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seven ways to prank girl one two three
four who just so happens to be new one two three four girlfriend let go let go
minute the first break we are pulling on girl 1 2 3 4 is the disguise prank I
also call it the bait and switch but the first thing that we need to do to get
her out of her houses I’ve got a few blocks of TNT over here which will
hopefully lure her away where is she where is she right now yeah there she is
you can see it in there right now with her chicken farm we’re going to explode
these TNT and hopefully she’s going to come running over here to check it out
she loves her chickens and she will do literally anything to protect them
alright the TNT has been set what what was that well oh there she is there I
see your nametag oh this is perfect this is perfect
alright and go go go go we have a limited amount of time ladies and
gentlemens you execute this prank this break is a little bit over the top
unfortunately I’m going to have to slave the girly chickens
I’m sorry chickens I promise I will turn you into delicious chick-fil-a so you
are not going to waste oh man alright I feel kind of bad doing this I’ve got
these special creepers that don’t actually attack me and what we’re going
to do is we are going to disguise them as chickens I know you might be
wondering how is that even possible let me show you in order to graph the
disguise for that we’re going to use we’ve got special magicite or and you
put a stick on the bottom and it creates not even getting a chicken disguise er
all we have to do with this is if we literally right-click the creepers they
turn right back into chickens you can’t even tell they even make the same
chicken sounds unfortunately though when girl one-two-three-four comes back in
here they are going to be acting like creepers I want to have the best seat in
the house when she comes back in to feed her chickens so I have created a fake
seat what’s not a fake ceiling it’s a real ceiling but I want to be able to
watch when she comes back in to feed her chickens let’s go yeah there she is girl
1 2 3 4 is on the move we’re gonna climb up the ladder we got to stay sneaked we
cannot get caught we still have six other pranks to pull on girl 1 2 3 4 she
said she got the chicken some food I wonder
what fuchi is going to feed them oh come on oh my gosh dude why are these not a
thing in the vanilla version of Minecraft if you could transform passive
mobs into any kind of hostile mob that would just be epic this by the way is my
secret base in case you were wondering and the reason we’re here is because we
are making silverfish dirt that is right normally it’s like the blocks but we can
make it with dirt if we have the right items which I believe I do down here in
the base somewhere oh here it is infested stone bricks so we’re gonna
take a bunch of these because what we have to do to make this we have to put
the dirt inside of the middle surround it with the infested stone bricks and
then you get invested dirt dude noobs like to build their house with dirt why
I don’t know maybe because it’s cheap and easy it doesn’t make a whole lot of
sense now we’re gonna have to make a little bit more invested dirt but this
is a great starting boy and oh hold on hold on and we’re definitely going to
want an invisibility potion so we can spectate the madness that happens just
in case you thought I was lying to you check this out we’re going to do a test
of the dirt block when you break it you’re give the silverfish just like the
infested stone bricks if we put infested stone bricks around her house it would
be way too obvious we cannot do that can you? thank you so much
silverfish I do need everybody’s help right now if this is going to work I
need you to take the device you’re watching this video on turn it like this
and make that red subscribe button gray capiche you did it okay good now we
could start to replace her house with all of this dirt it is going to take
some time but don’t worry the power of editing and what I’m going to do is
right here at the entrance of her house is where I’m gonna place a lot of the
dirt blocks because I want her to break these and you know hopefully she will
get swarmed with silverfish I don’t know if it’s going to work but I think it is
ladies and gentlemen do not ask me how long it took to place all of this
infested dirt but now if we break even one of these they turn into silver
Vishal I’m going to replace that okay I gotta get rid of these silverfish Oh
now that we cleaned all that back up time to drink the potion I am never ever
going to punch another infested block of dirt for the breath of my life where is
our girl there she’s coming in from the forest with literally nothing in her
hands oh she’s suspicious don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious
break the door wait she’s seeing dirt she loves dirt ladies and gentlemen thing that just happened to us is
happening to girl one two three four this is so many fish not even I could
kill all of these silverfish oh my god she’s breaking more this is awful oh my
gosh I think her entire next paycheck is
going towards a pest control surface you’re not ready for this next prank
ladies and gentlemen I’m not even ready for this next prank this once again has
something to do with creepers I just love creeper pranks I feel like they fit
so well in Minecraft what we’re going to do is we are going to make a bunch of
dumb blocks just like this we can wait no but we’ll get more more diamond
