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Well, what’s in this chest whoa? There’s a lot of lucky blocks
I know check it out
It could do that
[Papa] minutes, what’s up FG. Cheevers? It’s [it’s] [daddy] what oh my goodness?
Is that [Chase] is he stuck in a gumball machine?
Chase is stuck in a gumball machine. [oh]
No chase. I’m coming to save you [I] got to find a quarter. Oh my goodness chase wait. Let me see chase. It’s me
I’m Monica. I’m gonna get you out of there chase look at me kid. I’m here. Oh yeah, stay there
I’m coming to get you out. All right. All righty like I hope I have a quarter
I hope I have a quarter [uh-oh]. There’s a golden someone left a gold nugget quarter in here already
Let’s turn it turn it turn it and let’s see if he falls through. Oh, oh wait wait
Oh, oh, no. I think yeah wait what oh my goodness dinner dinner? Yay?
Jess I got Jess oh
So I got chased [for] the gumball machine. What’s up dude high five?
High five. Oh, so there’s chase chase you get lonely got a little gum stuck on your face up there
It is got it alrighty guys. So just kidding chase is here in the wall
Ba Ba ba ba Ba where’s Chase
Where’s Chase? He was a nigga before fake, but now he’s not here, and he [was] just there. So where’d it go?
[you] guys hear that me I think he’s outside, but think he’s out
What okay chase I’m coming dude Sean wait was that you or was that cheese there [was] cheese?
Already sean, I’m gonna. Go say cheese. Where’s that coming from Chase? Oh what?
I’ma get you out of there chase. I’m gonna get you out. I got you chase no more going into gumball
Alrighty guys here shea say hi, man. That was a really weird start
Horsey to the video that was really delayed of
Who I’m not sure ah do get off of that poopy get off of that poopy
[oh], that’s so unsanitary [dude] get down off of the poopy go wash your hands. You [just] touched foofy good boy
Good boy tastes poopy
You sure it’s a oh, you just poop in the pool now. There’s poop in the pool
Oh goodness gracious chase look what you done. Did there’s poop in the pool
It’s not even it should be a pee for pool, but it’s at4 tool. That’s live in a tool
Pool, I’m sorry all the corny jokes aside. We are here because look at this titanic ship it is
Amazing for someone to sit there and craft that I am just like oh really cool, but what we’ve done
Is rehab a super lucky block race?
[it] should be really lucky you want to try this I’ll put this one [in] make another portal
Another portal and for some reason we make it to the end there are
One for each of us one unlucky block a negative eighty percent or whatever it’s called
Unlucky block yeah, no I’m saying
Hey, dude. Get out of the gumball machine you trying to get Candy no
I think I see chase down a gumball machine [get] up here get up here right now
You see we make another portal [oh]
Why are you trying to get the zombie pigmen to have cavities?
my tooth
I have a little question for you. I’m gonna show you something and let’s see how good at Minecraft you guys are
Yes, there is I’m gonna show [you] this video right now
Tell me if you guys know what it is ready, and one two three boom
Alrighty so what was that? Do you guys know are you a Minecraft master don’t look in the comments?
[don’t] cheat, but leave a comment down in the comments without looking because that would be cheating
It’s pretty good. I said that really well
ladies and [gentlemen] welcome to the first annual and the last one
What does that mean?
Super Lucky Block race are you ready to do this man?
We gotta set ourselves in game mode stop that stop that stop that stop that
Ha [I] set my spawn point just in time
What kind of weapon do you have I have a butter knife? [oh]?
Oh lucky yours are gonna be faster. All right on your marks. You know. I’m gonna say I’m Gonna change I
Want to put my my fan out just a [little] bit so I can see yours too, but you keep yours the way it is
[alright], jason you ready on your marks get set go [whoo] whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa?
Why are you going? So fast slow down slow down?
What we’re getting really good ones now not fair, whoa watch out Big Bobby Zombie one chopping Bobby [zombie]
Whoa, no, I think I’m gonna win. What is hurting me? Why I really am getting I’m really getting lucky ones
I’m so getting lucky ones. I might win this
Okay, this is actually these are all really lucky ouch
Gollum supposed to be good boy. No wait. Oh, no. That’s actually
You shot with this happen with which way I gotta go this way. Did you guys see what just happened? Oh?
Firecracker what happened? Uh-oh, she pushed me enough. No not got it
Daddy, I wanted [she] [know] you can’t cheat
You’re not supposed to do that to gets the rules
It’s okay cuz I’m still gonna win even though [if] she [pushed] you down
And you cheated even though when she pushed it [down], and you cheated. What was that?
Well, we really are getting cool lucky blocks. We’re not getting um
Yeah, we’re not getting anything bad. Oh yeah. Oh my God. Hey chase where you at man?
Dude, are you mining Diamond? Oh?
[we’re] [souls] we have it a lucky block race
And now you’re dead oh
my Diamond
Diamond I don’t want to die
What’s that from I think about adventure block correct?
Whoo lucky [poe] that’s actually a fast. No whoa lucky bow. Whoa whoa, whoa – the lucky bow. We are
Oil oil
[oh] yeah, oh yeah, what’s in this chest whoa? There’s a lot of lucky blocks
I know check it out
It could do that boom sorry leggings, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa?
