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(soft music) – [BBKDragoon] What’s good
everyone, BBKDragoon here with five tips to help you
improve at any FPS game. These are geared for beginner players, so if you’re a veteran you might
not get a lot out of these, but it never hurts to brush
up on the fundamentals. With that said, let’s get into it. Number one, don’t panic
and play at your own pace. How many times have you
had a friend come over, pick up the controller for the first time, they get into an engagement and their accuracy goes out the window. It’s pretty common with new players when they get overwhelmed to completely lose track of their accuracy. Whether if it’s on mouse or controller, you can see them start flailing about when pressure is applied. It’s okay, it’s pretty
common with new players, even experienced players
can have their accuracy drop if the pressure being applied
to them is great enough. The important thing to
remember here is not to panic and to play at your own speed. Oftentimes new players will
try and play a lot faster then what they’re capable of, they wanna have that
perfect tracking accuracy, they wanna snap to target immediately and oftentimes they just don’t
have the experience to do so. The old phrase slow is
smooth, smooth is fast is super critical here. That ultimately with
practice will lead to speed, but if you’re continually
trying to play faster than what you’re capable of, your accuracy and decision-making is going to fall apart when pressured. Experience comes from
practicing the right decisions even when you may not win the engagement. New players often don’t have the accuracy, necessary to outplay veterans. However they shouldn’t
try and play so fast that they’re no longer
even hitting basic shots. So remember, stay calm, make a choice even if it’s not the right choice and follow through with
it, you don’t wanna panic, you don’t wanna flail
and you wanna just try and stay calm while making a decision. Number two, stop
sprinting into engagements and around corners and be very
careful of sprint spamming. Pretty much all modern shooters these days have a sprint mechanic, there’s a few arena shooters that don’t, but you wanna be very cautious any time games have animations
that aren’t allowing you to have your gun up, ready to fire, it’s a disadvantage to
use it at the wrong time. Sprinting around corners
is something you see all the time with fresh FPS players. You feel quicker when you’re sprinting and you wanna get back to
the other side of the map or get into an engagement
as quickly as possible, but be very careful of this, because a gun down is a missed opportunity and if you rush into an
engagement while sprinting, you have extra animation frames while your gun is getting out
of the animation for sprinting and into the ready to fire state. Oftentimes you’ll see new
players doing the sprint spam, where every time they
move, they’re making sure that they’re sprinting out of it and this can create opportunities, even if they’re ten frame windows, where you’re not able to fire, that can be the difference between winning and losing engagements. For shooters that don’t
have sprint mechanics, just be aware of what
animations or what moves, block up your ability to fire at the enemy again a gun down is a missed opportunity. Utilize sprinting with a very
intentional set of choices, whether that’s trying to get to a specific point or objective on the map, rotating for a flank, don’t
just sprint to sprint, make sure there is a
clear-cut reason to do so. Number three, positioning is key. Oftentimes new players
in respawn-based shooters will return to the place of
their last death over and over, you experienced FPS players
know this all too well, because it’s very easy to clean up players who are continually trying to get revenge. Stop returning to the place
where you last were taken down and if you’re going to
engage in that spot, at least approach it from a different flank or a different angle. It can be very tempting to
rush right back to that spot, because you know that
there’s action there, however experienced players
are going to predict this, most likely going to know the
direction you’re coming from if they have a basic knowledge of spawns and continue to take you out, don’t give the enemy
players that free momentum, utilize all areas of the
map and be unpredictable. Smart positioning can
overcome poor accuracy, so a lot of times new
players will be discouraged, saying, “I just don’t have the accuracy “to take down opponents right now” If you are positioned correctly, you can overcome lackluster accuracy if you’re in the right
place at the right time. This means making smart flanking decisions and not always engaging an opponent in a way that they’re expecting. You see really strong
battle royale players utilizing this all the time. They will flank extremely
well and engage enemies, who are unaware of where
they’re being attacked from over and over again. Number four, don’t charge at
enemies in a straight line. It can be very tempting to try and close the gap while fighting and new players tend to do this because if you’re closer to your opponent generally it’s a little bit
easier to land your shots. But when you push directly
at an enemy in a gun fight, the opponent doesn’t even
have to move their crosshairs. This is why strafing is so key, making sure that you’re
moving left and right in an unpredictable
pattern causes the opponent to have to move their crosshairs and guess where you’re going to go. It also forces them to
have strong tracking and snap-to accuracy. If you just push at
opponents in a straight line, and this happens a lot in shooters with a melee mechanic, like Halo, again, the opponent has the easiest set of shots on you possible, because they don’t even have
to move their crosshair. Remember to strafe and practice your strafing
intentionally in your gunfights. Number five, and probably
the most important one, keep your crosshairs at
head and chest height. Do not aim at the ground, this is a habit that I see
so often with new players, where their crosshairs
are aimed at the floor. I believe this happens because maybe they think they get a better line of sight and can see easier if the
gun model is out of the way, however this creates more time for you to have to snap to the target. You wanna keep your crosshairs aimed where you think the opponent will be, any time spent moving the crosshairs from the floor to the target is going to be a disadvantage for you, not only that, it’s gonna
create more situations where you need to snap-to the target instead of already being aiming where you think they are going to appear. A good way to catch this habit is to record your gameplay and watch it back. This is a tip that all FPS
players should be doing, on PC you have great
free recording options and pretty much most modern
consoles now give you the chance to livestream or record
your gameplay in some way. Recording your gameplay
and watching it back with a very strategic eye
will help you improve rapidly. Look at the gunfights where you lose and identify what went wrong. Oftentimes you can see
YouTubers and streamers improving very quickly at new titles because they’re regularly
getting the chance to watch back their gameplay
to see their mistakes and identify how they can fix them. So there are five tips to help
you improve at any FPS title, don’t panic, be careful with
sprinting, positioning is key, don’t charge at enemies in a straight line and remember to keep your crosshairs aimed where you think the opponent
will be, not at the floor.

