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Are you hoping to find a match today? Yeah! I mean… I’m hoping not to continue this pattern of Very very bad men. I love to dance so I don’t like it when I’m with somebody who’s a total debbie downer or Boring and just kind of stands there and doesn’t wanna dance I would definitely Want someone open-minded but not a freak, so you shouldn’t be into feet, but… you know a little choking is fun little ya know [timer ticking] I do like ’em tall because I’m…pretty tall for an Asian girl and when I Put on my heels. I would like to still be shorter than my man. So they need to be I think at least 5’11 but I prefer like 6 feet tall. I would not want to be with somebody who wants kids within 7 years. I love kids I’ve been an aunt since I was 10 So I’m like natural around babies and kids, but I want to really just share a love with somebody that’s so great And it’s all about loving each other before we can, you know, bring somebody else in the world I think you should be mentally stable as well financially stable because you’re gonna be responsible for Shaping their future. It’s kind of a big pressure cuz you could really fuck somebody up in the head if you’re not There and I take that really seriously You know what I have a younger brother and anybody younger than me, I just automatically think of my brother so Like they could be the hottest person in the room and if they tell me they’re even a month younger than me I’m just like oh, I just see my brother and it’s like…ugh. Would not date my brother I thought there would be maybe four guys left? But there were none. So today I learned that uh, my criteria is…hahaha not I guess, easy as I thought it was but I’m okay with that because I Don’t, like these are values and things that I don’t want to bend and change right now I used to really beat myself up in my past relationships after they ended cuz I felt like I wasn’t good enough but I think I’m at a place in my life right now where I know what I want and there’s nothing wrong with Having these standards. You shouldn’t have to bend your values and what you want to please somebody else

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  2. She is soo insecure about her age, hence why she doesn’t date anyone younger then her, and her defense mechanism is that she thinks of them like her brother

  3. Now I know why there’s a lot of singles, not tall? Out. Wanna wait till marriage? Out. Want to not have kids until the after the best season of your life!? OUT!!!

  4. Y.J. Gold: She bout to Thanos us.
    Claudio Parrone Jr: Half the population.


  5. Tiffany: "Who likes choking?
    I mean gentle choking
    If you want to crush my esophagus
    Please leave"
    Wtf type of question is that?

  6. I’m sorry but if you see a possible partner and their a month younger than you, YOU SHOULD NOT BE THINKING ABOUT YOUR BROTHER!! WTF THATS SO-

  7. classic 'nice' guy: ''you're gonna be single for a while''
    up until he thought he had a shot, all smiles then rudeness.
    no need for that.

  8. Do girls and boys have standard? yes they do. But I don't think you should only focus on that. You can miss out lots of good guys or girls if you kept doing that. Try to be more realistic here bud.

  9. "I don't wanna bend my values…I like to be choked by 25yrs or older mens who's 6 feet or taller knows how to dance and party but doesn't wanna have kids for next 7yrs and must like feet!!!" This is crazy I feel bad for her…plus she's low key ugly…The only way she finds a men is when we bend our values…Someone please help this women

  10. Her standards:
    Find her attractive
    6 foot
    Likes to party
    Not into feet
    Younger than her
    Doesn't want kids
    CAN'T want to crush her esophagus

    My standards:
    Not abusive
    Showers regularly

  11. What’s up with this girl and the other Asian 26 year old girl on Jubilee? Both seem very immature albeit being the oldest in their respective episodes.

  12. daddyspongebob_  Her standards rule out way to many men and if she finds something fitting these standards she will also need him to like her.

    It also explains why she finds many bad boyfriends, they have to be up for it, still partying above her age and be willing to be put through this strict criteria.

    I bet many of the good men she would be into are turned of by her shallow standards, leaving for the most part mental kids and men who only see her as a sex object, with few but existing exceptions.

    Maybe I'm just to young to judge this but while I'm a woman I want to date has to be visually attractive, my standards are for the most part based in personality without me ruling out any specific physical feature or determining an age limit.

  13. Idk if she’s going to find the one if she’s gonna stay with that age preference. So 1 month younger?💀come on now

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