscribe my channel i will see you
on next video with a new topic
till then good bye and Happy Vijaya Dashami and
Tihar to all my subscribers and who is
still in this video so this is mr. JD
Signing Offf!!!!

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