100 thoughts on “5 quick tips to improve your aim at any FPS

  1. After watching thumbnail (Improve aim by steel series) i thought-
    They gonna say simply buy a new Steel series mouse and your aim is like a God!

  2. Thank you so much! ive always tried to shoot as fast as i can /aim as fast as i can but now i learfned that smooth is fast!

  3. I usually just play CS a lot. It’s helped my aim greatly in games like Rainbow Six Siege (mainly recoil control and flick accuracy)

  4. wtf, 5 tips to improve AIM, NOT ONE OF THEM ACTUALLY IMPROVES YOUR AIM….
    It improves your general play, but none of them impact your aim in any way!

  5. This is a fantastic video, thank you for including consoles AND Apex Legends too. I play Apex on Xbox One and this video feels like a strict nun smacking me with a ruler saying “no! Again!” Except it’s way more constructive and better than listing techniques.

    This video needs more views.

  6. In a gunfight that last longer than expected at BR games made me high adrenaline and focus way better than i normaly am..
    But after the gunfight ended, my hands started to tremble from the excitement, but it last way too long so its interfere my next gunfight..

  7. i can never kill anyone bc my accuracy sucks but one time i shot someone out of a helicopter with a mp5 in COD:MW RE

  8. 1. Stop playing any game with spread pattern. Recoil is acceptable but spread? Nope.
    2. Avoid if possible games where you cannot aim down sight or precision aim.

  9. You talk about being smooth and not trying to be faster than u really are.
    This problem is also present in players who used to be good and fast, they stop playing and then they try to comeback and do the things they used to do
    Really helped me a lot.
    I used to be faster and now I'm slower due time no playing

  10. 1. Buy a mouse and keyboard
    2. Buy a better mouse and keyboard
    3. Buy a RGB mouse and Keyboard
    4. Go to your local gun shop
    5. Head to your local school

  11. Question: How to get to Carnegie Hall?
    Answer: PRACTICE

    Another pro tip: Aim and Shoot. Don't shoot then aim. Don't panic, Take your time and place your shots. You will be surprised on how many 50/50 gunfights you will win by just concentrating your shots.

  12. Additional tipp: at far distances burst shoot… depends on weapon your using amd range of course!

    One more: in heat gunfight if mag is empty, put out that Pistole or melee and reload when in safe spot…but yeah that's really for beginners!

  13. These are actually some really solid tips. I know all of these, but its alwaya good to be thinking about. Any little advantage i can get, I'll take.