blocks I I think 13 is is is enough no you know what we could go bigger more
diamonds that should be plenty 27 diamond blocks will make any newb or pro
flip out actually you don’t use diamond blocks for this recipe you just use a
regular diamonds but you surround the mob spawner and of course this one’s a
creeper spawner but it gives you a creeper diamond block and no newb is
going to be able to resist the pure awesomeness of diamonds upon diamonds
abound diamonds there we go one more sets perfect we’ve got eight of you this
is awesome we’re gonna go into the secret vault that I know girl one two
three four has replace all of our diamond blocks with these blocks and
then just wait for the chaos I remember where is this secret vault I know it it
can’t be that hidden oh wait this is probably it Oh what hold on did she just
set up a password a door I don’t even what is the password to the vault I’m
not even kidding my computer password is literally one two three four right now
we’re just gonna go with the most obvious password I know it’s already
going to work I mean what did you expect from somebody who’s got one two three
four in their name which she has : here she doesn’t even have a diamond inside
of her vault so she is definitely going to freak out when she sees all of these
crazy diamonds I’ll put a couple of extras in the back just so that way it
fills the space a little bit better but this looks super legit she’s gonna come
in here and freak out we have a camera that we can place to watch all of this
happen I’m gonna I want the best seat in the house I’m gonna place the camera
right down here and if we right-click this book literally will start watching
the cameras perspective like it’s a smartphone I’m going to shut the door I
want to keep it super legit we’re gonna go back to our house pop some popcorn
and watch this chaos I’m gonna get really comfy guys I’m I’m gonna
literally just sit here on my bed yes it works this isn’t a very high quality
camera guys but that’s okay alright it’s not about the quality it’s about the
quantity or something like that I don’t know how the work the wording goes she’s
like what just happened look they’re just spawning oh no when that one’s in
the wall its glitched dude okay this could not be any more perfect
we need more yet Oh kind of bad all the coal blocks she had as well once again
we are back at the mastermind base and this time this prank is diabolical what
we’re going to need is gob webs and yes I know we’re in creative mode but that’s
okay because she left cheats enabled on the server okay I mean what do you want
me to do so what we do here is we surround the
grass blocks with cobwebs and this creates basically a feasible grass block
that can be walked through I would demonstrate it for you guys but I want
to save it for the prank when she actually walks into the grass block okay
so right here this is the purple carpet if we mind down under here you can
probably already hear it but there’s already a giant lava pit that I’ve set
up so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna place all of the dirt underneath the
carpet it’s all we have to keep replacing it oh dude look at that
we’re just phase right through it oh this is so epic I I feel like I I made a
boo-boo it’s okay it’s okay it’s going to work she has no choice at this point
but to walk through the feasible block so this is Oh actually I’m gonna mine
this out too because I don’t want it to fall there we go I just got to make sure
that there’s no way she can survive she should walk like this boom fall directly
into the lava this is the best seat in the house boy here’s something do you
guys hear that that’s the sound of footsteps yep I see the nametag come on
come on let’s go let’s go let’s go and the whole time
she has no idea I’m here I am inside of these a perfect grass blocks these might
need to come back for future prank videos ladies and gentleman because I
think in the future we could do even bigger and better pranks with these a
prank video would not be complete without changing the outside of the
house we’ve got all of these boyish blue materials that we are about to start
replacing her house with and so I don’t know if you guys saw the video already
but I once swapped brains with this girl and the only thing she could basically
build with for some reason was dirt and pink wool I don’t think she’s capable of
anything else so this should be pretty funny to see her reaction and of course
we gotta go inside let’s banner this bad boy up let’s just we’ll place them every
okay maybe that’s a little bit too many banners don’t worry I did replace the
feasible grass blocks over here so it’s back to normal this is gonna
so much better by the time we’re done with it oh my gosh she hasn’t even
replaced the chickens returned into creepers all of the beds must be the boy
blue beds yes yes we just need to decide where are
we going to put this security camera that’s got to be in a spot that’s hidden
where she can’t see it but also I want to be able to cover as much distance as
possible so maybe right here on the tree look at that that is going to cover
everything I hope anyways to get the perfect reaction that I got emoji my way
to the house come on over we’ll just get a chill right over here on the carpets
get our little camera footage and let’s go Oh what is she doing down there
what did she go mining no there’s no wait well okay she’s building way too
