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Hey everyone welcome to the very first episode
of Minecraft Enchanted Oasis! My name is Cupquake and I am super duper excited for season 2
of Oasis. So, before I get started I just wanted to clear anything up for you guys.
I released the trailer and I think some of you guys were confused, thinking that this
is going to be a pure multi player, um, series, which its not! Im gonna just go ahead and
start doing the basics while I just go ahead and talk to you guys about this stuff and
hopefully we dont run into any monsters cause I am … not prepared. Uh, so! Uh Enchanted
Oasis is a collaborative minecraft series between myself and three other girls. Those
girls being Mittymoxx
LDShadowLady and Vengelfe.

25 thoughts on ““A MAGICAL WORLD” Minecraft Enchanted Oasis Ep 1

  1. When you can't find any fresh and fun series/minecrafters so you rewatch the og minecraft youtubers who uploaded that wonderful minecraft content.

  2. Praying that Cupquake will return to her roots soon and get back to playing Minecraft 😓 this, Oasis and her original series were my CHILDHOOD

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