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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

hi everyone I’m xanthe and today I’m
going to do a fashion show I love this game series of this assignment okay I
love love love rocket rock stars I mean they’re so this is that here that she
said you can make some match don’t be afraid to make a match
oh my goodness look at these look at these oh my goodness whoo I’m going to
have so much oh my goodness Wow I mean I absolutely love love love love rock and
roll oh my goodness I can’t wait to see the practice okay okay oh wow oh wow
leopard parrots I love leopard print oh my goodness oh wow oh wow
love this they totally know we oh wow oh look at that I think I’m going to put whatever I mean I absolutely love this
wow this is so cool I can’t tell you how much you love this wait now my favorite
time wait how about that come okay good love this and I love this – OH – oh my
goodness I love leopard print and doggie and doggie paws on this adorable
oh well oh wow this is awesome Wow I love it I absolutely love it
I know this rock this is a really rock and roll but who cares so awesome men my
favorite turret wait my man I like this I’m going to do sticker done and now
this wasn’t too exciting this one but I can do a little bit of a belt like
I usually do usually do this so and then I can get another sticker and make it
look so cool oh I love music with that music I can just put it randomly music
everywhere we know now my music where is it see I absolutely love stickers and I
love music so it all works out for me isn’t this awesome okay okay okay I’m
going to do the long pants in this top now this top now yes okay okay okay I
love this I love this – okay okay I’m going to make this
hunting oh wow oh I totally know what I am going to make the pockets I may do
this but it’s too blue I love leopard print probably know that by now it’s
still I loved leopard print I absolutely love it sorry fray here I sound a little crazy
but I just love her Trent and like everything right now it’s just awesome I
love it right now I do not care about like messing up because wow if you saw
me smile right now like if you saw me right now I would be like super crazy
because this kind of rock’n’roll stuff so yeah I’m totally gonna do one of
these girls oh my gosh okay I’m doing a star like stars everywhere like this
deserves stars I mean wow I love I love it
star in each one of these pockets this is this awesome
I will like have stars everywhere superstar I’m a superstar everyone’s a
superstar now where’s that superstar yeah superstar superstar I super stars
for super sir cuz I am a super star Wow where did my sticker go yay do do do
do do turn hmm guess what I’m using
leopard-print are you surprised probably not probably not yeah okay I
just absolutely love I’m going to do a dog make a big doggy pot out of this I think this side that I think that looks
like a doggy pop to me it does I mean to you probably not but I love
leopard church so just going to have some fun with it
there we go okay now stickers doggy paws definitely turn me go crazy here because
I think that craziness pays off like really pays off I love pink ribbit don’t
lie I understand Oh stars oh wow this dress is going to be a hit I don’t have
any favorites right here because I just absolutely like you may think I’m over Darius and then
that means that you’re right because I am kind of over James this dress is car like old weird okay now the back it means oh yes I
forgot to do this no way hot isn’t this just awesome don’t you just love it yeah
I know okay now this is going to be a trail of kisses because I don’t know
just because I want to have a trail of kisses oh wow look at that she even said
that looks perfect I love this look what a cool outfit it
will be perfectly perfect for the show what a fabulous sign yep I’m copying
everything she says because then you can hear it
yep doop doop doop do yep farmy is going to be doing all these because I think
she deserves it I mean she is the best oh my goodness oh my goodness look at
this they even have it in leopard print oh my goodness oh my goodness wait
Scizor eyes I think I love that look I absolutely know another I like the long
hair I don’t I don’t I don’t like that alright now I like this
don’t you love all of these hairs TAS oh I like that it looks like she has
messed up hair on purpose like it is but like it looks like not messed up hair
but you know what I mean like it looks cool right yeah like she didn’t say that
I say look at this oh my goodness Wow okay next a look music music I like the
straight look I mean no no I like to like a pigtail she did say that she we
can mix and match or that hair styled totally rocks
I take her any price she has good of things
she’s cool that way I love Barbie I actually play with Barbies if you didn’t
know that it’s cool I don’t care if you guys know that you guys are my friends that is why I do not mind you know it I
love those shoes yeah not really see you know that maybe
they have some other shoes for you Bobby because this one it just doesn’t feel
right I don’t like it no I like the darker
ones yeah that looks cool that looks uh sir love it now I don’t love it great
color that will look awesome on the runway okay fine fine if you insist the
models are all set to go when you’re ready to come with us eh
click the filter button to start the show yeah I know oh this is a four I was
yummy that is a star and it’s about ‘some I got I like that
Oh actually that that that that looks kind of nice nan not too not bright
enough from me oh my goodness Oh My yes look at that
look I mean seriously look at it actually I like that I love that oh wow
I love it too dark look looked okay listen yeah for this one I will do two pictures I
love this Barbie and this Barbie and let’s rock and roll dude okay guys are you sober ready to say
this oh listen wanna be a rock star you’ll
need to dress like one first so let’s check out this see it counts a piece DTD pointing their
elbows are this is my favorite way I would totally
went to absolute like hers like in real life everyone does this move at just at
the first one she was going to do a weak links there I tried to get it
I like okay to see they all do that same move in the
start if you’re that corner right there is not good place to do the wake look two pieces in all of the Winx well
that was all I hope you enjoyed it don’t forget to watch more videos and have a
nice day bye

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