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Coming up I’ve been building a nice zoo you can live in… forever Don’t underestimate a redstoner! *Stay till the end for the best parts Doesn’t have to be survival of the fittest. We can chose survival of all You’re so naive… that’s why you lose All characters and story are fictional There’s this villager I must have These villagers they’re completely new and they have this strange obsession of traveling around and collecting the most rare and powerful items Let me tell you… hunting down these villagers are among the most profitable things to do. And guess what? Their only defense is usually a single llama and a few special potions Essentially all they can do was run *Minecraft players are laughing Invaders! So the shield can absorbs damage and he can reflected back at will. *Special game weapon mechanics Ah! The chest sticking to his back! What up with this physics! I super glued it to myself so people can’t steal it! Go secure the minecraft llama Right! I found you Hurry! Get out of here We’ll likely encounter those players who reside with the mobs This will be our chance to see what they can do what show them. Show them the difference between us You play dirty don’t you!? Whoo, I’m just farming… farming noob minecraft players He he I love doing that! I spotted him. He’s two chunks east from your location *players can communicate through private voice chats – looks like telephany for non player characters (NPC) Got it! Where you going!? Wandering Villager! Players are such odd creatures. They all look and behave so differently. Some are hostile, while some seem friendly? Or is this a deception? There is such a large variety yet all categorize as the same? This is not correct… Never thought I be forced into a situation like this… And I have no more supplies left Could this get any worse? What am I going to do? We players. We’re not all the same! Promise you there’ll come a day where we’ll all get along. So please hurry and get out of here How many snipers can they have? Hey over here, it’s really safe. Come on Come with me! I’ve been building a nice zoo you can live in… forever Oops I did not mean to say that out loud It will be really fun! for me he he this place is too dangerous! I’ll go collect animals else where And unlike that we’ll have an ace up our sleeve which will guarantee our victory Oh boy! A pvp (player vs player) battle! My favorite! *minecraft animation form There’s a guy charging the front lines alone! Take him out. Huh? 1 diamond for 1 cooke only for today -special deal *mrfudgemonkeyz makes realistic cats sound. Way better than a real cat You noob you thought you could go in by yourself, huh? Wait, why did his items drop? *player respawn This enchanted bed allows the player who sleeps in it To re-spawn within two chunks of the beds location. In addition, it allows the player to keep their inventory But the limits are still unknown. These new items they must be thoroughly tested Hehehe! I’ll show you why it was a mistake to face me! Taking down won’t work! They just re-spawn! We have to trap them! Leave it to me! Stop it! You can’t beat me I’m professional gamer Don’t underestimate a red stoner! *Funny animation on purpose This isn’t good he’s been hit with too many paralyzing arrows and we don’t have any remedy here. We’re barely fending them off as it is We have to stop seeing each other as enemies! It won’t help the situation! Pay no attention to him. He’s nothing but a traitor. There are many player groups. They may merged or dissolve depending on perceived benefit/conflict I have to do what I believe is right! If you discover something new that you find is true. You have to change your actions to align with that! What’s it means to have integrity with yourself! Why can’t you compromise with us? We players are fundamentally different from every other thing in this world You have to understand that this This world was designed for us! The players! This game was made for us All I wish to do is to restore this world back to how it was meant to. Can’t you see that you will benefit from this? Not all players are the same! We are not bound by fate. We can choose how we play this game We can decide how we live our lives. We can choose to coexist with everyone else It doesn’t have to be survival of the fittest. We can choose survival of all Yes, and we the resistance, the true players of this world We choose for our players to be at the top! For players to be first Can’t you see that our victories is inevitable? We players… we have the ability to re-spawn! And with the proper items. We can choose where we come back to life We are basically immortal We accumulate and retain skill and experience over time. A player who has hundreds of hours of combat experience It is like he has lived hundreds of lifetimes purely honing his fighting skill. We are simply on another level Why do we have to follow this weird looking girl? She is our ally who is guiding us to safety apparently When are we going to divide the land up? I like to mark it on my maps The purpose of our travels is to form a government with the others Hey you green one. You should trade with me! 🙂 my trade is quite reasonable and afforable Customers? It’s true as you said… We players. We’re blessed with certain advantages. So why? why would you use your blessing to cause harm to others… and not spread Joy? We players! We have a responsibility to use our abilities wisely! For the benefit of all! You can’t just think about yourself! Greed will lead to hatred and this hatred will lead to endless conflict. Don’t you want to live in a peaceful world? Where violence doesn’t exist? Where everyone has a enough? Where we all can get along? Because I can see your plan will never work! Your strategy will not feasible. How can you prevent division? the natural separation of all the mobs and all the players? There are simply two categories of life form in this game. players and NPCs (non player characters) That is why there will never be peace among us An NPC are not my equal. In this new world. We won’t hide our differences. We’ll come to accept each other. We won’t hide what happened We’ll acknowledge it and strive for something better. Because I have a dream. That’s there’s a brighter future waiting for us… for all of us. We just have to have the faith and grab it! It’s unfortunate. You players who side with the mobs. You could have been part of the winning side. Part of the players, but you choose to be garbage You’re so naive. That’s why you loose Ah! He was distracting us! I got him. Let’s go. There’s no need to finish them they’ll come to understand it’s better to join us because the weak they always follow the strong I spectate there are traitors among them. Besides they have many enemies searching for them. Maybe even more than us This is my fault… I should have known. Grave has been stocking up special items. *Willibear123 is an ex-member of Resistance clan, while Grave is the main leader of the Resistance clan. He must have acquire one which allows to transport those large TNT cannons so quickly. How can I convince them? How can I convince everyone to disarm if they’re so scared that they keep accumulating more weapons? Is it that hard? To put your trust in others? Be sure to support MrFudgeMonkeyz and watch more funny minecraft animations on his channel MrFudgeMonkeyz create Annoying Villagers minecraft animations every month or two Subscribe to MrFudgeMonkeyz for more animations!

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy this one! How does it compare to the previous episodes? Have an awesome rest of your day/night <3! Yes Annoying Villagers 42 is being worked on! Thanks for being so patient! Be sure to join the discord server and patreon if you like 🙂

  2. Wow your animation is so good and your storytelling is amazing, every time I'm bored I watch ur video cause they hilarious

  3. I have to re-watch 3 times just to understand the combat mechanics in this animation.Gotta say,it's one of if not to say the BEST animtion that have the combat mechanics in it.Good work MrFudgeMonkeyz,good work…

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