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Minecraft is a really really fun game, and it’s something that I’ve played an awful lot, of over the years
But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s perfect. For me personally, there’s a handful of small little tweaks.
That could be made to some of the basic elements to make it a little bit more enjoyable to play. So today
We’re going to taking a look at 25 of them. The first one is the fact the beds
always set your spawn when you sleep in them.
It doesn’t matter where you place the bed
or if you don’t want to set the spawn in the bed when you sleep in a bed, it
Sets your spawn. One thing that I personally would like to see is just a little box once you get inside the bed that you
can select to say set my world spawn or don’t set my world spawn. That way you can actually go out exploring sleep through the night without worrying about the fact that if you
Die you’re going to respawn thousands of miles away from your base
At this point in time all light sources that we currently have in Minecraft just shoot out all the light in all directions
equally. One thing that I think would be quite cool is if they added a light source that only puts it out in one direction
So we actually have a directional light source like a spotlight type thing which we could use inside our built
I mean imagine how cool that would look and imagine how cool
It would look in redstone contraptions. This piston is facing in the wrong direction
I want it to be facing towards me. Now obviously in this situation
that’s relatively easy, but when you’re in a tight redstone circuit
It can be really difficult to place things in the correct orientation.
It would be super useful to be able to hold down something like ctrl or alt and right
click on a rotatable block to actually rotate it. Now I definitely think this should be in creative mode
I’m still in two minds about introducing it in survival. So right now
I am in survival mode, and I’m standing on top of a magma block, but because I’m holding shift
I’m not taking any damage. As soon as I come off shift. I start to take damage. I
mean yeah, that’s just, that’s one of those things that that really should change at this point in time
This is the maximum number of blocks a piston can push in Minecraft. If we add one more block into the mix you can see
that this thing longer works now. I don’t think the block push limit should change,
I think it should stay as it is, but I think it should be introduced as a game rule for example,
we can change the random tick speed of the game we can turn off the weather cycle
We can turn off the day cycle
it will be cool to be able to tie in slash game rule block push limit and said it’s a
300 so then we can build insane
massive slime block flying machines. You could also if you really wanted to
set it to one block so pistons can only push one block at a time. Now that that would be an interesting challenge to take
on. When you’re creating a new super flat world it can be a little bit tricky to actually make it how you want it to
if we go inside the presets the way that we set this quartz world is to type something like this into the top bar.
Now of course there are some presets there already in the game,
but it’d be really nice to have a fully
customizable section so that you can set up the super flat world exactly how you want it to be.
Sometimes it can be really difficult to find the items that you need for example
I’ve been looking for gravel for ages,
and I don’t seem to be able to find anything and it’d really cool if we had some form of search bar that we have
in our inventory that allows us to type in for example gravel up there
It would then highlight anything in our inventory
But also if we right-click on a chess it would then highlight it in the chest as well
That then gets saved until we want to delete it or search for something else item frames are great for labeling chests, but they’re also
They’re quite frustrating you walk up to it, and you just want to be able to open the chest
But every single time you click on the front face. You’re gonna be click on the item frame
The only places that you can click and these tiny little holes here
And then the tiny little gap up at the top it
We call if we were able to not click on an item frame and less we’re for example holding shift or something like that
Speaking of holding shift is really useful when you’re building if you’re working on some form of structure
And you want to make sure that you’re not going to fall off the edge of the block
Obviously shift is going to be used too quite a lot
Now one thing that I think would be quite handy is if we were to double tap shift
And then that would lock us in the shift position
So now I don’t have to worry about having to keep my hand on the shift button
Because it always slips off and I always end up falling off
I can now just continue on my building without having to worry about this sort of thing happening
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the Elettra are some of my favorite items in Minecraft
Not only they look absolutely amazing
But also they make travelling incredibly easy you can go very long distances in short spaces of time and you can scout out huge areas
without having to worry about
Building up pillars and things like that
They’ve totally changed the way that I play my craft, but there is one slight problem that I have with them and that is