  14. I'm glad it was mentioned in this video, my accuracy and reaction time has never been good at all so outsmarting my opponent and patience is the only was I can survive in fps games. I play mostly passive especially when I know what I'm doing, sounds backwards I know but prediction and patience is the only reason my k/d is usually between a 1.5 and a 2.5 in games that I've invested a lot of time into. This always seems to be more easily doable in battlefield games rather than call of duty. Because when you pay attention call of duty has a lot of tight areas encouraging players with fast reactions to take control. While battlefield always has big maps with mostly open areas encouraging a dependency on strategy and flanks and all that. Countless times I've seen battlefield montages of a guy flanking an objective and killed 10+ people who are unaware he is even there. Much more rare to see in a COD game.

  15. Basically
    Don't panic, play at your own speed and practice correct decision making

    Be careful with sprinting and the time it takes to open a scope

    Take good position where no one finds you or have good cover

    Don't charge at enemies at a straight line, make random moves towards left and right

    Keep your cross aimed where the opponent is most likely to be, not down on the floor or up in the sky

    Ur welcome

  16. Do you mean a Gun UP is a missed opportunity??? Gun down would be down, at the hip? Right so less frames to shoot but gun up in the air is missed opportunity? Or do you mean literally a gun at the waist is a missed opportunity and you should pre aim. You lost me at " a gun down is a missed opportunity " I have no clue what you mean by "a gun down" I've tried to think of every possible thing you could logically mean and this is what I got. I think maybe you just made a minor mistake n used the wrong word? I dno help me out because up untill that point I was getting useful information, some things I knew and needed 2 be reminded of, but still! I want to m ow what u mean by that, please someone explain

  17. I feel like some of these just apply to all games not even just fps. But for some reason I still don't do any of them

  18. the first one while not the worst advice i just tired to play a halo reach pc mutiplayer match for the first time and boy was i ever beaten. it was bad like how do i play mutiplayer games at my own pace without embarassing myself( i mean in some mutiplayer games i am told i am so bad i am "wasting peoples time" by playing in mutiplayer matches)

  19. as for the aiming lower, i do that if im ever far back in the map with a large gun because i know its unlikely that im going to have to react super quickly in a fight picking people off from a distance, i think its better to have a better view

  20. I have only had aim issues on 2 games, Destiny 2 and Battlefront 2. I don't understand it, especially D2. I play a lot but I lose every engagement.

  21. i feel like strafing barely works anymore because people have improved their tracking abilities me included and it's pretty easy to track strafing but it could work

  22. I think people aim at the floor as a natural instinct (move carefully or trip IRL), and because some games like Halo point your gun straight down by default. Aiming at head height in Halo requires you to look into the sky, which I always hated.

  23. True words but unfortunately they always meet deaf ears! Because today gamers want to win at all costs! Here is an example from the Pubg Mobile; A newbie who has no experience in battleroyal wants to lead the squad! Result: all team players are dead! And the leader wonders how that could have happened! Here's a little tip for all newbies! If you have made it out of 100 players into the top 10 or even into the top 5 that you are a winner be proud of you is a great achievement!

  24. Been playing FPS games since the days of quake 3.. recently I invested into an Xbox one controller and I seriously can't find a way to play shooter games with a just feels unnatural like eating spaghetti with a fighting/racing games controller is always superior but the mouse is essential for any game that requires precious aiming

  25. I just got one of your nimbus wireless MFI controllers and its awesome, but I wish it had L3 and R3 buttons on the joysticks… but other then that I love it!

  26. one thing I always find is that once I start shooting I can't stop, it's as if I'm commited to shooting in that one place and I can't remove myself from that one position. I already know I'm dead before I even die.

  27. Im global rank and lvl 10 faceit on cs go. Won against scream, hunden, zet, pasha, ropz, forest, rpk.

    Bought a ps4… i cant even hit the right apps in the menus with the thumbsticks 😂

  28. man i was hoping for setinggs that can help me but this its not a good title for what you doing on the video i think its still stupid think using a title incorect but yea do whatever you want

  29. Tip #6: Stop spamming the reload button or key, don't be like me
    "Step 1: play at your own pace."
    Step 1.5: resolve confusion

  30. damn
    the first step u said was tru af

    i still experience this, and i have 2k hours of cs
    Step 1 : close YouTube and open your game

    Step 2 : practice

    Step 3 : profit

  31. damn
    the first step u said was tru af

    i still experience this, and i have 2k hours of cs
    Looking at the floor gives me more fps in my potato pc
    When you’re depressed, just don't be sad bro 😌

  32. The best video so far straight to the point no bullshit not a 10 min vid amazing
    Step 1 : close YouTube and open your game

    Step 2 : practice

    Step 3 : profit

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