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This list based on 3 factors: Critic reviews,user
ratings and my personal assessment.Have a good time. The fifth game on our list is Colin Mcrae
rally, 2.O. This is a truly remarkable ps1 racing game. Honestly I prefer it to Gran Turismo 2 because
its game play is really addictive, challenging. But this game has The most long living drive
game ever made. Graphic is still awesome and, for a smart
balance between simulation and playability, it still remains a great game, funny and challenging. Number 4 spot goes to the Need For Speed,
High Stakes. This game is one of the best racing games
for ps1. I spent hours on celtic ruins avoiding the
police spike strips and road blocks. Driving around at more than 100 mph and driving
great looking vehicles. Porche’s,ferrari’s, and the awesome orange
mclaren what a prize it was to win it all. So Need for speed high stakes is a great playstation
1 game. And the third game on our list is Wipeout
XL. This game is great. The difficulty ramps up quickly, and unlocking
everything is a true pat yourself on the back accomplishment. The soundtrack is also impressive. If you like electronic music, then you will
enjoy this games great mucics. This is also one of the Fastest ps1 racing
games that I can ever recall playing. The sense of speed is jaw dropping on the
highest difficulty. Wipeout XL is definitely one of the best ps1
games of all time. The second game on our list is Crash Team
Racing. This is the best kart racing game on ps1. I’ve been playin this game since i was 9 and
it never gets old. The music is great and tracks are so fun. This game is so awesome i went out of my way
to get platinum relics for all the tracks. This so much more fast pace than mario kart. The adventure is much fun especially if you
unlock the bosses. And the number 1 spot goes to the Gran Turismo
2. This is the best racing game on PlayStation
1. Also, one of the best ps1 games ever. You are a driver who participates in races
to buy new cars, install upgrades on cars. It takes many dozens if not hundreds of races
until you can buy the best car in the game. However, despite the modest number of race
tracks, the races don’t feel too repetitive because they feel different at different speeds. Sometimes they are reversed, or some parts
of the track are different, and there are also “endurance” races where your tires wear
out and you run 25+ laps. The game is overall pretty hard and the physics
of the cars feels realistic. It is simply a masterpiece.

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