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Backworlds is a cute puzzle game with some
light platforming. It has an exciting paintbrush mechanic that
exposes a different dimension. Useful if something in the other dimension
will help you with your current puzzle. It’s pretty cool! So you control the brush with your mouse,
and you’re free to paint anywhere on the screen. With the mouse wheel, you can change the size
of the brush too. Now all the puzzles are about physics or physical
objects. For example, you can make a platform solid
so you can drag a block over it. Or put a block on the platform and erase the
floor to make it fall. Or paint to create a wall that blocks an enemy. That’s where some of the control over brush
size comes in handy. I’ve painted myself inside a block a few times,
but by only erasing certain parts of it, I got free. The game isn’t that particular though, there
are no fail states. Resetting the puzzle area is as simple as
removing all the exposed other dimension. There are a ton of games that claim you can
solve the puzzles any way you want, and Backworlds is no different. Yet, I actually feel like I did it my way. Since I can be as creative as I want with
the solution. So even if there is only one way to solve
the puzzle, it’s fun to have done it with the solution I came up with. Although I imagine it’s probably not the best
solution. Side note, there are views into the other
dimension that are revealing. You can see what looks like a map and a town. It’s neat. My favorite aspect of Backworlds is the way
the levels are structured. Each screen is a new level, and it would have
been all too easy to put each one behind a menu. Like most games do, which is dull. Instead, they’re all connected, and the game
lets you teleport around the map. I love the more natural layout, and the map
is useful. You’re also free to explore anywhere you want,
the game doesn’t lock down the levels. Instead, your reward for completing a puzzle
is a splotch of color, which is specific to the four areas of the game. Collect enough, and a door opens. At first, I expected these to halt your progress,
but nope. They lead to a boss. Rewarding expert puzzle gamers with a more
difficult puzzle is so smart. More puzzles are what puzzlers want! One other thing to note is that after the
beginning area painting turns into a way to get around. For example in one of the areas it shifts
the gravity. So you need to paint to make your character
walk on the ceiling. Overall, Backworlds is fun and has a lot of
great puzzles. The painting is a joy to use, and I had a
lot of fun using it. I even felt like a cheated the game a little
by cutting a corner with my excellent skills. So it’s a chill puzzle game, and if you like
playing more physical puzzle games, then this would is pretty good.

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