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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

yeah Rave culture was always supposed to polarize people. Depending on your experiences It’s either one of the UKs great exports Or a symptom of our own moral decline But After a nationwide clamp down in the mid 90’s The scene was forced further into the underground With new super clubs And licensed sanitized parties Taking their place recent years have seen an
institutionalized attack on the nation’s night life with nearly half of all
bridge clubs closing down in the last decade so what happens next an illegal rave in
a sauce the young Ravens using the uk’s
complicates court laws to break in sound keep the police the bank and go
hard Fueled by boredom and lit by social media… the scene has left a trail of chaos across the country With a number of incidence evolving riot police and more than one fatality in its wake But with the full weight of the British media upon it and the police using increasingly extreme tactics to shut parties down can it survive? the location they just magically appear
with the right tools get you in an interview just got to have the master key to the
beach and he sat out for Scott to stop raves they always coming over for right cool what’s the point we can’t stop kids from
doing what they do it’s not simply a bunch of guys and 12
speakers in the field it’s bringing people together in a way
that nothing else really does The London squat rave scene is a secretive clandestine world. But we’ve been put in touch with a guy called Havoc who was hosting rave somewhere near the industrial dark clans of east london we have just been messaged the location apparently its about a 5 minute walk away so we are going to go down there where someone will be waiting for us carriageway to go to my outfield close
range and quite scary in a good way you know we’re surrounded by warehouses
wasteland it’s a long way from a night out of town
center projects of common base and how straight make sure you get yourself down to count
in town at ten o’clock yeah party line was out the wrinkles on its
way a gang of board 10th teenagers were knocking about the warehouse cracking
balloons and hoping the police weren’t gonna shut it down before it started so we’re at the venue which is a sort of
this used industrial space in the shadow of the Blackwall tunnel apparently the brain chemistry over
there were actually taken from a medical facility the clock was against having his group
but I managed to get a minute with him to hear how he makes these parties
happen how long have you been doing this since
2011 my duties and let people know my Tell us a little about the process other social media and think that so networking ready and how do you know
the buildings just looks like to let buildings anything we can use that bites
always look on the internet and it doesn’t know the owners have no idea absolutely no no as long as we can get
into a building about to make it look like it’s been a broken into it and it’s
not breaking a look at how did you get in tonight . but we never broke into the
building but we took the keys of the walls and look and I obviously someone
broke off but I don’t think it’s only one of havoc boys pulled him aside and
the mood change please understand – 10 so apparently it’s not come anywhere near his daughter and you will be told to keep quiet for a
little bit because patent police and security from the industrial estate all
outside that we live in here for a few days
there’s no power in this building so we are extracting any electricity there’s no doors have been broken their
solo so what happens is that the place had
turned up you know some of the guys here have said they’re kind of essentially
supporting the place to be staying here for a few days which apparently is the
way to solve buy yourself some time hey security ban
is lifted it he’s not a terrorist and pulling up you
can tell actually this is really just an inevitable part of the process and this
isn’t the first time it’s happened it won’t be lost and as it stands and I
still going ahead every now and again you hear a loud
explosion which is usually someone balloon blowing up the customer gas in
it the Rings are coming in to start to fill
up a bit over the side that’s a lot of Baker’s jump like that with having his crew seemingly off the
hook from the police everything was in full swing by and see the size of London I wonder what the people who come to
these kind of events get this outside of style applying a massive culture where
like people dress the same people i like same music everyone doing their thing it’s far too sick what’s the weirdest
thing you’ve ever seen it right it’s all getting a car oh this guy
legendary incident out about terms of going to places when and how often they
get shut down too many times two minutes almost every time a dream it
gets locked off later on in the night just like young people trying to have
fun it might be some drugs involved but like
same as anywhere else in it india to remind yourself a certain point
that this is an illegal venture and people are breaking the law and that we
will have the reason for this evening you know cash changing hands tax matters
and seeing the end of it but there’s no secret the club’s opposing down
everywhere it’s no secret that a lot of clubs are
