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‘Arriving – Gravity Puzzle Game’ by chlova
is (you guessed it) a physics based puzzler and a hard one to enjoy as well. Despite the
relatively intuitive controls and occasionally clever physics interactions, getting the game
to execute even the simplest of actions can be a frustrating trial. To pass each level you’ll need to collect
all the glowing crystals by bumping and controlling a spherical egg. A baseline score slowly ticks
down in value, providing a timer of sorts, while objects can be generated in the level
simply by drawing them. There’s no specific limit in the amount of objects that can be
drawn, though a bar of energy will deplete while drawing to limit the size of them. The
interaction between these drawn shapes can be quite clever and complex depending on your
drawing skills, though most often you’ll use closed shapes to bump the egg around the screen
while open lines act as barriers and platforms for getting around the level. Regrettably this isn’t as easy as it sounds
and drawing shapes that are functional can be a trial in and of itself, let alone solving
the puzzle placed before you. This becomes all the more frustrating when levels force
you to act quickly thanks to ramps and rotating platforms that force you to act hastily, resulting
in jagged lines and bizarre solid objects. Time, patience and a bit of luck can overcome
these shortcomings, but the constant stop/start progression quickly wears thin and the joy
of success is replaced with bitter elation that you’ve defeated another level in spite
of the game’s mechanics. If you’re hard-pressed to fill that physics
based hole in your gaming heart, Arriving may provide some temporary relief, but it’s
a hard game to recommend to anyone else at this time.

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  1. are there going to be other people doing the reviews someday? because I don't see myself liking the videos as much without you doing them.

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