The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Let’s begin
Military Base
One team, two teams…they’re going to Novorepnoye
Two teams here
What? Someone’s here

I’ve never expected someone would land here
Another one is coming

Playful kid
Again, another one

I’ve got to get some loots first
Whole team is coming, dammit

I can’t do this

I’m stuck

All dead

I’ve got to get their loots
No choice, i have to take their loots, i run out of ammo

One team in building 1, one team in building 2
Two team have came here
I only destroyed one team

Forget about it
Not on the same team?
This guy is real nasty
Everything they know is camping
In order to take my life
She’s talking, i hear it
Player: Here, they’re yours
Girl? Why were you hiding here?

Player: Can you please not kill me?
Player: Can you spare my life?
Player: I’ve given all my things to you, I’ve got nothing left
Player: Extended mag, ammo, they’re all yours now

I think about it
Player: Can you please not kill me? I ask my teammate to save me
Guys, should i spare her life?
Player: You have one teammate, i have one teammate too
Player: Let’s team up
I’m alone
Player: Two, right?
Ask your teammate to save you, you’re dying
Player: Number 1, save me
Player: Don’t shoot him
Spare her life? Really?
Player: She’s coming
Player: Keep your word
There is a player in next door
Ask him (or her) to save you
Player: That’s not my teammate

Player: He killed me

Girl, send me a friend request and i will carry you in next game
Player: Sure
I’m playing solo, remember
Player: How should i send you a friend request?
[Saying his own name]
Player: Okay, sure
[Saying enemy’s name]
This is how we do it
Player: Bye

This is real nice
I’ve got a girl, just like that
You know nothing
I want to carry her…for what I’ve done to her
Honestly, i don’t like to hit girl
So i decided to carry her
A bot, i guess
Guys, please remember her ID, i will send her a friend request later
This is a bot, i guess


Bot is scary

I don’t want to listen
No suicide, the contest is running

Don’t worry, this girl will be in my friend list

No no no
The contest is running, i can’t commit suicide
If i play with her
and she dies, then i will commit suicide

A bot
This is good
No panic
As a man, don’t panic
Just take it easy

[Expressing gratitude to chat]
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
You’re real generous
I know you aren’t selfish

I can hear cooking sound in next door
Not mentioning baby crying sound
Kids fight everyday
Why do they move their car here?
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
Not enough
This is not enough to show your…
Your position as a team coach
“When you die, that girl already gives birth to a baby” what the heck
Not that fast
Don’t be hasty
How should i explain

Don’t be hasty

M762 is better in close combat
Especially when you headshot the enemy
They come, they die
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
That’s my coach

He’s on the first floor

Team wipe
Look at that guy
I didn’t block him successfully
At that moment, you can’t
You can’t cross the road
Killed by me

How dare you humiliate my coach

How dare you humiliate him
F**k you
This is your territory, fine
If you dare to say that in my chat, i will throw you in the black room for 10 days
That’s my level 7 fan
Very cool
An airdrop, let’s get it
Airdrop is dropping
Hey, a bot… it hurts

Aggressive, huh?
Come here?
I’m asking you
Be sensible, okay?
Yes, that’s it, come here

AKM with 4x scope, bury him with my superb recoil control
Made him unmovable
I can’t
better use 3x scope, 4x scope is hard
Do you fall in love with UZI?
I suddenly think that it’s so powerful

40 kills is hard
Southeast, it’s far away
If i can make it there on time, i guess i can get some kills
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
“BaoZi is good-for-nothing except being handsome”
Make sense to me
This airdrop is too far away
Like a few hundred meters away from here
Like 8 miles away from here
Forget about it, i better go to Yasnaya

Let’s go to Yasnaya
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
Another airdrop
33 players left
AKM with 4x scope, i’m ready
I try my best
It’s possible

Someone please go and get it, i’m begging you
Stop wasting time
4 more kills
Nobody’s coming here?
No way
No more…high kill is gone
Someone must get this airdrop
So that i can get high kills
Nobody’s coming
One guy is down
Two shots

This is interesting
Go prone?
Trying to secure the airdrop? Who teaches you that?
Who is this clever kid?
Circle of farm, i’m going there
If two teams go to that airdrop…try to think about it

This is unfriendly
Oh my god, this is unfriendly
Out of gas
Forget about it
That airdrop
If someone went there
I bet i’m already on fire
On fire
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
Nobody’s here
My Groza is thirsty
I’ve got to kill someone
There is a car here
They’re fighting each other
I probably can get some kills in Yasnaya or even Georgopol just now
They’re still fighting
Nobody is dead
Bro, come to daddy

Why is nobody coming for this airdrop?
Stop rotating around
I almost pissed my pants

That was so damn scary
I’m stuck in the middle
That was scary
Another one

Show off?

31 kills
One more team to go
I think i can get 40 kills
No kidding
I’m not kidding, 40 kills is happening
9 more to go
Just don’t die too quick (opponent)

7 more to go

There is still someone on the hill
Bro, stop hiding

6 more to go
I’m on fire
Is anyone inside that wizard tower?
A car is here
Nobody’s inside
I can’t let them fight each other if i want to get high kills
There is a car
5 more to go
Still no roof
There is a car

3 more to go
There is a mini14 guy inside that house
I better get to the safe zone first
Two players died outside the safe zone
Oh, dude
How could you?
Oh my god, my 40 kills
How unfortunate, they died outside the safe zone
Out of gas
This is hard
No choice, i have to get inside that wizard tower

Last two players, i hope they won’t fight each other
I really hope so

I hope they’re on the same team


Once again, i’m gonna get another 40 kills

I’ve got 40 kills like, 4 or 5 times
This is my 5th time
No panic

Not 5 times? 4 times?

40 kills
Time for my music
I’ve been waiting for this for so long
Start the music
Chat, don’t scold RanCha
But he really f**ked me up
However, i prove myself again and again
Thanks, guy
Thanks for your support
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
[Expressing gratitude to chat]
New season, Crown rank 40 kills
Crown rank 5
Once again

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  1. is he a real player? Why does he walk like a bot? This shows that you can only fight and enjoy playing with bot haha please brooo

  2. Other pro players aren't like you. try to see them are enemies of original players who have skills. whereas you only like to fight bots. don't be silly bro

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  9. try to kill more bots man , they are not real enemy
    none of them was real enemy and same lvl
    makes urself stupid not us

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    عنده كاسف اماكن 😒

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