becoming quite appetizing not very fun and when you’re looking for something
that isn’t being provided it’s only natural that that comes from a
fight the illegal source there is that kind of edge of danger the kind of just because it does make it
a little the warehouse use for having tonight
have been acquired by a guy called Jimmy White a 22 year old veteran of this
young scene with six years experience in the game ok now just like this just overjoyed
when we got down there we’re going to see get into this book to
get Jimmy had a reputation for sourcing the best locations for parties keeping them on ice until it already and
using his knowledge of scoring laws to circumvent the police until they can
sneak the speakers and the punches in it offered to take us some one of his
regular scouting missions finding potential venues for any future had nism
was your formula for building obviously sighs secure air around like
if there’s a lot of people in the area something quiet and not related this is
kind of person about it yeah of course this area has been hit
stupid amount of time how do you find these places I just get into a car and scout around
the area that has as many industrial estates of the canyon never gonna find
the best deals on the other it’s going to be okay yes we like things are usually check his
up in the top how to get him for the top ways but it’s obviously quite secure
quite well to be honest there’s quite a lot more shoots down there is always
taken measures here they have taken quite good measures to actually stop us
from getting on that big tune but yes and you can’t just get a pair of all
cars still legally you’re not legally more no they don’t get that this is what
we step onto our buildings as soon as we get into the building this is just basically let’s just say
our safety where is that is something going on we can talk Farkle it just
states that we’re living in this property this is our home we intend to stay here
at least one person will be on the property and if anyone comes into the
property without permission we have the right to prosecute them and
take them to cool and the only way to get us at its by a high court order any
other way to end this property is completely against the law and we will
prosecute a single so this is the preparation for the party happens no Club could ever compare to what a
squat career go into the part you find out the location at 10pm it’s just all
the excitement you can do everyone what a roller is
like a logarithm if you get my drift yeah that’s the
report cover let’s check this is open from me well just do tend to over that have to actually hunt you down and
find out every information about it the only way that you could get in trouble
for it some someone’s talking yeah that’s the only way to get in
trouble for it even though it is in this kind of gray area why does that mean you need to you can
see right and see because at the end of the day there’s a lot of things that
I’ve done in the scene and a lot of things that my group have done in the
scene that would prefer not to put a face to the picture what i do i do it for statement and I do
it just literally say to the police try and government well they are governing it and this is
how last year a halloween ray from a notorious come tech collective will shut
down only for a full blown right to erupt the police turned up in full force attractions of shields and dogs the rain
was quickly replied with anything they can find the usual suspects in the media
responded in typically hysterical fashion and both the police and scum
tech were quick to blame each other for the trouble scum tech famously camera shy but they
offered to tell us their side of the story Halloween was the most intentional
passive aggressive policing the union for clothes and it would no one said that group in the world for
multi-family with everything . charts post news report by email stating that
the police turned up to the venue on balls and works with former member of us absolute nonsense this video is the
first line floor place of origin first place for why this step down the street it’s about making the performance art an
hour and a half his calls without incident apart from you but I
have a perfectly legitimate wanted to show the apartment anymore than a life
because it is next – how’s it going to the baltimore’s about me and pretty
shortly tried the town to records will be noise complaints with one noise
complaint because it’s so powerful for learning that the shelter body down and
sound system / list their equipment with the world at war with itself because
once that’s been said they didn’t need to destroy the that everything was no
negotiation there is no talking to him or there is
no return to place for the shop before we don’t this is a completely intentional pace
listen and radio dissemination of information the damage that was posed was told a
friend nasal completely unnecessary our fourth in a little more focused
drawing board using my similar to mobile I don’t come down help people they were performers tools with that
people are not feeling well but the increasing pressures on the
scene and the resulting paranoia will have its own consequences this time on us since the house of habit
rate that means the bad news there’s been a few police incident so after you rates around London and a few of the
promoters including however could be actually visited by the police of their