Durability when you’re flying around and then you suddenly drop out the sky
that can be a little bit scary so I feel like it’ll be good to have some form of bar on the screen while you’re
Flying this shows the durability of the elite now this could be small in the top right hand corner for example
Or it could be more like the withers health bar that goes all the way across the top of the screen whatever it is
I just like to know when I’m about to die
Actually staying on the topic of the elite row being able to deactivate the mid-flight is
Definitely something that I would find are useful for example
I use flight duration 3 rockets and that
Means if I want to get up onto a Ledge inside a relatively small room I shoot it and then have to do some crazy
Spinny stuff to stop myself from hitting all of the walls now
I know I could probably use smaller firework rockets
but it would be great if I could just shoot up turn off my Elektra and
Drop onto where I want to go I gotta say
I was extremely disappointed when I found out that you can’t put music discs inside jukeboxes using hoppers and droppers
It would be great if we could have that because then you could have a shuffling playlist inside your base
you could have a hopper up at the top which drops the
Discs into the system and then a hopper underneath
Which takes the disks out once they finish playing sends them back through into a little storage system
And it could shuffle them and it will plays through at different times
I mean that would just be great it would be awesome
And it would make jukeboxes and music discs a lot more useful because I can’t remember the last time I listen to music and minecraft
Now this is one of those ones that there’s probably a reason why they don’t do this
I imagine it’s for efficiency having lots of maps that automatically update every single time someone places a block
Could cause some serious issues for computer systems and servers
But it would be nice to not have to go all the way over into these areas
To update them and to not have to take them off the wall load up those areas and then put them back on the wall
To have them update with the builds that you’ve been working on h2 is pretty fantastic
I mean I use it all the time on the hermit craft server
And it’s probably one of my favorite beacon buffs out there because it allows you to mine out massive areas in very
Short spaces of time, but I have to say it is a little bit frustrating that every single time
I want to use it
I have to build myself an enormous beacon and then make sure that there’s skylight
And I can’t do the ground without having to clear out space above it
It’s just it’s a little bit tricky now would it be overpowered to have haste to potions
Potentially, but I think it’s definitely something to think about now
I’ve been having a lot of fun in some of the latest snapshots with the fact that we can now move water sources using
pistons because you can place water inside fencepost and iron bars and that means that it’s actually possible and powerful and that has led to
Creations a little bit like this one now of course this thing is totally ridiculous
But imagine how cool it would be if we could do this sort of thing with lava
Being able to move lava source blocks would just be crazy for things like traps being able to push that sort of thing around
It’ll be fantastic fun fact
You can actually place redstone on top of pistons, and it’s sort of kind of works if we flick the sleeper here
You can see the redstone very briefly powers the piston
But then unfortunately the redstone gets broken in the process of the piston extending
Which means – nothing is powering the piston anymore so of course it then retracts now despite this being?
Totally useless at this point in time when it was first introduced into the game a couple of days ago
I got extremely excited because I thought it meant the Mojang were working on and they were going to give us
Redstone onto a Pistons, but since then nothing’s happened nothing new has been added
It’s still exactly the same in all of the latest updates
So I feel like this is definitely something that needs some work because I mean can you imagine how useful that would be have you?
Ever noticed that Minecraft is actually a pretty dark game
I mean
This is my storage system on the hermit craft server and even though I’ve got
Glowstone and all sorts of light sources all over the place it still looks relatively dark and dingy
It’s very difficult to make a place look bright and light
Now even though. I have my settings set to the maximum brightness
I feel like we need an extra 50%
That we can add on there just to increase the brightness a little bit because when you’re in dark spots
I mean you can’t even see now this one was originally suggested by a scale
But I definitely agree with him and that is the fact that we should have the ability to stop mobs from spawning
Without having to light up an entire area now it would have to be
Ridiculously endgame we were talking about the idea of having
Beacons in four different corners of an area with the top tier level pyramids to be able to activate thing
But what it will allow us to do is build with darkness you could make use of
Dark spots and light spots in your builds to actually add depth to them it would make things look absolutely amazing
But as I say we’d have to be ridiculously endgame now
I’m currently playing with a mod called Optifine, which enhances the game and allows it to run smoother
