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25 thoughts on “50 Upcoming FPS PC Games of 2018 & Beyond

  1. For fucks sake man do you not even take a passing glance at the comments section? War is pronounced with an “O” sound not an “A” sound. Good God man

  2. Look's like it's Treyarch's turn for COD this year, so I guess I will have to look elsewhere for my fps entertainment. Black Ops 3 was one of the worst fps games I have ever played.

  3. I played project 1v 1, i hope they changed it because it was just an alien looking tiny map with bad shooter mecanics kinda like doom and it sucked in my opinion

  4. Could you do a video of Top games to play while in queue? That would be awesome. I'm Top 500 on Overwatch and sometimes my queue times go up to 30min and I never know what to do or what little games to play while I need to wait.


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