houses and because we were sort of you know sticking around the same time they
put two and two together made 50 and decided we were police so we’ve been told not to come to any
more raids in London and that we have essentially been bad from the sea in the
aftermath of all we’ve got some absolutely fantastic threats come
through this is the message we got from havoc he says all their videos you have
of me can you please delete police come to my
house today and I don’t find that coincidence and this is one of the producers got you
give us all the footage you took from the event on saturday or pay us or
you’re going to have problems seriously no message by monday people
will be coming to get the footage back there’s a lot of scrutiny on this scene
right now the police are very much on top of their the media seem to be
increasingly involved and you know is something that their own i can see why
they would have a problem with people coming in to solve especially older
people coming in to kind of look at in dissect n investigator I suppose but
this is unholy trio of legality bravado and paranoia that makes him very
difficult to work with tensions between the promoters the punters in the police
and burn the culture of accusation and aggression the stakes were high and everyone was
out to protect their own interests I want it there was another version of
modern rape culture out there something more open more inclusive more akin to
the dream of the Summer of Love Generation so we went to the promised land of the
rave scene then be this way for the easy to clean it off you can see this truck is used by
ramblings but that Walker flavors at North Wales it used to be the place for
ages and it died is coming back now back to the bank music plays a hardstyle of our
transcriber underground stuff me we started off their raids in clubs and
like they were all right I’m gonna be out good weeks you are not bad weeks but
people will be able to come to a rave and relax and have a good time about nope it gets over the shoulders of the
Red Sox little beer and stuff like that and then bounces in you know in your face all the time in
the town and things like that I mean it’s just like going to places
this is beautiful the pot calling the hospital everyone has a great time and I don’t
see what the problem is she’s a lairy dan and the distortion crew were also
feeling the brunt of the police incentives against the scene with
increasing pressure is putting them in the same precarious situation as the
London ravers the terrain might have been different but there was just as
much to lose they were in preparation for one of the
biggest events here a huge party in the forest of them be if anyone wants to commit a serious
crime and/or well tonight do it because we’re all the police going to be honest fucking our best like no I mean I told
the cop is straight when they came to me out of there so listen we’re going to do
the rain I know the consequences I mean that the
company will arrest me if I am York estrella the guy in charger I’ve got so much Lucien I mean gonna
miss this got a good job and I mean by individual I lose everything please main issue obviously is drugs
that’s the main issue and the day they just don’t like having a good time but
we’re not causing any hassle of course and on any trouble we’re not anywhere
near a fucking built-up area or a town or anything like that we’re in the middle of nowhere we pull
this reward tonight without any hiccups right i am going to be a population genomics
got my garden this mate will watch over them sheep and you know they can pop up
anywhere me anywhere me tell you a story about a
year was that we did Arabia about all about 10 years ago in here we have the
fire going and someone threw petrol on the fire fire went straight back to the
actual comment everywhere my bar can help what an idiot I one idiot it’s quite
funny though quite funny because a truck keys will melt into his leg and you know
back there by ten years ago when all these bookings else do trucking
throughout you know anything about these poppers not enough jackets and all that
like I mean fucking out here and all this is it this is the venue for tonight
and give you a quick walk around the site length tracking Bella second it this vast plain of fell trees seemed all
too serene an unlikely place for the madness to lay ahead but for Dan this was perfect wave
country couple of hours time this is going to be like the most popular spot
north wales like can’t wait Emma they know we don’t believe you – were well you know my name do not do you are
you good you got there enough in this word from
wide seen down and his friends were doing this out of necessity and in doing
so they attracted people from all walks of life this wasn’t just limited to people from
no Club towns the party was during attendees from much further afield from
places were thriving nightlife hi I’m life again you’re right thanks
Paris we traveled to the outskirts of
Liverpool for a pre pie that would end up crossing the border into Wales so is everyone looking forward to
tonight yeah thnkx time welcome to expect James way to protein
shake there may be going to tom you don’t need
to go to the pool one not even you found the way I got this feeling was like it well that’s gonna be an amazing we
didn’t have a place my home where I think you wanted to have the lights like