But also it has an option inside called dynamic lighting
Which means that when you’re holding a light emitting object for example a torch it will light up the area around you now
I will just say that it’s not actually lighting up the blocks if we look at the light level it’s still a zero but it
Just gives us the impression of them being brighter, which I mean that makes total sense
And I definitely feel like is something this should be introduced into the game because look at it
I mean it just feels a lot more immersive this way
You know what’s really frustrating about playing in survival mode not the fact that you have to gather resources because that’s great fun
Not the fact that you have to deal with mobs and stop them from killing you because that’s also part of the game
But the fact that I can’t place a block underneath
The block that I’m standing on without it being a massive pain in the backside and creates a mode all I have to do is
something like this
But in survival especially if it’s high up you have to Pillar all the way up and then you have to
Place the block underneath, then you have to take down that pillar and then somehow make your way back up the block
It’s really really frustrating
And I have no clue how they’d implement this maybe holding ctrl or alt while you right-click could place it underneath
Or you can have some form of different setup where the block goes invisible, then you can click on the bottom side
I don’t really know but it’ll be lovely
I mean imagine how much easier that would make survival building those last few tweaks have been pretty huge
I mean massively game-changing tweaks, so let’s take it back down to earth and make it clear that
I really
Really would like to be able to place redstone on top of Sealand since I mean you can place it on top of glowstone
Where’s the love for sea lanterns glows stones useful inside redstone circuits, but ceilings are looks so much nicer
I want to be able to use sea lanterns inside my redstone
Circuitry now the one thing that I really like about the Windows 10 and mobile versions of Minecraft is the fact that you can push
Chests and droppers and things like that that is so cool
I mean the ability to do that that is pretty revolutionary and you’re able to create all sorts of different things
I’ve made cycling storage systems in Windows 10 version of Minecraft, which is completely bonkers
I mean it’s an interesting game mechanic, and I definitely feel like it should be in Minecraft even though
I think in the java version of minecraft
It’s completely impossible without rewriting all of the code for containers
Which would be pretty hellish by the sounds of things?
Another small tweak carpets should be able to placed flying up in the sky
They shouldn’t have to have things underneath them which would mean that if you were to place a system like this
The carpet wouldn’t pop off I mean
I don’t really fully understand why the carpet pops off in that situation anyway
but it does seem to so that’s a small change that I’d like made because
Having redstone contraptions underneath carpets would be really handy at this point in time a hopper will always take from below before it pushes across
So if we were to place a bunch of items inside this chest right here
They’ll go through the hoppers none of them will go into this chest and all of them will end up in this bottom chest now
This is not something
I want change because it makes total sense and it works reliably
But it would be quite cool to be able to set push priority or pull priority
Inside the hopper maybe using a toggle over here, so if it sets a push priority, then it will push across
Before it gets pulled from the bottom
That would definitely be quite useful in a lot of redstone circuits and for the final tweak of today’s video
Villagers, I really want them to change how we move villagers because at this point in time there really isn’t any way that you could
move them
I mean you can push them around like this if you can get them inside a boat
Then you can move them via boat on land, which makes no sense whatsoever you can kind of get them into a minecart
But it’s quite tricky and people who are new to the game
I definitely going to struggle with that sort of thing there really isn’t a reliable way to get a villager from a village
Into your villagers storage system now
I personally think you should be able to use leads on them that makes sense to me
But also if you don’t like that maybe some form of bribery system in that if you give them enough
Emeralds then they’ll follow you around for a certain amount of time until they get bored of you
That could be a potential option
So there we go that rounds up today’s video on 25 tweaks that I personally would like to see in Minecraft
I’ve actually been thinking about this video for a very long time
It’s been on my mind for months
And I’ve been taking notes of various different things that pop up
Over my time playing on the hermit craft server and obviously working on redstone contraptions
But I’m sure I’ve missed some so let me know your
Thoughts down the comment section and various different tweaks that you would like to see in the game, but anyway
I hope you enjoyed if you did be sure to that like button and if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe but
Thanks for watching guys. This is the mumbo I’m out. I’ll see ya later
Oh, and as for usual check out the latest film on the filming channel link will be your main screen

