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hello I would like to show you a cool game that you can find go the few pooped home page will be able to come
and you click on images here last your own
Google Images now and do type in out atari breakkout and you hit Search now see what happens now you’re playing a game it is this old
school game everybody knows it , it’s fun to play so now I’m using my mouse or the keyboard to
left to right now I missed its so I get five flags as I C and to well I will keep playing so if you like to put in descriptions I’m
learning how many points if you achieve scored a family game and its see you next time by

15 thoughts on “Atari Breakout Game Online Tutorial – Atari Google Breakout – How To Play Atari Breakout

  1. i got 201, I have to say, that atari breakout keeps me playing and playing, its kind of addictive, but I have some time now to inspect this game more than ever 🙂

  2. Ich spiels grad auch zum ersten mal, aber bin bei 6074 Punkten, nur 2 Leben verloren, hab aber irgendwie halt kein Bock mehr :DDD 

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