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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

new at 10:00 a Tucson woman says she recently had a couple of bikes stolen from her house she was able to get them back pretty quickly but she says Tucson police were no help and she’s concerned there may be a serial bike thief in her neighborhood news for Tucson Sarah Fink joins us live in studio with our story Erik John this to Sonnen coming to us after two bikes were lifted from her home she spotted both of them at a nearby park and she says thieves are out there and they’re not scared of getting caught Carrie venire lives near Santa Rita Park I noticed on Friday night that one bike was missing from my house and then later that night two bikes were missing from my house Carrie says the first place she looked the next day the park thought I’d check I was sort of surprised I thought it would probably be in pieces I didn’t think it would be that easy on Saturday night she went back to the park she says she confronted the man who had her husband’s bike she called Tucson police hoping they’d help make sure she got her bike back without any hassle but she could wait long I didn’t know how long the police would take to get here and it wasn’t a friendly situation and I had my toddler girl with me and I just needed to get out of there but I didn’t want to leave the bike behind so I threw it into the back of my car and the next day she called TPD to get escorted to the park to continue looking for the second bike four hours later she says she canceled the call because an officer never showed up hours after that she spotted the second bike sitting in the baseball fields in the park she called the police again but says they never came Carrie says an officer showed up at her door 15 hours later to finally take a report they can do better there are people committing crimes knowing that the police probably will not show up and there’s no reason for that now a TPD spokesman tells me that when Carrie called police Saturday night that call was taken down as quote fight brewing tpc says it doesn’t want to downplay Carrie situation at all but in her case it was a low priority call live tonight I’m Eric Franke news for Tucson John the

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