high you’re going to take fall damage you’re going to take fall damage oh okay
I guess she doesn’t care about fall damage
oh she’s seeing it she hates it I mean come on she’s got pink eyes basically
pink overalls there is no way she is going to like this blue boy prank like
oh she spells blue I am now going to start smelling blue that way that is
infinitely better than the way that we currently spell it oh man now she’s
going inside she’s probably looking at all the banners the blue beds
okay this took a little bit to do I’m not going to lie but still this is
perfect she hates it my pink we need to put everything that girl 1 2 3 4 and new
1 2 3 4 types and some kind of like noob dictionary so we could just like I don’t
know sell it on eBay or we got to do something with it because there’s their
spelling is just it’s perfect for this next prank we are going to let
it snow at the girl’s house let it snow so we’ve got snow blocks and what we’re
going to do is we’re going to snow her in because my assumption is she probably
has never seen snow in her entire life most noobs do not venture out of the you
know regular biomes here in Minecraft so once we plug all of this up
oh yes and we also have grade of moat don’t forget we could place a ton of
snow but that’s not the epic part if we put all of this into a crafting table
which I can thankfully just spawn I’m gonna hide it right over here we
put the cyan dye in the middle and then we surround it with snow blocks we get a
leaded snow which does something epic which you will see just here in a moment
once we finish placing down all of the snow around the girl’s house this looks
like plenty of snow to me she has no idea how to react to this I bet you okay
so I want to watch this in first person from right over here I believe she’s in
her bedroom right now sleeping three two one
BAM oh that was kind of scary look at it it’s beginning to snow oh we never see
this in Texas guys it’s kind of a shame it really really kind of is a shame
oh she’s getting up look let’s be honest if anybody heard that in Minecraft they
would probably wake up as well oh I don’t think she likes this what is she
she just thinks it’s white stuff no it’s snow it’s no oh she jumped on it oh she
did not like that it was probably way too cold for her where is she going
she says oMG look a lot of people pay to live in this kind of stuff okay if
anything I’m doing her a massive favor is that a lava bucket
what is she no no okay was it really that cold was Elsa really
that mean to you that you had to drown yourself in lava for the final prank
which I know you’ve all been waiting for we are going to move girl one two three
fourths house in to the nether I know and what we’re doing right now is we are
sizing the house up because I need to know exactly how tall it is how wide it
is and how many blocks it is if we want to perfectly make a copy that’s going to
exist and live in the nether we’re going into the nether now to find a perfect
Island to spawn it in oh yeah this is it right here chief ladies and
gentlemen surrounded by lava no way to get up back to the rig of the area
unless she has building blocks with her which I doubt she does let’s be honest
at this point she left cheats on her server and still hasn’t even used
creative to do anything it kind of polkas in my mind we’re in girl 1 2 3 4
house Oh except were in the nether that’s her hide we faced at the entire
thing here and when she walks outside of her door bad things gonna happen to her
for a second there even realize I was in the nether but
then I saw this towards the back end of her house you know we should probably do
guys let’s just just cover this up I don’t think she needs to see this now
we’re back in the overworld I’m sure this is getting a little bit confusing
but I promise it’s going to make sense surrounding a light weighted gold
pressure plate will give us to teleporting devices and I’m pretty sure
you know where this is going because what we’re going to do is we got a place
one immediately on the inside of her house when she walks in we need to be
very careful not to walk on this next one is going it right here successfully
we have created the teleporter this thing looks awesome hopefully this
doesn’t give it away we’re gonna test this out we got to make sure it works
for science and Oh yup okay that work now this is a one-way teleportation
device ladies and gentlemen so you cannot take it back to the overworld so
she’s going to get a one-way ticket to the nether we have created the worst
looking sky base the one thing I’ve noticed is I don’t think girl ever looks
up she just usually looks down which is it anyways we just need her to go into
the portal why is she fighting her cobblestone outside come on isn’t that
supposed to be like decoration or something maybe if I spit some dirt this
way she picked it up come on walk into the portal she’s so close
don’t let all of this effort be for nothing get net oh you know what I’ve
got a potion of invisibility we’re gonna drink this up and follow her so she
doesn’t notice us okay wait where is she where did she go she
hasn’t said anything in the chat literally nothing she is inside of the
nether how does she not realize this right now yes yes but I bet I could just
sneak past her okay feel really bad now don’t forget if you come in the first 60
minutes of a new video being posted I read your comments and I teach them
right down here and keep up next time goodbye guys

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