to fight in the games I really want to talk and you don’t want that to make you
feel like here yeah I’m what has been your baby no I’m
gonna go now like don’t get me wrong but you just
stick to our meeting and talking about what do you think about the kind of
media trail of the you know racing flavors when you say you’re brave everyone gets
the persona of old Scotty these sweaty and it’s just I don’t know if ya want to
talk to dad so what do you like about the legal
rapes that legal makes you want to go more you know they just because you’re
not allowed that it was that it’s not supposed to be a plan so you want to be
there anything I am in a match like completion to see people let’s go about
measuring you see them look like they need help you get over the globe leash you don’t mean that you might find that
to manually yeah one of the saturdays what do your family’s think of the kind
of rain / – oh my my my my you know what with all the white when I see it and
lift y’all just got 25 comes love then headed to bed before oh sure meaning how many out too hard don’t bring too many boxes we are
somewhere around Chester and we offer this rape and it’s gonna be a lot of
people should be fun bombing down a road in a higher minivan
it seems a long way from an overpass in Canning Town we were driving through
county lines in a haze of make mr. Barker the whole thing felt like some
kind of hardcore holiday and much closer to the traditional idea of rave culture
the most people might understand so we are now walking up a dirt track of
the hill in Wales it’s fucking freezing and I think this
might be the closest and get to Jacob reward I can hear the fates out hardcore
European Gabba we believe in you the party took place under what seemed
to be a garden center marquee with the storming Gabba hardstyle and acid techno chains hanging
out at the bar 0 PA system gathered was a strange mix of hardcore heads Farm kids might trippin scousers and
aged ravers in the midst of a chemically induced knees up girls how you doing i
fathered the only vehicle ID card a big healthy amount of people have a baby
suits a nice just listen just because I like him the
abbey battles are you family yeah i’m going to have a great time
together no no I’ll be sober now good for trucks
to say I had every call we walk past i thought i had the light on for the
passengers seemingly doing lines of white powder off CD cases it’s like
chocolate dick dogging very obvious question why you got it
smash the music get that fucking Bessie Walker music
using that to get much gap in the club for your robe on to your self blonde with this it’s all there pop music talking to girls live awesome
from the club though what you can get in here calm down the government one of the
illegal raves and kind of more illegal ones there God is definitely good you’re legally night dance party was a success and to
discuss the fruits of his labor he invited us to his makeshift office the back of his girlfriend hatchback how
you enjoying the night so far mark 11 a fucking bear many people as
you expected delivery at me too early come on so it’s called for students to
get it working right yeah what is it about that wants to illegal
that rather than sort of them doing it in a you know a club in the town it’s not like we don’t want to do in the
community hours just that smoke some more commentators and the overall
they’re just too expensive people come here because they feel free
and they can decide everyone’s just need to do the same
thing I mean sit around a fire or jump around like a loony a me during that these kids from them call
came down to the rave with them interesting because you know they’re not
local kids from the farms left in a major you can see but this definitely
seems to offer that something that they can’t get there there is a lot of you know intimidation
violence a lack of fun i guess is what they were saying it takes those
restrictions that being hemmed into a tall building management no CCTV cameras
and security as well as a lot of people trying to prove themselves at the
equation and kind of brings it something i guess more pure when you take a party this spa out into the woods in into the
absolute completely unreachable part of the world it’s in no one’s interest to even shut
down the party went on till about my name of a dedicated sub-sect still going
strong into the biting North Whaley in morning there was no police presence at
any point but not every rule then passes office movies dance last year party in
white flint picture turned ugly resulting in another skirmish we’re 20 ratings were charged with drugs
and disorder offenses and 21 police officers and a dog or injured but nothing compares to the scrutiny of
the London seems being subjected to do to a series of raids gone wrong including the now infamous common base
by included where one teenager lost a finger and another lost his life after
drinking from a cabman lace ball a bit one of the things that really attracted
to these race is the fact they offer outside the law but with that it does bring a slightly
more kind of dangerous element to it their own license they’re supervised but
accidents happen someone come to South London to me a guy
who jack is experienced in the illegal rave scene shows us how long you can
really go Jack was 16 years old when he his friend Daniel and a number of other
schoolmates heard about a rave in West London it was a night that would come to