100 thoughts on “25 Tweaks I Would Make to Minecraft!

  1. 8:00 oh, for a second I thought you were talking about the wither, ended dragon, enderman, zombies, and all the mobs. Yeah, I agree…the game needs more light…

  2. Instead of falling out of the sky, elytras should force you to slowly glide down and then break when you land

  3. Pc players: I hate it when I'm building something and my finger slips off the shift key.
    pocket edition players: *Laughs in pocket edition*

  4. for the one to place blocks under other blocks do as follows:
    1. stand on the block
    2. place water source on side of the block
    3. ride water tower below block
    4. place block under
    5. ride tower back up
    6. yeet

  5. The reason that you don't take damage on Magma Blocks while crouching is because you're lightly walking on it, and not having it sink into lava

  6. Is it possible to make these into a mod? The idea seems similar to that of Quark, where it features just quality-of-life improvements.

  7. Spotlight: a sea lantern that gives light to one direction.
    – Crafting Respie ( S = sea lantern, C = concrete )
    C C C
    C S C
    C C C

    Diamond Wrench: a tool when clicked on a rotatable block, it rotates clockwise.
    – Crafting Respie ( / = Stick, D = Diamond )
    D D

    Magnifier: used for next crafting recipe featured in this comment
    – Crafting Respie ( G = Glass, D = Diamond )
    D G D

    Searchable Chest: a chest that has a search box
    – Crafting Recipe ( C = Chest, M = magnifier )
    M C

    One Kind Item Chest: a chest that only stores one kind of item. If you put item inside the chest but there already is another kind of item It spits out the new item. The texture will change corresponding to the item you place inside.
    – Crafting Recipe ( C = Chest, I = Item Frame )
    I C

    Music Dropper: a dropper that doesn't drop random disk, but play random disk.
    – Crafting Respie ( H = Hopper, D = Dropper, J = Jukebox)

    Auto-Update enchantment on maps.

    Trade Center: this can be placed in a village, and you could trade with all villagers in the village at once.
    – Crafting Recipe ( G = Glass, E = Emerald, B = Book )
    G G
    E B E
    E E E

    Villagers get attracted to emeralds, but a villager will stop following you after a while until you trade with him again.

  8. Id make fine tools a thing that are expensive to craft and once you make them you are able to work inside of one block that's a metal box that's inside is something like 10x10x10 so you could condense red stone circuits and make really complex machines.

  9. You can rotate blocks. Just need the command /give minecraft:debug_stick. It is really fun to screw with friends and spin their stuff around

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    Cause that explains evrything

  11. I've always thought about leads on villagers for utility like bring them places without boats and public hangings

  12. Usually when people want something about a game changed its because its unrealistic and unimmersive. You want to be able to have caves and other things brighter because they are too dark. I'm pretty sure that if you were in a cave irl with absolutely no light, it would be pretty damn dark.

  13. 3:46 Mumbo: I think it would be handy if we double tap shift and it locks us in shift mode

    Me a bedrock player: allow me to introduce myself

  14. Some of these “issues” are what makes minecraft what it is. It’s a simple game for everyone and yeah there are issues but I’d hate for it to become overrun with too many controls

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  17. Mumbo: it would be ridiculously end game to have no mobs be spawning

    Me: turns on peaceful mode

    Also me: cha cha real smooth

  18. 3:36
    You can do something similar to that now in Java 19W41A. There's an option in the Accessibility menu which allows you to toggle between Hold and Toggle mode for sprinting or sneaking. If you have it on Toggle mode, you only have to press the input key (depending on what you set it to) once and you will continously sneak or sprint until you press it again.

  19. 3:46 actually in the mobile edition you have to double tap to crouch and you don't have to hold it. It will lock you at crouch unless you double back.

  20. Villagers can be moved by relocating their beds and ringing the bell, they instantly go to a nearby bed which they treat as 'home'. This is how I get them to safety and ready for transport, lol.

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  23. On the last tweak with the villagers there is a mod where villagers follow you if you have an emerald block in your hand

  24. There is actually a very beautiful mod called the shaders mod , it kind of allows you to use light in the game to make your builds look better it also effects the texture of blocks to make them look more realistic but im not sure if the texture pack is separate i recommend getting it

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  26. Dear mumbo,
    MOVABALE LAVA would would probably make 2b2t never safe again and probably result in mass build destruction

  27. @Mumbo There's another reason why Juke Boxes don't allow for hoppers to take from them, especially on a timer. Resource Packs can change the music from the default discs.

  28. Mumbo: Minecraft is really dark and the brightness section is kinda useless
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