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Hello everybody my name is Kyle Coronado;
aka the Walmart version of Linus Tech Tips Today we got a sweet-ass build going on here. We’re building a brand new 4k video editing/gaming pc.
We have a lot of good parts here that we’ll go over in the future, but if
you’re new here this video and channel is all about technology video
production how we can get better improving your own personal life so if
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content. the reason why we’re actually doing a whole other computer build is
on a previous video I talked about how my current set-up has reached its full
capacity when it comes to the CPU we had an Intel i7 4770k in there which was from
2012. which at the time was really good and probably the best out there but it’s
2020 now and this is a build that’s gonna cost roughly $2,000 and there’s
way better parts here I started off the build with the Ryzen 9 3900 X. This is
basically one of the best CPUs out there on a budget and it’s something that I
knew I wanted to build starting off with so that’s why I picked the Ryzen 9. Next
we needed something to house the Ryzen 9 so I picked the Asus prime X 570-pro
motherboard here. There are so many different options I would
here that I wasn’t sure what to pick but this one was a good option for me it
seemed like it would kind of fit and although I wasn’t a fan of the RGB at
first everything was coming RGB with all the parts so I figured I might as well
just go into it that way I think he might as well just accept the RGB and
get the tempered-glass soundproof case here which is going to be the Phantek p400s good case I hope it’s everything that we
needed to be for RAM we went with the 64 gigabytes of the Corsair Vengeance Pro
RGB lighting ddr4 the reason why I went with 64 gigabytes is like I said this is
going to be a 4k editing computer and I use Adobe and Adobe will use every
single gig of ram that you give it so the more the merrier for video editing
we just have a basic power supply that’ll meet our needs we have some SSDs
we’re gonna throw in here and I skipped on the graphics card because I already
had a graphics card I have the geforce gtx 1070 founders edition so
instead of spending another 500 bucks which would have made this build about 1500
we’re just gonna go with that so all in all everything that you see here – the
graphics card is about $2000 so if you have about $2,000 or if you have a whole
graphics card you can build a set up that’s very similar to this one and
we’ll go into each step and kind of get that going here now what you’re about to witness right
here is why you want to do a bench test first we had a boot failure due to an
improperly seated Ram stick so as soon as we got that up and running we’re
booted up and ready to go all right we got the computer running
here we bench tested it everything’s looking good so now the real part comes
in cable management is something that should not be taken lightly in fact I
recommend just removing all cables that you can and organizing them to the best
of your ability this is something that is very hard to do and to execute
flawlessly it is uh it’ll help make your build look very clean if you choose to
do it I mean if you can see here I even cleaned up after that. I installed a few more hard drives and SSDs in there to make data storage a
little bit better if you guys stuck around this long I
just want to thank you please be sure to subscribe comment your thoughts below
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    Vibin bruh like omm you crazy for dis like bruh Walmart brand Linus hahaha dat was so funny I laughed so hard hahaha. (Sarcasm) but still lit vid fam on g

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