shape their young lives this is us in the sixth form centre
that’s done that we would sit together every single day how did you find out about the radiator
guarantee well i was actually I proposed to us after lunchtime of that day was a
Friday a friend of ours said there’s this party tonight you guys will come I mean none of us to do anything it was
sort of feeling very exciting we thought it was gonna be a big party everyone
else was buzzing no taken away for it with regards to the drugs is that
something you can source beforehand Liberty i was involved in the drug part
and there was about three or four of them went off to get them and and and
his money are they mix the drugs of water and then they all started and
sipping at it slowly but it was on that last train when Daniel sort of
reluctantly drink the whole thing I sort of remember we’re all going so shocked that he drank a little too
long ago when you got that was the venue of the set up like it was a Bandhan sort
of post office or thing and you get in and it’s just dark unpredictable just sort of not welcoming and when did
you first start to notice that things are going awry with Daniel we were there for a couple hours i was
sitting against the wall he went off our level I don’t know why I watched him walk off
and I’m i was asking where is he I’m standing up I look to my left and
there’s a topless guy with his shoes and socks off so of mumbling with this paramedic to
consider writing things down I’m with him is he okay it was an
ambulance so we assume that that was that may be home in the world no problem Daniel was taken to hospital his temperature we got up to 42 degrees
Celsius causing a massive heart attack he stayed in intensive care for three
days but died on the Monday morning he was 16 years old I think if I had any regrets that night
would be out of sort of young 16 year old selfish I don’t want my parents to find out
mentality I didn’t go with him because I thought he was gonna be fine yeah i was enough with him I should have
been the first two months were yeah the West ones tomorrow by far you hold any grudges against the kind of
writing the culture this around No I think it’s very cultures up for the
people that want to go to it and it’s sustained by the people to go to it’s
the people who organize it’s a business of them are not seeking – home til people so I don’t think you can blame the
culture itself for the tragedies that happened within it because the right
didn’t provide the drugs the ropes didn’t tell him how to tighten but the
word was a friend well that is called to leave away for a reason despite the effect Daniel’s death
clearly had on Jack it was surprising to hear how level
headed he was about the culture surrounding these raves especially in
comparison to how the media likes to portray it more often than not the
discourse around these raves overlooks the reasons why people go to them in the
first place it seems to me what happened here is
that young people rightly or wrongly feel that they’ve got nothing to do and
there’s some people for either love or sometimes opportunism I’ve kind of provided a space for them
to hang out and exercise their tribal rites of saturday night restricting young people of their
freedoms society is pushed one of the most important rite of passage into the
shadows and as a result it ended up with something that doesn’t seem to be able
to control yeah we received a call from Jimmy White the
warehouse hunter assuring us to the heat in London who died down he told us he had a different kind of
event lined up he was planning a protest by the british
racing one which he saw as a kind of sequel to the protests organized in
response to the fervently anti-rape criminal justice built with 1994 Jimmy believe that today’s scene was
going for a similar clamp down and was looking to bring the same sort of
anarchy to the streets of shortage this time without his mask there’s a guy could see again and see
about the scarf yeah yeah I don’t have the program I’m good I’m good we’re just having a
little look around now to see how things are going to plan out but look excited
I’m excited so you kind of hoping it to be chaotic
or beautiful or peaceful I didn’t ever seen ya in the bug chair
yeah and what would you hope that people walking past and seeing it would think well obviously what I’m trying to get
from this is to give the perception to the public that we’re not here to just
cause mayhem we’re here to show them peace love unity respect the public
don’t ever get to see what we do only what they see on the meter and what about the police at what point
you that I’m sure oh I’m not too sure how they’re going to be actin hopefully
they’ll be friendly allow the things that happen it could
end up in them saying no get get out of a kind of thing but this is what this
games really about man so in terms of location is somewhat you
chosen so you can kind of keep it contained to keep it almost like like it
is a warehouse party yeah obviously feels like he is a
warehouse is kind of in the area I’m not too sure on the numbers that are
going to come so it might be that we have to change location hopefully we can
stay here because it is a quite good sort of atmosphere how can you take Moscow I feel as if for
the racing to step forward in in the political side of things as well as the
the Raven side of things that needs to be some sort of face we want to send a message as well as
