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– [MrMacRight] Some big racing games have started to land on macOS. Let’s take a look, at
what’s on offer for us. For reference all of these
games have been played and recorded on a 2018 15 inch MacBook Pro with an external Black Magic EGVU. So without further ado, here are the best Mac racing games of 2019. Starting at Number seven we have Gravel. On the 18th January 2019, Mac gaming publisher Virtual Programing released Gravel to macOS. I’ve already put a few
hours into this game now, and I actually enjoy it. Gravel is a decent off-road
racing game that is challenging, exciting and doesn’t look to bad either. It doesn’t have the
most realistic graphics, instead it’s more
cartoony, but I don’t mind. The biggest downside to
the macOS version of Gravel is that it requires a
very powerful Mac to run. You’ll need an Intel Core
i5 or better processor, eight gigabytes of RAM and
four gigabytes of VRAM. For instance, my MacBook
Pro with the EGPU connected can only run this game at about 1080p, medium settings and gets around 40 FPS. It’s completely playable, but as I said, to enjoy this game, you’ll
need a powerful new Mac with dedicated graphics. (engines roaring) Number six we have Trailblazers. This game reminds me of
Splatoon mixed with Wipeout. As you race, you paint the
track with your own color. Racing over your color gives you a boost, and you can shoot your
paint at other racers to knock them out. It’s a very unique arcade
racer, that is for sure. It also has cross platform
multiplayer, however, there doesn’t appear to
be many players-online, but the split screen mode is super fun, and the single player
mode is still always good. Trailblazers isn’t going
to blow anyone away, but it’s super fun to
just pick-up and play and have a good time. One downside is that you have
to use a gaming controller to play Trailblazers,
like a PS4 controller, that’s what I use, it
has no keyboard support. Also, this is a fairly demanding game, and is best played on
Macs from 2014 and up. But I can’t confirm that, that’s a guess. (upbeat music) Number five is MXGP3. In late November 2018, Virtual Programing ported MXGP3 to Mac. The only other decent
motorbike racing game for ages was Road Redemption; however, thanks to Virtual Programing, this is now the best motorbike
racing game on macOS finally. The gameplay is fun and challenging, and the graphics look top notch, especially when racing in the mud tracks. Players can race on heaps of tracks in single player or online
against other players. You can also customize your bike with over 300 official components. MXGP3 is another very
demanding game like Gravel, so it will only work well on new Macs with dedicated graphics. (engines roaring) Number four we have Horizon Chase Turbo. This is a racing game,
which is heavily inspired by classic 80s and 90s racing titles like, Out Run, Lotus
Turbo Challenge, Top Gear, Rush, and many more. It offers tons of content
here such as 12 cups, 48 cites, 109 tracks, unlockable
cars and heaps of upgrades. The racing gameplay is fairly simple but does offer challenges
as each curve in the road and lap you complete, is fast paced. Horizon Chase Turbo also
offers split screen support, across all games modes. There is a version of this game
available on mobile devices, but this version is not a mobile port, it has been completely redesigned for a PC experience with more features, enhanced 16-bit graphics, and
resolution support up to 4K. Also, there is a demo of
this game available on Steam, and this game is not demanding at all, which means most Macs can play it. Number three is DiRT 4. Later in 2019, Mac game
publisher Feral Interactive are porting DiRT 4 to our platform. On their website they have
not announced anything about the macOS port, i.e. in it’s regards to its macOS requirements, if it will support cross-platform play, it most likely will though,
and it’s official release date. Regardless of this, I am
super excited to play DiRT 4, as DiRT 3 was a great game,
and has sadly been removed from the Mac platform a few years ago. I expect it will be very well optimized, as it will be utilizing
Metal 2, I suppose. So hopefully it can work on
some older Mac hardware too. Number two we have F1 2017. Running F1 2017, on my
2018 15-inch MacBook Pro, I couldn’t help but notice
how gorgeous this game looks, and how well optimized it is, running at the highest settings
and almost reaching 60 FPS. While, F1 2017 was released
for Mac in late 2017, it is still a great game, and
deserves to be on this list. Let’s hope Feral port F1
2018 or the upcoming F1 2019 to macOS in the near future. Remember, F1 2017 is a demanding game, so it’s best played on
Macs from 2016 and up, or 15-inch MacBook Pros or
iMacs with dedicated graphics. (engines roaring) And finally, Number
one we have DiRT Rally. Thanks to Feral once again, we have another amazing racing
game for us, DiRT Rally. It was ported to Mac in late 2017. The great thing about this game is that most of you can play it, as it works on almost all
Macs from 2012 and up. Feral optimized this game
so well utilizing Metal and I have to give them props. Running it on my MacBook
Pro, you have to agree that it looks fantastic, amazing. Even on my 2013 MacBook Air, it doesn’t look outstanding
but it’s acceptable and it runs at a locked 30
FPS, it’s very playable. Feral actually automatically
set the performance of DiRT Rally based on your Mac hardware. It’s great what they’ve done here. (engines roaring) Here is a bonus racing
game you might enjoy. If you’re looking for a free racing game, look towards SuperTuxKart, it has very similar gameplay
style to Mario Kart. It’s super fun, challenging and will run on any Mac out there. It had a stable release back in late 2017. What do you think of
these new racing games? I’m pretty impressed with
the quality of racing games we are receiving these days. If you liked the video,
please leave a like and subscribe if you
want to see more content about new Mac games. Thanks for watching, bye bye.

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  1. I have a 2017 MacBook Air (13 inch) is there anything I can use (such as an external gpu) to make my gaming experience better? I believe it only has a thunderbolt 2 rather than 3 port, so I don’t know of anything I can use with my MBA

  2. Anyone knows if one of these games has split screen option for 2 players mode ? seems most recent car games don't have this option anymore…

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