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Hello everyone to Big Paw Gaming! Bridge Builder Adventure game is a game about fantasy bridge architect and if you ever played Bridge Constructor before, you will be very familiar with this game. The concept is identical, build the bridge within your budget that connects left part to right part and make sure that the bridge can hold its own weight as well as the cars that will cross it. Unlike other games, here your goal is to collect keys while traveling to open the gate. If you cannot open the gate, you cannot finish the level. Slowly, you will be getting more different obstacles, such as flying bombers that will try to shoot your bridge down. It will give you a pause to think how to build the bridge under the budget and under the circumstances. The game graphics and music are great and I can tell the developers put a heart into this game. Unfortunately, currently the game has only 60 levels and it took me roughly 20 minutes to complete first 15. I am hoping the game to be more difficult and has much more content so that it gets my attention for much longer. A definitively good game that I recommend you to try. For me, at this moment it is 7+/10 and can be higher if there is more content in the future. If you want to try it, the game is free to play and the links are in the description to both Android and iOS store. I hope you like this video and watch it to the end. You can see the first 15 levels of varied complexity. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. Please remember to subscribe for more daily videos. Thank you so much for watching and see you soon!

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