just party I want a revolution to happen in this racing you worry about any
thought of you know potential legal consequences no no man I live for this man whatever
comes I’ll take it in my stride we arrived to the protest in the early
afternoon I’m agree to buy a small gathering of
trustees and coppers usually the first to arrive at anything
like this but Jimmy head freshly shaved for battle didn’t seem to mind too much jus got a car with just waiting for more
numbers turn up ok so now it’s looking like it’s
going to be at the planner what the basic facts are far better than
have it all built differently on this side there’s a lot of people this kind of
four cameras as well the whole thing is just a little bit
crusty than I thought it might be as the day went on the rape kids who social
lives are based around this scene started to turn up and show their
support goes down to the club with a separate why people put on your party because we
have their way to hold the party’s a there’s not much we can achieve but
showed that we are present and we actually kinda party to meet y’all music stop now the police are here and
its natural body more of a project seems to be kind of fluctuating between the
two throwing the Gaza Strip arrangements are under a lot of drugs whole thing’s
got a lot more politicized the local ft lot more like a sort of conventional
protest thanks a lot of different ideas as to
what this thing is I throws that was everything on you know a lot of people
now simply seeing is the sort of political protest some people with their directors and
stack it was a little fun before because i think it’s just a pie as night drew in the previously friendly
police presence started to multiply and have the protesters into the tunnel Jimmy looking on seem too happy
surveying the chaos he unleashed a good turnout they all got it happen there’s been kids here dancing to the
music people given each other hugs everyone joining forget why nunu so it’s been a good Turner channeling
spirit was a party and how much of it was protest it was a mix obviously yeah you know it
was good what he was going to turn out to be it’s just a polite way of saying fuck
you to be honest with it how have you found a place you have ever
been alright but they’re gonna try and close off soon because of section 45 I think it’s anti social behaviour act
was right yeah you can send this to me and says baby you know i don’t think
there’s any social behavior but you know they be there is one who’s coming down
one yeah the dust settled shortages return to
normal there’s something quite transgressive
some quite interesting about seeing all this chaos and all the police and all
this jump often like balloons and cans of beer for all the kind of you know let
this politics were going on towards the end of it the most political part of it
was actually the party itself and there was no slogans or banners or anything
like that there was not really even that much of a message and whether it’s in a
field in north wales or warehouses London the real political statement is
in the chaos of it rather than any kind of like manifesto where the people who throws parties realize kind of a
different question but i think the scene were always kind of reinvigorating
itself because people always want to do something which they
didn’t allow too and they want to do something that kind of pushes through
the boundaries and normal living and that’s what these raves office people we’ve been told of our big one the party taking place in Tottenham in
the middle of another industrial zone as we arrived at about 10pm it seemed to
have been locked off before even started with a police line assembled and a gang
of pissed off flavors trying to work out what was going on I think they cannot read gave one
keeping everyone up and just get the building block building someone else in
profit can break in we got here just the police yeah it was fuckery last one was only that one fed
car out there this time there’s so many this time it’s just a waste of their
time wise which looks just as we were about to give up and head home we go shouts in the distance people are
apparently jumping a wall around the back the police say when they were anxious
not to break rank nobody was sure they’d been outside
after waiting around for two hours there was no way we were following I’m
coming this year just commissioned his jump out for tonight we were in exactly the same position as
the ravers we wanted in and for the first time we wanted him for the exact
same reasons what was happening inside was the
culmination of everything we’ve heard about hundreds and hundreds of young
ravers skanking on the broken concrete sucking on dummies and huffing on
balloons this was pure unadulterated underground
new culture in its rawest form these kids it was simply a release while made even more vital by the incredible
lack of anything that call their own they are taking the ideals of the
original rape generation the same search for freedom in a society that won’t
offer it and forge their own fight back with the scene is totally of its time something louder harder less idealistic
but everybody’s had mystic the police the authorities and the property
developers might be moving closer but for now the scene is a long way from
being locked off

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