[you’re] mine, you do need them you
You that’s got jen mom. I did. Yeah, you know what I’m Gonna do
I’m going to put some tnt on you
Ha ha I put wearable tnt on your Fantasia lucky block as if that’ll do anything and boom
What do we get nothing cool what we gave cool? [oh] super lucky whoop. You Wanna know how lucky you are yeah
Have a nice fall away. [I] think [I’m] the one falling why am I getting hurt boom there? We go and
You’re lucky wolf you’re lucky. I can’t get you you’re so lucky [alright] well
Lucky block boy, I just got a lot of eggs. What were some of those eggs
Oh, I came to see all my stuff. I have too much stuff need you oh
Wait, I didn’t get it. You know what let’s throw out this
Let’s drop this giant nose
and that’s a
Small fish [oh] no. Oh poor little fishies. They can’t breathe out of water
He was sorry about that [man]. Just knock [them] down all right got a ghast you like changing mom
Hey, Chase like what else I got
That’s the cutest little adorable thing I ever heard someone say [goodbye] bye time for payback
Robotnik warrior time for Payback
And she’s dead man. She’s a dead man
Lay my bacon back in survival. It’s about that
Boom Beacon, but what is it cake how come every single time oh, I get wearable chess and wearable cake wait
I could be a cake head no way
No, what no choice?
Your little [Devin]. Why’d you do that to me?
Click on I your best friend that’s so neat yummy. That’s right. Oh look at my little son. Bye [alright] a wearable cake
Don’t tell me don’t tell me
Ok kid look if I want my face to be normal I have to turn sideways like hey. I’m a sideways cake what dude
Stop it. At least I was prepared and I set my spawn point right her cuz I’m gonna win, bro
dude, I’m so gonna win boom quickly quickly quickly quickly dude look at this look at I’m at my unlucky block and
It doesn’t matter because check this out my man. Hey. [oh], no, I gotta get through the sponge I gotta get through the Spongebob
Sorry Spongebob didn’t mean to break you like that and give me robotic warrior. [oh]
[oh], you Wanna. Tell me this – yeah, yeah
You want to my [name] boom?
Goodbye. Oh hey. I’m gonna hit some fire night. Well yeah. Yeah, what’s up get you in the elbow oh wait?
I missed the elbow and
Boom [ah] have a nice fall
That’s gotta hurt. All right [get] [changed] man. I won
Wait, no dude. That’s my lucky
Get out of here
Hey get out of here. All right. Well. I’m at my lucky block. I’m lucky luck. What was it [oh], no?
Oh, that’s not that unlucky. Oh lightning stroke alrighty cool at least go try your unlucky block see what it is. Oh
No, not the other one not the middle one. What is it no because you’re not that wait reeve ah
Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it for you
Never mind apparently all right. You know what I’ll do the other block your aunt. Oh, yeah, oh
Hello, oh
That’s not bad. I’m gonna parkour down here and say, what’s up? Oh no, no?
I know, I should have all right
Do you want to show them the other [thing] that you know that thing I want to show them
We’re gonna show you that thing
Let’s do yeah, what thing no? I don’t I don’t think it’s a but thing. It’s a little creepy actually
Well where we at where it’s a cool place. I’m gonna teleport non Cowboy. Do you boom I teleported to you? All right?
So wait where is he that we wanted to show them. I don’t think this is it man over there. We’re
[there] all right, we’re going on a trip
Not in a rocket ship
Not in a sky
Little Chasey man
What is this? Oh hello, Skeleton? How [are] [you] doing today? Oh, well drew ow
[wow], I’ve never met such an unfriendly Skeleton before I knew I could I cut that that little path right there
I did that guy’s it’s really cool [that] there is a skeleton. I’m not gonna Lie [got] a little scared
Why is that it is that the thing that we made?
Okay, so basically the thing we wanted to show you. Oh. Yeah, this is it
The face I did you yes when you press J. We got all sets [here]. We?
jump jump
Ma let’s see go do it jason boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom and
Then he’s on slime where he can jump some more, but yes
we have this chip mod and [Jase] wanted out geoff bowes in my head like uh
Feels so good look at the bows in my head [am] I going to be okay doctor?
Anyways Chase wanted to show you this cool little mod?
Where we can just do this and jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump we at the top
With we at the top so all I have to do is hold down my spacebar. [what] are you doing?
When I press J
What is this to do flying wall jump on jumping type limited?
Unlimited display bar above food use jump key on circle mode on I don’t no idea what this is but let’s check it out
Let’s check it out boom boom
Show fGT verse
Thank you so much for watching our random video filled with random things in Minecraft the result chases idea literally gumball machine
Fantasia Titanic Lucky blocks and
the wall jumping Mod, right
It’s so toasty in that fireplace. I think I’ll just cook some fish
I’m going in ah
Oh, no, wait. What what happened the fire?
place is a
secret magical Trapdoor
Demonstrate Chase, huh do it. He doesn’t know what Eman strait means
Boom and then you walk [downstairs] to where there’s a creepy cake that says this cake is a lie
What [know] what?
Thank you guys so much for watching make sure you thumbs up the video
We’ll check you later and peace out bit of lip pop, but a little bit

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